Saturday, January 31, 2009

A man with balls in a balless world

Salam to all.

Its been a while I'm here. But a news clip over the news last night made me woke up from my slumber(blogwise that is).

The news was about a man with balls. Yes, you read it right. A man with BALLS.
He bravely condemned Simon Peres,the Israel PM face-to-face in front of the whole world.On stage. On TV.

He did it without fear. He knew the western world and Zionist supporters willl not take his brave act well. The EU will now have a good reason to deny this brave man's country from becoming its new member.

Erdogan.Tayyip Erdogan. The Turkish PM. He finally made an impact in world politics and what a way he did it.He openly criticised Peres about the Zionist invasions and killings of Palestinians.

Do you think other Muslim leaders, if they ever have a chance to meet Peres in Davos will say something like Erdogan did? I personally do not think so coz most of the "Muslim" leaders have no balls. Or should I say: Balless.
Maybe Ghaddafi will do the same.Or Ahmednijar of Iran. But not Hosni Mubarak.Not Pak Lah badawi.Not Najib. Not even Anwar Ibrahim,I think.

Erdogan will now definitely be on Zionist's list of wanted dead. CIA will have a keen eye on him now. And don't be suprise if Turkey suddenly find itself on the terrorist supporting countries list next week.

Mr Erdogan: My kepiah putih off to you sir.
You have BALLS sir.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy 18th son

Hafiz: PLKN Kem Lagenda Ledang,Asahan


What more can I say.
Our son turned 18 today. He can be considered an adult now. His opinions matters.

Before the 'gonjol head': registration PLKN at MITC

He has grown from my forearm's lenght 18 years ago to a tall well built young man making me like a midget. But deep inside me he is still my little boy. The guy whom we took turn at night to feed or to change his diapers. The toddler who sometimes refuse to sleep ,not until we take him for a joyride around Melaka town where he will fall asleep in his mom's arms. The guy whom I always carry around like a kanggaroo carrying its child in a pouch like bag strapped to my chest.The guy who waited for me to comehome from work and take him on the motorcycle ride in Ujong Pasir.

With Allahyarham Tokwan 1991

The guy who gave us panic moments on our trip to the eastcoast in the early 90s when we got asthmatic attack(during the first haze episode engulfing the nation) while we were between Kemaman and Dungun. A nebulizer in Dungun Hospital made him better.

A guy who never gave us any problem since his birth to this date( he better not start now!). A guy who became the first grandchild of our families and a darling to his grandparents.

A guy who liked Doraemon so much that when he was 4, he singlehandedly entertainted everyone during my brothers wedding kenduri with his 'solo performance' of Doraemon and Nobita over the PA system.

But today he is unable to celebrate his birthday with us. He is away at the foot of Gunung Ledang. He's there to look for Puteri Gunung Ledang following the footstep of Hang Tuah. Maybe all he'll find is Tiara Jacquelina there. Or the many Orang Asli there.
He's there in a programme that sucks lots of ringgit from the govt's coffer.

Yes, our son is in the PLKN camp at the foot of Gunung Ledang. It'll be good for him, the training .Thinking of Doraemon?

He met several of his primary school's classmates there after 6 long years. At least that is one positive thing about the programme.

Now that you are 18, your Mama and Ayah realise that we will need to let you fly on your own soon. You will have to work hard for your ambition and future. We will always be around when needed.

A time will come when we will be separated by a great distance for you to seek new horizon.We will miss you very much when that moment knocks at our door. But worry not. We will never forget you. We will carry your love and joys you gave us to our graves.

You are 18 today. You will only be able to read this piece during the CNY break. But the future holds for you if you know where and how to look for it. Your Mama and me had given the best that we can afford since your birth.We gave the best love that we knew to you.We look for the best Quran teachers for you. We gave you the good schools that we know of. All you have to do is use your knowledge,your iman and the love we showered you in whatever you do.

Happy Birthday Hafiz. Mama loves you.Ayah loves you.We all love you.