Saturday, March 3, 2007

The tagging game

My old friend and fellow blogger Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong(CGOPD) had tagged me.And once someone tagged you, you are suppose to tell the whole blogdom( or blogsphere, whatever) whats weird about yourself( and at least 6 of that).It will be weird if you have nothing weird to tell them the blogtizens. But Blogdom can be a weird world for non weirdo.

I've seen fellow bloggers got tagged and some had told us the 6 weirdest characteristics they had( or so they assumed). At least they knew they are weird. I deny I'm weird. My friend CGOPD or mokk( of Sarawak) might disagree with that statement. They might think I have lots of weird skeletons in my cupboard. But for me what they thought might be weird about me might just be normal to me.And thats weird.

So what is this tag thing all about?Who started it? Whats its purpose?What do you benefit from it?I sincerely do not know the answers to all this. But I try to be a sport(like the others did).

Tag can mean:
2-Identifier of person,animal,products)
3-Vehicle registration plate
4-Part-of-speech(grammatical tagging)
5-Tag game(or tig), game children play.
6-Tagline,as in advertisementslogan.
7-Skin tag. beningn growth of the skin(esp at neck or axilla/ in obese person)
8-Tagging, passing control to another memebr of a team sport(eg wrestling)
9-Tag,final scenes of a TV programme
10-Tag, the German word for day.

So which type of Tag are we into?You tell me.
However there is a rule that I must pass on before I could tell my 6 weirdness.

People who are tagged should write a blog post of 6 weird things about them as well as state this rule clearly.In the end,you need to choose 6 people to be tagged and list their names.Don't forget to leave a comment that says" you are tagged" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Nombot Satu:
My wife always complained and got irritated with this. I had my primary education in Taiping.You know Taiping is the first mining centre in Tanah Melayu. In Kamunting( near the ISA Palace) we had several Kapal Korek.So, what has Kapak Korek got to do with me? When I drive, I automatically korek hidung( doesn't matter whether there is 'bijih' or not).
My wife will be upset( a bit) especially if its her car I'm driving.

Nombot dua:
My wife noticed this and she said its weird.And my son had developed this weird habit too. When having a meal I will reserve a piece of my favourite dish( especially telor Dadar with onions and Chilli) on my plate after finishing the rice and other lauk. Before I wash my hands I will pick up the last piece of telor Dadar ,put it in my mouth and keep it there for several minutes.Sucking the dadar taste. Same thing if its Paru Goreng or Kerabu Paku Rawan or Kerang Rebus.I must taste the best dish last.

Nombot tiga:
I kept almost 2 thousand audio CDs,VCDs, cassette tapes and VHS tapes. It can be music,ceramah ugama,movies or documentaries. There are still some which I have not open their cover. I still have almost 50 VCDs of Nik Aziz still in their plastic wrapping. had almost 200 VHS tapes which had collected fungus( tapi sayang nak buang).This started during campus days and its a hard habit to break. My mother would say " Awat hang dok buang duit beli menatang tu? Membaziaq saja.Hang jangan dok boghoih sangat..."

Nombot empat:
Gayat!!!Yes I'm afraid of heights. Its started when I was in Std 5 at King Edward VII-2.My classroom was at the upper floor. KE VII was an old colonial type building.Its 2 storey is like a 3 storey building now. The stairway was steep and wide. During recess someone accidentally knocked me down on that huge stairway and I fell from top to bottom tergolek-golek.Alhamdulillah nothing was broken but since then I developed fear of height. If I'm 12 feet off ground, my stomach will have a ball rolling in it.I will have palpitation immediately and sometimes have the feeling of 'kecut teloq'.
I dare not take the rollercoaster in Times square. Mat Cincang cable car in Langkawi?I don't think I'll go near it.
8 years ago I went to Beijing aand visited the Great Wall and climbed it.Took lots of photos in the emperor's gown. After an hour the guide told us to go down. Looking down I saw the buses were very tiny and I was unable to move.I had to take the steps with my buttock( turun guna punggung) and when we(me and my wife,she had no problem with height) finally reached ground zero ,our bus had left! And we can't speak Mandarin at all.

Nombot lima:
Whenever I feel sleepy( at home,at work,while driving) I will automatically shake my legs. If I'm driving my wife will know its time for her to drive. And she would say " tu dia kaki ayah hang dah goyang dah hafiz oii...Alamat mama la nak kena wak keta ni"

Nombot Nam:
I luv Chinese movies esp kungfu flicks and triads. It started during SAHC days. I and Kri Mugem would hopped from one cinema to another during our weekly outings on saturday in Alor Setar from 77-79. Almost every saturday we( or sometimes me alone) watch movies churned out by Shaw Bros. Those days it was mainly kungfu flicks starring Ti Lung,Chen Kuan Tai,Alexander Fu Sheng,Yuen Hwa ,Lo Lieh and Ku Feng. After Fu Sheng died Jacky Chan rose to fame. Despite my weekly doses of Chinese movies, sampai la ni aku tak paham sepatah haram apa pun bahasa Cina or mandarin.Thats weird right?

So that about it.I told you that there is nothing weird about me but since this tagging thing insists.
With this I tagged mokk of ni nak molah....
auntyN of Celoteh seorang makcik kampong

Kandungan posting mungkin ada kena mengena atau tidak dengan makhluk yang hidup atau yang telah tiada.Kalau sapa-sapa terasa nak buat macamana kan. Sapa makan cabai melaka dia pedaih laa


Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Dear Tokasid,
May I? May I?
Thank You,
The weirdest thing of all is that you cant accept losing the title
"The Most Promising Male Model" for two consequetive years in the U ...losing to none other than yours truly Mr Jong Weng hahahah

X-Matters said...

Nombot 5. I can relate to that. I think most do.
Whenever my aunt sees me doing that whenever I visit her, mesti dia kata, "Ha, tak habis lagi tempahan menjahit tu?" Dia mengingatkan mesin menjahit manual dia yang menggunakan kaki tu.
Automatically I will stop but will resume again, anytime the feeling of boredom sets in.

tokasid said...

CGOPD: I had accepted defeat to Jong Weng but I still feel sore to this day.Jong Weng had the advantage of a big nose. Its just like when reaching the finishing line of a 100m dash Jong Weng's nasal tip touches the tape first before his chest. For me thats not fair. Hah3....

X-matters:My wife noticed long time ago whenever I want to sleep I have to goyang kaki first otherwise I will not fall asleep.I think I got that from my maternal grandma.

Anonymous said...

Asmk Tokasid
Baru jumpa your blog and had just read a few postings. Had a really good laugh reading your TAG write-up.

Yang #2 tu is familiar. Used to do that masa kecik2. But i remember always ended up crying when my big brother always beat me to it (things like telor ikan, hati ayam or the yolk of salted egg, etc).

Had the same habit for #3, tapi ta' de lah sampai ribu-ribu. Maybe a few hundreds. I just threw about 50 VHSs or so (banyak yg dah berkulat) foll a house renovation last month. But I still cant part with the cassettes/CDs from the 70's, 98/99 Reformasi, ceramah agama, etc. And you are right, banyak yg belum dengar.

#4. Your Great Wall trip, i.e. the turun part, was so funny. I can still laugh at it.

#5. Alamak, I think one of my cucu saudara (9 months old twins) is going to take after you. He wants people to goyang his left leg bila dia nak tidur. We are still wondering where he picks it up from. His twin brother doesnt do it.

#6. Ya, rather weird if you had been watching them for so long.

I also share your Favorite Book (surat khabar lama). I do keep some old newspaper cuttings and the whole newspapers kalau ada very special and sensational reportings.

Will take my time to read your old postings...

tokasid said...

Anon: Wa'alaikumussalam. TQ for visiting me and leaving your comment.

About the gayat thing, my son also had it. During the 2006 Imlek(CNY in Indonesian)we went to Yogjakarta.A very ancient city. We went to Borobodur and took the stairs to see all those Buddhist artefacts and view the beautiful scenery around it. from level 3 to level 2 the stairs were very steep.They put aluminium railing on both sides.I had no problem.But my son Hafiz just frooze there.And he called me very softly" ayah...ayah..." When I looked up he was there like one of those statues at Borobodur.Tegak tak bergenjak.
I said :" Hafiz turun pelan-pelan pegang railing tu.."
Hafiz:" ...tak boleh ayah..Ayah mai naik la semula..."
Well, I climbed up again and tok his hand and asked him to hold the railing with his other. Finally both father and son were save on the ground.

So far I notice Hafiz had 3 things from me.Afraid of height,goyang kaki bila nak tidur( but not as bad as me) and simpan the best lauk for last.

Actually there is a Nombot tujuh: I am a pure orang utagha(utara).But I just love listening to Dikir Barat even can understand half of what they sang.Weird right.

Do go thru my older postings and leave a comment if necessary.If you have your own blog I would like to visit and tag you.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding. Alamak, Hafiz's story was so cute. I ingat bila you naik balik, yr wife pulak yg kena bring both of you down. Hope he doesnt carry that sampai tua. I rasa overall your family ni mesti kelakar punya type, close-knit and kaki jalan. Semoga terus bahagia. Btw, was the trip to Yogjakarta before the earthquake?

So you like dikir barat? Hmm, rugi jugak tu kalau ta' berapa faham bahasa kelantan. I'm from the neighbouring state Trengganu. Ta' lah crazy, tapi kalau tertengok kat tv tu, follow jugak lah. Oh ya, before I forgot, had a really good laugh reading comments by kookabooras in AwangGoneng's posting (How to ranggöh). It is on "katok@pukul". Original betul!

No Sir, I dont own a blog. Not qualified as I'm quite long-winded dan cepat panic. So, rasanya, kalau buat blog, mesti cepat stressed. So, I'm just going to enjoy reading others's blogs. Itu pun bila baca some bitchy comments, I boleh naik tension sorang2.

Actually baru aje start end Dec06. Retired about a year ago and have to spend a lot of time kat kampung to be with my mother (my father passed away last April). After 35 years kat KL, restless jugak duduk kampung. Itu yg pasang Streamyx.

Guess what. My new hobby now is collecting blogs (from the links and comments, macam collect CDs and cassettes dulu2 tu). Rasa2 dah dekat 100 kot dalam favourites. Tapi yg baca hari2 adalah about a dozen or so macam 3540, kakteh, rocky, sheih, marinam, akadirjasin, malaysiakini, malaysiatoday and some polotical blogs. Ini yang tengah slowly dok "pilih" from the long list mana yg boleh di upgrade to regulars.

Initially, my main purpose for internet was to access religous websites, nak revise my Quran readings la, listen to religous talks. etc, etc. Somehow, after getting hooked on blogs, I admit that susah jugak nak buat all those good things. Cabaran betul.

Insyaallah, will check on your old postings (for more funny stories, I hope). Wassalam.

tokasid said...

Salam to Anon:
So you are a ganutizen! There a lots of ganu bloggers but my regular visit is to Awang Gneng,Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong and Bergen( I linked them to my blog so you can visit them easily). If you have time its nice to read Pok Awang Goneng's and Bergen's older postings.Pok Awang will relate anything about Trengganuspeak and the old KT. Bergen will relate his childhood in Dungun.
Ckark Gable is a funny guy but very sharp and critical( you should read his Cantona posting).Nuraina Samad's and kak teh are good( they are journos so they better be good).

For web or blog ugama you can visit:
1- (he writes in Metro Ahad esp about perbankan Islam) ( ustaz hasrizal who was an imam in Dublin. He is good in writing his experience berdakwah) ( I highly recommed this,from here you can click to read Qaradhawi's fatwa and lots of mp3 ceramah to download at its audio section)

Once again TQ.

Anon from Besut, Tgg said...

Waalaikummussalam Tokasid

Ya, I've been to AG and PD a few times (Bergen belum lagi kot!). Memang ada plan to go thru them later. Kakteh pun ada recommend AG (kalau ta' silap, her husband kan?) when I told her that I'm from Kg Raja, sometimes ago. Cuma kadang2 pening jugak nak eja those "tengganu" words. Banyak yang dah jarang pakai or dengar. I suppose AG must hve a good compilation of TGG vocabs. I think I saw "Gong With the Wing" phrase in one of those sites. Kelakar betul! Ya, love to read Noraina's and KakTeh's blogs. Tabek to them.

Never thought that one of my retirement activities would be reading Blogs! Ingat setakat websites aje.

Thanks for the "Agama sites". Ust Zaharuddin's site biasa jugak baca. Very timely since banyak sangat temptation on internet investments these days. The others are new. Will have a go, insyaallah.

From Kak Ainon, Kg Raja.

tokasid said...

Kak Ainon Kg Raja.

I have a few friends from Kg Raja Besot.One of them is the MP for Batu Pahat. Tu orang pure Besutian.

Kalau tak silap ada few bloggers yg dok pi kat AG asal drp Besut( and in particular Kg Raja). Kalau tak silap Pokku kot.

Yes kak teh tu wife AG. Kak teh every sunday ada small column kat Berita Minggu( Bersama Zaharah Othman dari London).

Gong with the Wing: thats Clark Gable's line. He was upset with what happeng in P.Duyong during the 1st Monsoon Cup. Everything gong with the wing for the locals it seems. Since the film Gone with the wind starred Clarke Gable, our P.Duyong guy use that name as his nick.

Kak Ainon said...


Thanks for filling up some gaps. Ha, seronok jugak cit-cat kat blog yg ta' berapa busy ni.

With regards to Besut-clan, most likely I wont know them. Left home since I was 12, after std 6. Balik kampung pun masa cuti sekolah, term breaks, Hari Raya or short hols. Ni dah pencen barulah nak kenal kampung sendiri. Semalam (Sunday), I took my mother to Post Office Kg Raja cos dia nak withdraw her ASB. Sampai2, tengok gate PO berkunci. Tanya kedai newspaper dekat tu, katanya Cuti Am for TGG. Itulah, preoccupied sangat dg blogs, sampai ta' tau offis tutup. BTW, siapa MP Batu Pahat yg TA kata orang Besut tu? Sorry, I ta' familiar sangat dg MPs2 ni.

Oh ya, lepas tengok your ATM-posting, baru I faham kenapa photo TA masa budak2 tu, sikit punya serious. Anak askar rupanya. Your childhood days must be quite colourful. And the travel bugs, since you had been going places from young.

Your CNY lion dance pics are great and creatively-titled. Exhausted Lion lah..

Ok. Thanks for your blogspace.

Kak Ainon.

muteaudio said...

#3. I have the same problem. Whenever I go back to Pg, I'll always borong DVDs. Will only bring into the house late at night when my mom is asleep, N watch it with my father. She don't complain much if my father is around. He's my peguambela.

muteaudio said...

Whenever I complain abt finance, she'll go "Pi makan/jual semua DVD/CD/VCD tu. Yg tak bukak lagi tu nak buat apa? Buat pekasam?"

tokasid said...

Kak Ainon of Besut:Actually bila kita dah lama tinggalkan kampong memang ambil masa to get familiarise again.Kawan2 masa kecik semua dah beranak pinak dan bercucu and there is an actual gap btwn old long lost friends.Same with me if I go back to Kedah.Jadi macam lost in space.

Muteaudio: TQ bro for visiting me and leaving comments.Appreciate it.
I visited your blog last week via sheih kickdafella via afdlin via (tak ingat sapa tapi orang film la..)I like your entry about Mukhsin.
Are you the director of QKQI? semalam tgk making of QKQI kat Astro Ria.Nampak very entertaining and full of emotion walaupun ada adegan ala-Hindustan tang menari-nari.

About boghoih beli cd,vcd and dvd ni I think most men are like that.The ladies they buy shoes,shoes and shoes. Handbags,handbags and handbags.
Your wife reply when you have financial situation if very tajam lagi berbisa menusuk hati dan kalbu.Memang mati kutu orang lelaki nak jawab.
You and your father sma-sama kaki dvd! Wow! Like son like father la..

tokasid said...

Muteaudio: sorry my typo error..
your wife reply...should be your mom's reply..

Mintak maop noo...

muteaudio said...

I'm not the director of QKQI. Know him personally. He's a TVC director.

tokasid said...

mute: when will you venture into directing? At present you are on the editing stuff right? Please tell the prgmes you involved that is on air at present?

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