Friday, November 7, 2008

Let's get together on 29th November 2008

Salam to all.

In early April we had a 'small' gathering which was supposed to be a teh tarik session for me,Mat Salo,Shah and Ahmad Kerpomovic.

Somehow it got bigger and presto, we had about 20 bloggers having 'makan-makan' and sembang-sembang at The Curve.

(For reference look here(Elviza) , and here( Raden Galoh) )

We miss one person during that April bash and we told him that one day we will make another teh tarik plus sembang-sembang plus mengata(?) plus meeting face-to-face for the first time whenever he comes down to Klang Valley.

Many of us are eager to meet him for many felt like he is is a big brother to them.Many knew they will be at ease with him.
And we were hoping another faraway blogger will be able to join us for he too is like a big brother to some of us.

Okay he it is:

INSYAALLAH, on the 29th November 2008(Saturday) Che'gu Kata Tak Nak will be in Klang Valley to fullfill our request( Mat Salo,Kerp,Shah and me) .

Venue: The Curve
Date,time: 29th November 2008. (Time will be decide later by Mat Salo depending when Che'gu arrives in Klang Valley)

All blogger and commentators are invited.

Please let us know if you are interested( Mat Salo,Shah,Kerp ,Dato'aflam and Che'gu)
Leave your names at our comments section or those who knew our mobile number, just text us.

So far the list of those who confirmed to attend are:

1- Mat Salo
2-Shah Cakap Aje
4-Dato' Jaflam
5-Pak Idrus
6-Fauziah Ismail
9-Unker Zorro(according to Kerp)
10-YB Khalid Samad.
11-Jeejah Mantra
13-Sheih Kickdafella( according to Shah Cakap aje)

14- Elviza
15-Capt Yusof the Ancient Mariner

Some of our friends can't make it due to other commitments.
We will surely miss meeting up with Nora of Miri and Bergen but InsyaALLAH will organise something similar for them.

Jika tiada aral melintang pada 30 Novenber Ahad, bercadang menziarahi sis kita Dalilah Raden Galoh di rumahnya di Banting. Mungkin boleh berkonvoi jika berminat.

This posting will be updated when necessary.

Thank you.


elviza said...

I'll be there!

mokk said...

Salam Mamat..

Tentu u all seronok nanti..

Sampaikan salam dari Kota Samarahan untuk para bloggers nanti..

p/s..aku akan call syed Hamid suruh dia hantaq sb..mana tau kot-kot hangpa kutuk dia dgn geng-geng dia...he he

...inyaAllah ,suatu hari nanti,kalau ada kesempatan ,aku akan join you all semua..


tokasid said...


I know you gonna be there no matter what. Maybe Luke too(kalau Mat Salo mahu jaga dia)

Tok Mommy?Nuraina? The MRTs?

tokasid said...

Salam to you too Mamat:

Insya ALLAH Mamat. Nora Miri pun tak dapat hadir. Betul lah jugak.Takkan hang ngan dia nak mai semata-mata for that, nak kena naik belon.

Takpa Mamat. Bila hang turun KL aku arrange utk hang pulak.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yes doc, even cikgu can confirm with us that unker zorro will be joining. and i've got a few names at the back of my head still to invite.

just thinking, now that he's freed, tak jemput RPK ke? hehe...

elviza said...


MS jaga Luqman?? Huh, toksah haraplah

Daphne Ling said...


Miss lagi!



Send my regards to everyone there, yea?

raj said...

cikgu nazir coming? good! non bloggers invited? i will be there to have a glimpse of all my dear bloggers.. i will be representing the JACHFRINS

salam muhibbah

Anonymous said...

power to our group of bloggers and to the words that never end.

Bunga Telur & Bally Shoes said...

camne nak join gathering ni?

Bunga Telur & Bally Shoes said...

camne nak join 'gathering' ni? ni gathering cam 'lord of the ring' ke? ada kena bawak 'wizard', 'elf', 'dwarf', atau 'cave troll'?

tokasid said...

Bunga Telur Kasut Bally:

It would be interesting if saudara boleh hadir sama.Kita ramai2kan perjumpaan ini dan berkenalan antara sesama kita.

Datang saja ke:

Venue: The Terrace (Opposite Asam Pedas)( Royal Bintang Hotel entrance)
The Curve, Damansara.
Time: Lunchtime onwards.
Date: Sabtu 29th November 2008.

Kalau apa-apa sms atau call saya : 0176283123

tokasid said...


You are most welcome bro.
Just communicated with Che'gu.He'll be there with his wife and kids. I'm sure he'll be delighted to see you .

tokasid said...

Salam Pak Shirzad:

Hope you can make it this saturday.
Tak sabor nak jumpa dgn pak.

tokasid said...

Dear Daphne:

I am sorry that you will not be with us this saturday but I assure you your spirit will be with us.

One day we'll have a do for you.

edelweiss said...


I couldnt make it for the gathering lah... :(

Please say hello to all ya.

Zawi said...

Please post something about the gathering ASAP. Can't bear to wait to read on what transpired at the gathering. It has been my greatest wish to attend this gathering but circumstances wont permit as Azura will be returning home today to do another biopsy on her cencer thing.