Saturday, August 8, 2009

Influenza A H1N1

Salam to all.

Its all over the world now. What started in Mexico then spread to USA has become a global pandemic. Like it or not Influenza A(H1N1) came here and created panic in the country.

Initially, everyone felt relax and tidak apa-apa. We only have 1 case and that was an imported one.Then another one.Another import.Then another and another and another.Oh...its okay for all were imported.

Then the famous Jalan Davidson school was closed for a week.And we have a local transmission case.Then another and another and another.More schools closed.

Mr and Mrs AHINI

In Melaka, almost everyone was cool and relaxed.No case in Melaka what! Suddenly UiTM Melaka closed.Then ALAM.Then came Kolej Yayasan Melaka and Politeknik Kota. Then...there was no stop to it. More schools and colleges closed.

Despite that, public events were still held out. The Youth meet in MITC with many coming all over the country.And don't forget college students and UiTM students 'requested' to attend. from then on Melaka faced clusters of attacks.

But...some people still thought its okay to hold courses and camps for students. One of it was at the Melaka Scout Camp in Bukit Katil. And an outbreak.

Then a young lady died.Then a 3 years old child.Then 3 more died. As of today 14 death reported in the country and 5 are from Melaka.

So, DO BE CAREFUL.Don't panic but don't take it lightly.
By comparision Dengue causes more death. H1N1's death rate is only 0.4%, but its still death.

Please take a few precautions during this tiring time.Its simple. Everyone can follow it IF they want to follow it.

1- Wash your hands regularly especially after handshaking someone.

2- Wear a facemask especially when in public places.Schools, shopping centres, public transportations,Cinemas. Pasar malams.

use a facemask especially in public places

3- Seek treatment early if your have fever, cold and cough.You might feel tired and experience body aching and headache.Some sorethroat.If the doctor give you medical leave make sure you stay AT HOME. Self quarantine.

feeling down under

a nasty throat

fever with malaise and bodyache

4-If within 24-48 hours, your condition worsens, go back for medical treatment. Your doctor will review and might refer you for a throat swab.

5- Highlight to your doctor if you have Asthma or Diabetes or Heart disease or if you are pregnant. Or if you are immunosuppressed. Bring your regular medications if possible for them to review.Or your medical records.

6- If you cough or sneeze, cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue paper and throw that away in a waste basket. Influenza(of any type and variants) gets spread very effectively by cough and sneezing.

cover up when coughing

Cover up when sneezing too

effective viral disseminator

Let's hope by end of September the vaccines for A(H1N1) will be out and let's pray that it will be available to all Malaysians.

ouch!! hurts

I have to repeat again: Avoid public places unless necessary.
Wear a fecemask(at least 3 ply) in public.
Wash your hands.
If you have fever,cold, cough,sorethroat and difficulty in

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