Saturday, January 31, 2009

A man with balls in a balless world

Salam to all.

Its been a while I'm here. But a news clip over the news last night made me woke up from my slumber(blogwise that is).

The news was about a man with balls. Yes, you read it right. A man with BALLS.
He bravely condemned Simon Peres,the Israel PM face-to-face in front of the whole world.On stage. On TV.

He did it without fear. He knew the western world and Zionist supporters willl not take his brave act well. The EU will now have a good reason to deny this brave man's country from becoming its new member.

Erdogan.Tayyip Erdogan. The Turkish PM. He finally made an impact in world politics and what a way he did it.He openly criticised Peres about the Zionist invasions and killings of Palestinians.

Do you think other Muslim leaders, if they ever have a chance to meet Peres in Davos will say something like Erdogan did? I personally do not think so coz most of the "Muslim" leaders have no balls. Or should I say: Balless.
Maybe Ghaddafi will do the same.Or Ahmednijar of Iran. But not Hosni Mubarak.Not Pak Lah badawi.Not Najib. Not even Anwar Ibrahim,I think.

Erdogan will now definitely be on Zionist's list of wanted dead. CIA will have a keen eye on him now. And don't be suprise if Turkey suddenly find itself on the terrorist supporting countries list next week.

Mr Erdogan: My kepiah putih off to you sir.
You have BALLS sir.


Anonymous said...

salam doc,
yes saw it on tv yesterday.
like i've just told shah, takut suruh boikot barangan tertentu, instead sibuk kata beli barangan malaysia. kalau itu pun takut nak cakap, nampaknya jauh lagilah kita doc.

Mike said...

how about mahathir, you think he got balls?

tokasid said...

Wassalam. You got it right.+

tokasid said...

Hmm....don't think so. Like other leaders he's 'brave' from afar but when face-to-face with the Zinist leaders most will just put a smile and ,aybe with their eyes to the floor.

Zabs said...

Salam Doc,
Setuju dengan tuan tu. Harap lebih ramai lagi Pemimpin Islam yang berani begitu..