Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Banking scams: BEWARE

Message from Bank Negara Malaysia: Beware of scams using SMS, emails or telephone calls.Protect your personal banking information.

The statement was the sms that I got from Maxis this morning. And I'm not suprised.
We've read or heard friends telling us about such scams. But this is the first time the mobile operator cautioned me about such scams.

Its all too familiar to us. Mrs TA gets this type of irritating calls very often. Telling us they are from such and such bank and would like to confirm the account numbers and what nots.

Mrs TA once called Maybank and told them about such calls which were mainly made through a mobile phone.

This is what we got from Maybank:
Maybank will never make any call requesting personal banking informations. Maybank will not use a mobile number but a fixed landline. For any banking information Maybank will send out letters or will ask customers to go to the nearest branch.

And Mrs TA still gets those unwarranted irritating calls. And my guess is there are thousands out there facing the same problem.

What can we do about these scams? Some will just ignore it.Some might get abusive and starts their verbal diarrhoea to those moronic callers who most likely will make funny faces while you shoots off your ' kata-kata lahanat'. Some might fall into the trick and finds their savings empty or their credit cards being used in some places like Timbuktu or Ulan Bator or Symrna or Fethiye which was formerly Telmessos.

But does anyone ever make a police report about it? I did contemplate about it once. But I didn't make any police report.

Anyway folks, do be careful.
Have a nice day.


Pi Bani said...

I always get those irritating calls. Sometimes rasa tak nak jawab calls from unfamiliar numbers, but in the voluntary work that I do, calls from unfamiliar numbers may be genuinely important calls. Mau tak mau, jawab ajelah. There was once I decided not to layan one guy, so I just cut off the call when he started asking for my card expiry date. He tried calling again but when I saw it was from the same number, I didn't bother to answer. Next thing I knew, he sent me a text message, saying I ni "takde adab". And I didn't even have to say anything nasty...

Macam-macam jenis manusia ada....

tokasid said...


We once had that too. We were on our way to KL around 9 pm and this guy called several times which we didn't answer. After checking in at the hotel we went down for a mee mamak and teh tarik. I sms that number and that guy got the cheek to say I takde adab! He got abusive verbal diarrhoea from me.