Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Salam to all.

It was like a millenium ago that I wrote anything on this very page.Or maybe it was like since the last dinosaur existed on this 3rd rock from the sun.

Was I taken ill? Well....not really.
Was I very busy? Hahaha...that will be the joke of the year.
Was I fed up with certain things ? Yup! Especially on whats happening in the political front.Locally and globally.
Or maybe I was just plain lazy? Thats more like it(I'd like to think of that as a reason).

Its just if I didn't keep abreast( no..not that breast of the cap gantung type)with whats happening around me I can't write( now, that is a big word for me:Write).I had the time to read( but I read the day's paper most probably the next morning) and to browse.But apparently I was more to the Bitcomet pages rather than blogs or news portals. And I read books rather than newspapers nowadays. Nothing high stuff, just some novels.One after another. The last 3 months I bought about 10 novels and I got 2 more to finish(both a quater of the way) before another shopping spree at MPH( thats the only good store in Melaka Bandaraya Marine dan Laguna).

And the Bitcomet frenzy thing- I manage to get many old albums of the rock and jazz and blues genre which is impossible to get at the record stores(at least in Melaka) now. And maybe some good old movies like Natural Born Killer or Pulp Fiction or Dog Day Afternoon or Forest Gump. And some recent ones too.

Just imagine how 'busy'I was that I don't have time to browse or blog.

So why am I writing again today?

3 reasons:-

1- I think I want to write again(now that the mood is back.But for how long will be a question I would want the answers)

2-To congratulate my friend Saadon for his wife's safe delivery of their third child(and a daughter at last)

3-To congratulate my brother Haizam and my sis-in-law Rohana for the arrival of their 4th child- a boy this time( now 2 pairs: Girl-boy-girl-boy).

I would like to congratulate another friend Hj Mohamad Kamar for his 34th marriage anivessary today.My ALLAh bless you and your wife and gave you more grandchildren.

Also to my younger brother Akmal for being accepted into JPA's PTD service.After almost 10 years with Tasik Merah I'm sure you can handle whatever pressure there is at JPA.

My prayers to our beloved sis Dalilah Tamrinfor the not so good news last week. You know you have your blogger sisters and brothers praying for you.

I really hope I can sustain this mood.....


Anonymous said...

jangan x ada mood..nnti x hensem

Anonymous said...

saya suka baca cerita yg awak ceritakan..buat saya gelak n tersengih sorang-sorang..anyway..tarik nafas dalam-dalam..lepaskan slow..

Anonymous said...

La ingatkan berkabung lagi, hang tak minat MJ ka???????

Ingat lagu bidinnnnnnnnnn