Friday, December 5, 2008

To my friends: Thank you

Salam to all.

First it was a streamyx problem. Then the modem sulked on me.Now the CPU is dying on me.
Gotta get a new CPU tomorrow. And they will take 2 working days to do whatever they have to do.
And I can't write about the bloggers luncheon anymore.It will be like stale food after a week of the gathering.

What a gathering that was. Finally got to meet Che'gu KTN(and his family),Nuraina and Tok Mommy,Fauziah Ismail, Wan Dhana and hubby,Baiti,Melvin, Mat BangkaiJeejah Mantra,Zam Bungga Telur,Al Husseyn,Zainal and Azizul.Not to forget Pi Bani. So was the presence of Datuk Syed Idid,Kadir Jasin and Khalid Samad.

And was delighted to see MS,Shah,Kerp,Raden Galoh with Mambang Hijau,Elviza( always gila-gila),Elena with Lan,Muteaudio,Anu,Pokku,Pak Idrus and A Voice again.

And the next night some of us had a wonderful supper at Halim's Ayam Golek.( Kesian Elviza....she was not told about it for if she came who will look after Luke?)

Here's something to describe my feeling after we said our goodbyes.


Zawi said...

Get an Acer One as a standby unit. I borrowed my son's to bring it on my trip to Labuan as I can't lug my Twinhead as it is feeling heavier by the day. I wonder if computer programmes add up to the weight of the notebook? When I first bought it, it was supposed to weigh in at 1.6 kg (minus the battery of course hehehehe). Some computer sales gimmick. Offered to exchange my Twinhead with this Acer One but his answer was, 'just borrow it'.
Though I know of the gathering very early, I can't do much as my trip to Labuan was decided sometimes in May when we purchased the tickets from AirAsia. I will try to make it to the Melaka meet as meeting you is top of my list beside the other bloggers of course hehehehehe.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Alamak syahdu betoi la lagu ni. Hang nak tau tak, bila saja aku dok sorang2 main guitar, kalau mak andeh aku takdak kerja, dia nanti mai duduk sama dan suruh aku main lagi ni la.
Ni yang terasa nak pi cari guitar aku tu.

Akmal said...

I was supposed to be there; planned many things already. But heck, you know how crazy medical questions can go in exam, even though it was just a minitest, right?
CPU problem ke? Be careful, orang selalu kena con kalau bab-bab macam ni.

tokasid said...

Pak Zawi:

InsyaALLAH the next gathering you will be able to attend.
We've got an Acer notebook but regularly used by Mrs TA.
The CPU at the clinic is 8 years old and that is slowing down each day.Anyway I just went to a PC centre and had given the spect for the new CPU. Monday dah boleh ambil.

You have a good stay in Labuan and take lots of photo with your Sony aplha.

tokasid said...


Its the syahdu the joy and the melancholy of this song that describe our gathering.

Aku nak bagi kematu balik jari2 aku ni...nak kena pi kalaih gitar.

tokasid said...


Its was unfortunate for the test was during the time we gathered. time around.

As for the CPU, its became slower and slower each day and hanged.That CPU ias 8 years old this December( hardisc is only 20G which was extremely big in 2000). So I decide I need a new one and today I went to the computer centre and gave the specs I wanted.Monday it'll be ready. Hope fully by Tuesday I can browse from the clinic.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Doc
Alhamdulillah we finally met.
Insya'Allah, the next time you're in town, I hope to arrange for you the meet the other half and his brother, Ache.
He regretted not meeting you.

maria a samad (kak ton) said...
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maria a samad (kak ton) said...

Salam doc,

Finally got to meet you & Mrs Tokasid & bloggers whose blogs I frequent.

Glad I met journalist Fauziah Ismail (x-matters) after all these years.

I had a great time and sooo enjoyed myself. The food was good, and yes, the company too.

My only regret is that we (Nuraina & I) couldnt stay longer and hence missed the chance of meeting the latecomers.

Btw, here's wishing you & yours Selamat Menyambut Eidul Adha.


salam Dr
perjumpaan hari tu, tak boh gambak kah?

edelweiss said...

Salam Doc,

Jelesnyaaa tak dapat join sama...tapi apa nak buat...ada hal lain yang tak dapat dielakkan...
next round...insyallah.

tak dapat nak jumpa Tok Mommy, Kak Ena,Chegu, Mrs. TA, kerp, Shah, Elviza, Mt Salo and the list goes on....

Pok round boleh jumpa u pulak.. :)

fauzi said...

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