Monday, June 1, 2009

PKFZ: Deafening silence from UMNO.

Salam to all.

By now almost everyone( okay minus the makciks and pakciks and abang kakaks from the Malay heartland)knew of the PKFZ scandal or fiasco or whatever you want to name it.

It surface about a year or so ago by some politicians and bloggers and finally there ia an investigation by MACC.

You've heard in TV and forums and discussions and read it in newspapers and magazines and websites and blogs and net forum and even talked about it at mamak stalls or kopitaiam or coffe houses.

Have anyone of you noticed that there is NO statement from any UMNO leaders about PKFZ issue. I mean,come on, this is a big issue.A national issue.Or a national disaster. A possible misuse of power.A possible corruption.

And UMNO leaders a MUTE about it!

Hmmmmmm..........Keeps me wondering why.......