Monday, August 18, 2008

Pingat Emas Olimpik: Terlepas sejuta RM

Salam to all.

Many of us probably saw last night how our No 1 shuttler Lee Chong Wei was brought down to earth from the Heavenly Kingdom by the Heavenly Kingdom's ace ,Lin Dan.

Many Malaysian have high hopes for our badminton team but unfortunately our team is always at their element. That is letting us down.Again.

Credits to Chong Wei for he did manage reach the final stage of the tourney.But last night he went down in 39 minutes! And he was bullied in court by Lin Dan. It was like a national player against a sekolah kebangsaan kid.

But you and me whats gonna be the excuses from BAM,right?
Try this: Lee Chong Wei was under tremendous pressure when 99% ofthe crowd was cheering for Lin Dan.
True!What do you expect when he is at home ground. Our players used to have homeground advantage but still failed.

Or this: Chong Wei was tired because of the gruelling semifinals.
And as if Lin Dan and the others didn't have to sweat at all.

Anyway,isn't the RM 1 million big enough a carrot for Chong Wei? Do you think the Chinese govt promised 1 million yuan for their gold medalist? Or Ethiopia promised the same numerations to their long distance runners?

Our shuttlers have the skills just like the Chinese or the Indonesians or the Danes. But one thing we do not have: Mental strenght to fight when under pressure.We've seen it before.We saw it last night.We will see it again.

Sorry Chong Wei, you miss the RM 1 million offer.
But actually I'm glad you lost.Really!I'm not joking.
You save RM 1 million of rakyats money.

But unfortunately we still have politicians to rip that off from us.


Zabs said...

Salam Doc,
Agreed. Not only RM1m saved, but also the few more millions if we were to count the numerous celebations and what not to follow the triumph for the next four years to come (not to mention the pensions to be paid as well).

Azang said...
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lymn said...

Dear DOc,

Although i'm dissapointed that malaysia do not get gold but am glad that the rakyat's money is not wasted..
however, now the allocation will be divert to pp election.. a grand one by AMNO

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Tokasid
We had been search for that elusive gold ever since we participated in the Olympics. When pride to do the country proud was no longer enough to get our athletes to bring home the gold, the government dangled RM1 million in front of these athletes.
The closest we got was Chong Wei but his best wasn’t good enough for the gold, the RM1 million and what else could have come his way if he did become the first Malaysian Olympics gold medallist.
Will we ever have one? Hard to say.

bergen said...

He didn't fight hard enough. I wonder why.

tokasid said...

Pak zabs:
As it is we have wasted millions of rakyats' money to seek the non-lasting glory of being a gold medalist in Olympics or Asian Games.

We almost waste few more million pounds is the so call sports training centre in Englad got the green light.

And today I read the Malaysian delegation said: our aim was to get bronze in badminton! What an excuse. If you aim for bronze ,might as well don't send the team or Chong Wei at all.

tokasid said...


I agree with your comments actually but I respect your decision to remove the comment.
Too much give away, was it?

tokasid said...


I was not dissapointed he lost but the way he lost.He didn't give a good fight at all. He made Lin Dan look very much superior. Chong Wei had defeated Lin Dan before and he had lost before too.But last night was like he had no balls .Like a cock without the shuttle.

If he gave a good fight many Malaysians at home will still root for him.

A good fighter I'll always remember is Ardi Wiranata the obese shuttler from Indonesia.He fights till death.

tokasid said...


One thing I noticed, we in Malaysia want instant champion.

How many went through vigorous regimental training like the Chinese or the Koreans or the Russians or the Ukrainians or the US?

I was talking to an optometrist yesterday.Last year he attended 2 conferences in beijing and Shanghai organised by an international optical company.In China from 2006 the atheletes were put into vision and cognitive training. They are taught and trained to anticipated by vision the speed of a ball or shuttlecock coming towards them and which spot.They did that for one whole year.

Do we train our atheletes scientifically?

tokasid said...


Yeah...the second set was like he's thinking:"Lets finish this off as quickly as possible and you go celebrate and I know the beijing crowd wouldn't care less if I give a good fight or not for they want you to win and how can I deny that from you Lin Dan"

Mat Salo said...

Glad to see you back, Doc.

I didn't get to see the game because our satellite provider in the swamps of Kalimantan Timur haprak - so I have to take your word for it that he sort of 'didn't go down without a fight'. Which is not his style at all. I thought he's a fighter-type. Must see what the experts think..

I mean, Silver is damed good, compared to corot, but yes, Malaysians would want him to fight. It's not like a member of his family is held hostage or something.. Anyway, I still do wish to congratulate him...Salaam.

khalifah said...

Memang lah menyakitkan hati tengok Chong Wei main semalam. Tapi situasi sebenaq dia kat situ hanya dia ngan Misbun je yang tau kut.
Anyway, I feel the RM1 mil for an olympic gold is worth the amount of sacrifices that he had to go through in order to achieve it, rather than giving him a Datukship like Nicol.

Anonymous said...

salam doc,

seriously too, I was hoping too that chong wei did not win. Unpatriotic you may say but I was thinking of what RM1 million could do in helping the poor now.


tokasid said...

Mat salo:

His game that night was pathetic.We all know he was under tremendous pressure.Wasn't all Olympiad under the same pressure.

If he had given a good fight till the end I wouldn't mind the lost.

Anyway he still got RM 300k for his silver and a monthly allowance of RM3k.

So he didn't loose anything at all.

tokasid said...


We know and expected its no gonna be easy for him in the finals but we expect he fights well,which he didn't that night.

This is where mental strenght came in which we lack in most atheletes from Malaysia. Physically and tactically we are at par with the rest.Its the mental strenght under pressure and attitudes that we severely lack.

RM 1 million is too much. Granted they went through gruelling times but everytime there is a major tourney like the Olympics or Asian Games we dangle the carrot to them.
They have fat allowances and sponsorships and some had advertisement contracts. Its okay with 150k but 1 million is too much.Especially when the rakyat is facing difficulties back home.

tokasid said...


I couldn't agree more with that.
Thank you.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

had a talk with a friend and he believed the bookies had a hand in LCW's defeat. i dont buy it as i truly feel he played his heart out, only that as you said la doc, Lin Dan had the backing of the home crowd and this could too intimidating for LCW to handle.

when Lin Dan paid a respect to LCW at the end of the match, i thought Lin Dan showed his true sportmanship. he is simply the best singles player i've seen.

Anonymous said...

Pembetulan tok asid, dia save 70,000 ribu shj, sebab macam hang kata dia masih dapat 30,000 ribu, banyak tu. mungkin depa berani offer pasai dah tau dia akan tidak menang kot.

p/s: 30,000 ribu tu gaji aku tiga tahun setelah dok mengaji selama lebik 12 tahun isk, isk, kalau tau training tenis dulu baguih22

rerama salju said...

Salam Doc,

Kabare....?kalau begitu mudah nak dapat duit sejuta....kenapa tidak kita jer all out ajar anak kita bersukan dari sekarang kan DOc?

and kalau ada masa tu,jemput singgah umah nooo(blog ler..)....ada award menanti untuk Doc....jemput...jemput....

tokasid said...


Bookies will be everywhere during games like this. But I don't really think Chong Wei lost coz there's a deal with the bookies.

Yeah, my hats off for Lin Dan the way he saluted Chong Wei. And many Chinese athelets did make respectable gestures after winning the gold.

tokasid said...


dia bukan dapat RM30k tapi RM300k.

So kita jimat 700k.

RM300k, sampai mampoih idup balik aku tak muleh ada det banyak tu lam tangan.

tokasid said...

Rerama salju:

Memang tak mudah nak dapat medal Olimpik.Tapi our badminton players are all profesional players. They have big money in advertising contract and prize money.

Kita boleh bagi imbuhan pada mereka yg berjaya tapi sejuta? Selain rasa bangga dapat medal Olimpik apa kebaikan utk negara jika kita bagi sejuta?

Sejuta dah berapa banunan tambahan utk sekolah boleh di bina. said...

Glad to hear you back Dr.

Any comment on Pematang Pauh or latest issue of Perak men?