Thursday, April 23, 2009

Salam to all.

"The Malaysian govt has removed-with immediate effect-the 30% bumiputra equity requirement for 27 services sub-sectors under liberation of the service sector."
~ taken from Star page 1 23 April 2009.

I know this piece of news will receive a lot of contrasting responses. Some will welcome it. Some will disagree outrightly. Some will say: Errr.........depends on how you look at it.

Nothing out-of-the-ordinary about that,right?

But there is something fishy regarding this statement. No,its not the content but the so called expected responses. The knee jerk reactions of certain quarters or groups with their pure Malay blood and Malay angst if the 'previleges' of Malay or Bumiputra are 'disturbed'.

We have seen many times before whenever a Malay or Bumi interests are taken away or altered or shelled we see certain Youth Front will become the champions for the Malays/Bumi. And sometimes with a kris in hand. Thats Pemuda UMNO for you.

But for this 30% removal as announced by PM Najib, was there any Pemuda UMNO demonstration? Or Prowaris? Or Pekida? Or some any 'very Malay' NGO which if this sort of announcement were made by DAP or PAS , they will be the first to oppose and reject and demand the privileges instate back immediately.

Okay I'm gonna give Pemuda and Prowaris and Pekida and whatever NGO out there my benefit of doubt. I'm gonna assume they haven't heard the news or they haven't read the papers.

Am I instigating something along the racial line here? No.What I want to highlight is: If the same issue was made by the opposition we know what to expect from Pemuda or Prowaris or Pekida or whatever ultra Malay NGOs out there.

The same thing goes to those Youth in PAS or PKR or DAP.

But from my observations this far, all these Youth wings are twins of different mothers. They react in the same way.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

got you loud and clear doc. its all about consistency, or the lack of it. our malay 'heroes' seems deafeningly quiet, quieter than a mouse!

tokasid said...


You're right bro. The had become Ultramute.