Thursday, March 15, 2007

Signboard in Temerloh Pahang

Last weekend went to Temerloh Pahang for a chess competition.Hafiz wanted to compete and its in the National Chess circuit calendar.
This is the first time for me to be in temerloh for more than an hour.(last passed by was almost 32 years ago)

Before I go to the Chess tourney, I'll tell about 2 signboards I saw in Temerloh. Lets have a look guys.

It appears that this book store is meant for men and men only judging by its tag. No women is allowed in there. Most probably it only has men's reading materials only. If they do keep women's reading materials then only men can go in and buy for the womenfolks.
But when I peeped in, there were lots of women inside. So its just a name.

Another funny tag. Pusat Komputer Rakan Itek? A computer centre for friends of ducks??If you are no friends of ducks I'm sorry there is no way you are going to learn at this computer centre. So please have lots of duck-pals. And downstairs is the Happy Fried Chicken outlet. Those chicken are sure very friendly. They are happy knowing they will be swimming in the hot oil.At least the ducks are better off.They can go upstairs and learn to use computers.

Rakan Itek membership open to all interested to enroll for computer classes.Please visit:
Kandungan posting mungkin ada kena mengena atau tidak dengan makhluk yang hidup atau yang telah tiada.Kalau sapa-sapa terasa nak buat macamana kan. Sapa makan cabai melaka dia pedaih laa


X-Matters said...

Hi Tokasid
Geez, sometimes I wonder what goes in the minds of people who give such names to their companies or establishments.
Macam tangkap muat saja. Hopefully they don't that when they name their children!!!
I don't think it's that difficult to come up with good names. You just need a little creativity.
Just take a look at the blogsphere - Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong, Awang Goneng, 3540 Jalan Sudin, Rocky's Bru and Tokasid among others.

tokasid said...

XM: Skrg nama anak-anak pun banyak yg pelik-pelik.

mob1900 said...

wah, reminds me of
"you belajar komputer kat mane?"
"Hoi, ni interbiu, you perli aku yeee...?"

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