Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chua Soi Lek-moral indicator

I haven't written anything here for a very long time. I was ill.
I got infected with a virulent disease called Facebookitis. I am not alone. Almost 50% Malaysian got infected too. And if you want to consider the whole globe....most likely it'll be billions having Facebookitis.

I came back to this page because of a person. A very well known and powerful person in the country.A former Minister and currently is the president of a major component party in the ruling govt.

He is no shy to controversies if you dare to dig it out from his semi closed closet.

What made me upset was a small comment he made to an opposition candidate who happened to be a Muslim lady practising her religious adab(conduct) by not shaking hands with men(not only non-Muslim men) while her hands were NOT COVERED. She did shook hands with men when she wore a pair of gloves.

But, this annoying powerful man just can't let it be. When the lady( Cikgu Normala) explained why she did not shake hands was due to her religious faith,Dr Chua Soil Lek mocks her with this:

"So what is so great about that? That is your religious value which I don't know. How am I to know about the religious values when I'm not practising that religion? I have the right to say that it's basic manners to shake hands with people. That's my values. Understand? You also must value my value, which is good manners, which includes shaking hands."

And, she did shook hands when she wore the gloves.

Talking about good values and good manners, well Dr Chua Soi Lek , I personally think you are not the right person to talk about it. You know what I mean, right.
Wasn't it you that was involved in the famously infamous video in Muar few years back. Some video about the physiology of reproductions in anatomical practicalities.

Was it good values and good manners that you cheated on your wife and commited adultery which was filmed(okay not by you)?

Please, just answer my insignificant question.