Friday, July 17, 2009

Death after Interogation Club : SPRM. death of Mr Teoh

Salam to all.

Shocking! Can this be real? I asked myself when someone sms-ed the news to me yesterday.
This can't be happening I told myself.

But in Malaysia Bolehland, anything can happen. The unexpected can happen.The expected will definitely happen.

Everyone not blind or deaf will by now know that some lock-up inmates in our PDRM stations died for some unknown reasons. More will die in our police detention in years to come despite the police force will try to minimise these occurences.

Some died during interogations. Thanks to some overzealous officer who thought they are GOD. Who thought it was their birth rights to beat people up to a pulp.This is to pulp fiction.

And now we have another agency which somehow had promoted itself into this glamorous group.
The Death after Interogation Club.

Those not blind and deaf in their minds must have known the death of Mr Teoh Beng Hock, the political secretary of YB Ean Yong. Such a tragedy.

I saw the interview of the Investigating Director of SPRM Selangor on Astro Awani last night. There was shocked expression on this face. You want remorse?Forget it.
According to him the late Teoh was interogated till 3.45AM and SPRM didn't know waht happened to him after that.

It crossed my mind:Finished interogation 3.45 Am.Who accompanied him out? I mean a first timer to SPRM surely wouldn't know his way out on his own after being taken by SPRM men and subjected to continous interogation from late afternoon till the wee hours. Someone must have accompanied him out at least to the elevator.Or to the lobby.Who is that person?
He could be a SPRM officer or a security guard on duty for that night.

Some out there will make subtle hints that MAYBE the late Teoh jumped out from the building. In anotherword they are insuniating that he commited suicide( and they'll think he did that coz he was guilty). But the Astro Awani interview(press conference) The Director of Investigation(one Shukri Abdul) said that Teoh was a WITNESS and NOT A SUSPECT. Teoh promised to go back to SPRM with some documents today(Friday) to help with the investigation.

According to YB Ean Yong, Teoh was supposed to have his marriage registered today(Friday).
Why would a WITNESS who is getting married in a few hours time, on his own accord jumped to his death? That in my opinion ruled out suicide.

Which leave us with HOMICIDE. Is it !st degree?Or 2nd degree?

Or maybe a banshee on prowl that night( its a malam Jumaat right? With TV3 showing that stupid Kliwon ghosts) flying by the SPRM building and all of a sudden this banshee( preetier than Maya Karin I hope) felt thirsty and 'she' pry open the window and pulled Teoh out. She had her bottoms up and left the late Teoh there.

Maybe the banshee thing will be the most likely conclusion of his death investigation.

We still remember the Kugan tragedy and now its Teoh.
What next? Will someone die after a visit to SPR in our near future for whatever election investigation?

My condolences to Mr Teoh's family and friends.


Kata Tak Nak said...

But Nazri said, "kita tak tahu dia nak terjun".

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

Sunday ni, demo kat Stadium Kelana Jaya. Jom!

reek said...

I have no words to describe all those Umno idiots, investigating the officers and the BN government.

I cried for all Malaysians because I don't see any hope that our nation can give any future to our next generations to come!

aston said...

Najib is the son of bitch and he is also scrap of the earth!

He definitely will get the punishment from God!

ruyom said...

When you believe in God, you would value life! These Umno idiots claim to have faith but don't value one's life, where will they end up in after life! God judge!

Anonymous said...

Salam Doc,
It's Plaza Masalam for God's sake! He should have known his way out. Thousands of first-timers knew how to get out from that building when they did their Mykad there. Even an orang kampung like me found my way out.

Whenever he was released from custody, be it at 3am, he should call his 'people' lah. His boss should be there for him, or ordered his people to camp out outside the entrance for him, if only he valued his aide...

It's a tragedy. My heart goes out to his family.

Just stop blaming the Government for everything that happens under the sky!

Pak Zawi said...

Salam Doc,
Capt. Yusoff Ahmad has passed on. Another friend is gone forever.

tokasid said...


What do you expect from Nazri...
Kalau tau nak terjun Nazri nak siap kompang ka kat bawah?

tokasid said...

ana dah lama tak masuk stadium...

tokasid said...


This is not blaming the gomen. I think SPRM should take the responsibility.Interviewing a person for 10-12 hours is placing that person in a stressful state physically and psychologically.

I remember in Med school each of us have to undergo vivo-viva for our exam. That usually lasted for 30 minutes.But the stress most med students faced was tremendous.We don't mind having writen papers that last for 3-4 hours but a 30 minutes viva will make some people wants to piss in their pants.

Some people gets panicky when stopped by the policeman even if didn't do anything wrong. I always feel uncomfortable when stop by a policeman.

When a person is in teoh's situation, they are not in their normal frame of mind esp after a marathon of an interview.

As long as a person is still within the SPRM compound or building, it is SPRM's responsibility to make sure they are well protected.

tokasid said...

Pak Zawi:

I was shocked when Elviza informed me.Bro Mat Salo too called me from the swamp and we had a chat about Arwah Capt mariner.

MS told me Arwah Capt's mom passed away 5 days before him.

May ALLAH bless both Capt Yusof and his mom.May ALLAH place them in Jannah and they get syafaat from our beloved Rasullullah SAW.