Monday, February 11, 2008 insensitive. Boikot!!

( Update 16 February2008: Bro miqdad pointed out that Mydin and SPR had responded overthis topic here.)

MYDIN Supermarkets. They are in most major cities and towns including Melaka.

Sedikit latar belakang sejarah Mydin di Malaysia dan senarai para pembesar dinastin Mydin boleh lihat tang ni.

I don't have problem with this Mydin

Pengarah Urusan Mydin with Raja SMS

Last Saturday, I had to work in the morning. My locum couldn't make it.His sister was getting engaged that morning.

On my way home, there was the holiday traffic crawl from Ayer Keroh Tol to the MITC junction which was about 4 km. I should have taken my Honda Kapchai and not this old Fiat Marea for its aircond and temperature will go bonkers in crawls like this. It took me 45 minutes to reach home which normally a mere 15-20 minutes is more than enough. But I have come to terms that Melaka will have these traffic crawls everytime there is a long weekend holidays or celebrations.
We are such a weekend state.

Then we attended 2 kenduris and as Mrs TA wanted to get something for the house we went to Mydin at Melaka Central. This is my second visit to Mydin and maybe the fourth for Mrs TA.

We went to the first floor using the escalator and once there I picked up a basket and turn to my right.

And my eyes was fixed on something which made me just stood there for a long time not moving a single muscle. I was dumbstruck though I know I'm not dumb yet.

The reason for me to stand like a lamp post? See for yourself:-

BN Caps on sale at Mydin

Its clear enough that Mydin is insensitive

Yes. Your eyes are not fooling you. There are T-shirts,caps,flags and umbrellas with Barisan Nasional logo on sale at Mydin Melaka(and Penang too,I heard).

The T-shirt was very obvious. Undilah Barisan Nasional.
I know its election time. But the Parliament is not dissolved yet. And already Mydin is campaigning for the vote!

Can this be done? Is there anything in the Election act to say Mydin can do this?

What more can I say? Pure BODEKing of Mydin

Some people will say: its only bussiness. There is nothing wrong with Mydin selling BN's paraphrenalias.

But,Mydin should be more sensitive to their customers. 99.5 percents of their clients are Muslims and malays. Of these Malays there are people from UMNO,PAS and PKR( and maybe some from DAP). Doesn;t the feelings of these people from the 'other' camp count to Mydin?
Or maybe Mydin doesn't need people from the 'other' camp anymore?

BN for sale to any highest(or lowest) bidder

I don't see other bigstores doing the same. I went to Tesco,Giant,Carrefour and Jusco in Melaka. No,they don't sell BN paraphrenalias. Only Mydin.

Loud and clear: BN umbrella on sale at Mydin

I heard rumours( yeah just rumours) that Mydin is trying to get a piece of land infront of their premise which is at present a playground, from the Melaka state government. Recently Mydin was allowed to open a branch in Baazar Sentral from the state govt. They sell like those in the wet market( the wet market,Pasar Sentral is about 100m from Mydin Baazar Sentral) and is opened for 24 hours 7 days a week. This had caused dissatisfactions among the traders in the Pasar Sentral.

Is that the reason why Mydin is selling these BN stuffs? Maybe if its only in Melaka. But what about Penang? Most probably all the Mydin branches is selling too.

More BN paraphrenalias at Mydin

If Mydin claims that its just bussiness and nothing to do with politics, I dare Mydin to sell the oppositions T-shirts,caps and flags. If Mydin dare to do it which I don't think they have the balls to do it.

Can't find ant PAS/DAP/PKR things in Mydin

I can understand if the many Mydin bosses are in UMNO or contributors for UMNO and they are trying to do their part for BN and UMNO's victory in the next GE.
Contribute cash or paraphrenalias if you want to, but please do not sell it at your outlets, unless at the outlets your put up a big sign board saying: Untuk ahli UMNO sahaja.

Then those from PAS or PKR or DAP will not go into yur supermarkets anymore.
But don't insult them like this.

Without shame Mydin allowed itself to be used?

Most probably, many PAS and PKR supporters in Melaka will not go to Mydin anymore.
I know I won't .And I know about 200 more will not go near Mydin anymore.

And thank you Mydin,for showing your true colour to us.
We really thought Mydin is apolitical entity,but we were wrong.

Good luck for your ventures in Melaka.
You sucks!

Kandungan posting mungkin ada kena mengena atau tidak dengan makhluk yang hidup atau yang telah tiada.Kalau sapa-sapa terasa nak buat macamana kan. Sapa makan cabai melaka dia pedaih laa


Anonymous said...

ya... boikot MYDIN!

Anonymous said...

Wrong PR strategy. Mydin got backfired!

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

Boikot tetap boikot!

Hmm...mungkah MYDIN kena asak kerana depa nak buka store besaq kat KB? Apapun, boikot tetap boikot!

Unknown said...

Dah start boikot and had impressed upon my family members and a few friends to do likewise. Awat BN terdesak sangat kot?

Secara resmi saya istiharkan pertukaran nama MYDIN kepada THEIRDIN.

Daphne Ling said...

Hi Doc,

Is it legal? I thought there is such a thing as neutrality or something something?

Anonymous said...

Yes... BOIKOT MYDIN NATIONWIDE ... unless they issue public apology and retract those items, or they also sell opposition stuff.

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...

Salam doc.

Isk! Saya memang tak pernah membeli belah di Mydin. Nampaknya akan datang pun memang tak akanlah kalau macam itu 'gaya' mereka.

Doc, ada satira di blog saya... Hahaha!

ms hart said...

Doc, am not surprised! Some people just belong to different level. And these people are all over our town!! sigh...

Btw, good that u wrote. I hardly go there. Being there makes me feel like I'm not in my country. You know what I mean!

tokasid said...


Aku memang tak akan pi lagi dah ke Mydin after this.

Aku tak kisah dia nak sokong sapa.Take PLUS for example.Aku tahu tu company UMNO tapi PLUS tak ada lah kat tol-tol di buat poster UNDILAH BN atau bagi cap BN kat pengguna highway.Maknanya dalam cari duit,PLUS tak hina rakyat yang tak sokong BN.

Tapi Mydin ni bagi aku dah hina intelligence kita lah.

tokasid said...


They thought everyone of their customers are stupid or don't have balls.

They made a mistake here. I don't tolerate this sort of thing.I know they supported the present day govt.They have to. But if they didn't openly sell the paraphrenalias, I wouldn't have become upset.

tokasid said...


Yes. Mydin is out of my list.
I know they have to bodek. But they sure have other ways to bodek the gomen kan.

What they did is insulting.
If someone from PAS or PKR or DAP approaches them and wanted tothem to sell T-shirts, do you think Mydin will layan?

That day I saw several other customers who were as upset as I was.I'm not alone feeling this that afternoon.

tokasid said...


Thank you for understanding and sharing my feeling towards this filthy attitude of Mydin.

I have received calls and sms-es from friends in Melaka supporting my boycotting of Mydin. They promised they will do the same.

There might be a concerted effort with the boycott to teach Mydin.
Mydin might not feel the effect of our boycott.They might want to think like that and I don't give a damn about what Mydin wants to think.

Who knows, suddenly Mydin Melaka will notice that many pak lebai don't go shopping there anymore.

tokasid said...

Dear Daphne:

I'm not sure about the legalities. I haven't had a chance of looking up the Akta Pilihanraya yet.

Legal or not,Mydin should have been more sensitive and not plain arrogant.

tokasid said...


I am not sure about others but me and my friends is going ahead with the boycott.

If it somehow spread nationwide that is other peoples choice.

Apologise? That might high an expectation,but we never know do we?
And about selling oppositions' stuff...Mydin gonna do that? I think they'' prefer selling nasi kandaq.

tokasid said...

Wak Pinter:

Sejak Mydin buka di Melaka ini lah kali kedua saya ke sana.kali pertama lebih kurang sebulan yang lalu. Kata isteri saya, barangan di Mydin seperti pencuci baju,pinggan mangkok dan pencuci lantai lebih murah di Mydin.

Dulu saya tidak ke sana sebab kawasan di Melaka Sentral sering trafik jam dan sukar utk parkir.

Sekarang keangkuhan Mydin membuat saya tidak akan ke sana lagi.

Sudah saya baca satira Wak. saya seperti mengenali YB temperian itu kerana dulu teman bermain ragbi di kampus.

tokasid said...

ms hart:

I know you and Mr Sor knew about this kind of ppl in Melaka. We have lots of them in UP,don't we? Most of them are our friends and relatives.

But with them we know when to stop we to comma. And they knew the same.

Some of my UMNO friends they don't put such things in their shops or office unless is campaigning time. I once put a wall clock with the moon symbol.An UMNO friend did tegur me and I took it down and replace with a new wall clock.
I don't kempen for PAS in the clinic unless someone ask me about PAS or they want to discuss about politics.

But Mydin as a shopping centre which caters to all,should be more prihatin towards their non-BN customers. If I can be prihatin towards my UMNo friends and patients, why can't Mydin?

Yeah, you di get 'lost' when you go to Mydin.The aura is so different.

Anonymous said... another idiot is making noise for a small thing.

You may not appreciate this but others do appreciate the flexibility of purchasing such items.

If you honestly want to 'boikot' a Malaysian owned it your own way. Or protest profesionally to the organisation and get their response to this.

Come on, you rather put your hard earned money in the hands of foreigners than local business who is making a difference to the local retail scene.

The last time I checked, I'm saving a lot of money by shopping in Mydin.

Maybe you need to think through properly...or are you another foreign owned propaganda machine. I wonder...

zaharibb said...

I am not a member of any political party but when its election time I know who to vote. Tokasid, I help you spread this news through my blog here.

Anonymous said...

salam doc,
alamak, we too went to mydin after friday prayers and azim was laughing out loud sambil tunjuk kat bendera BN yang depa juai tu.
my hubby was saying, nanti yang lain menang, dia orang jual yang lain pulak!!??
business macam ni,depa tak peka apa orang lain rasa. asai duit masuk, sudah.

tokasid said...


TQ for your comment.
I am no agent for any foreign based companies what so ever.
I normally do my shopping at Family store chains here, a Malaysian Chinese company based in Melaka and Tangkak.

You might think I am an idiot. That is up to you. And you might think that this is a small thing.

Then what is considered big?
To me there are certain issues that what the BN do or never bothered to do which is big.With abuse of powers by certain quarters or departments or agencies are big.

So when Mydin did this, I cannot accept it and I am voicing out my dissatisfaction towards Mydin.
I had faxed an official letter to Mydin Melaka management early this morning, which is a proper channel.

Yes, I am boycotting Mydin. Its up to others if they want to do the same. Everyone have their own opinion on this matter and I don't force anyone to follow me.

And yes, we did save 1-2 ringgit shopping there but the distance(petrol) and parking fees just minus that saving.

I have thought this for 2 days before I posted this entry.

I am no foreigner's agent but maybe you are Mydin's agent.

And why not give us your blogging name and your site rather than just anon. Macam pencuri pulak layaknya.

tokasid said...

Pak Zach:

One doesn't need to be in any political party to have an opinion or political stand and to vote.

Thank you sir for linking this ebtry to your blog.

tokasid said...

E :

Kat sana pun Mydin jual? So its not just in Melaka and Penang. Most probably all their outlets is doing the same. That just shows that its the Mydin HQ decision to sell these paraphrenalias.

This is big time kipas. Who knows after this maybe Giant,Tesco,Parkson,Pacific,Jusco will follow suit?? Then someone will ask me, are you going to boycott them too!


Mior Azhar said...

I went to Mydin here in Subang Jaya just before the CNY holds. And like you, I too was dumbfounded when I saw the BN items on sale. At first I wanted to take some pix but then again I really do not want my blog to be littered with such paraphernalia.
And yes, Doc, some business can be veru dense. Angin tak dak, The sleepyman pun tak dpt ilham2 lagi, alih2 depa pi juai benda tu. Bodoh ke apa?

Mior Azhar said...

Saja nak tanya, bukan ker benda2 mcm ni nanti BN bagi free jer nanti masa election? Sapa beli memang mangkukler kan.

tokasid said...

Pak mior:

Angin tak ada tapi dah masuk musim. Jadi Mydin nak ambil kesempatan dan tunjuk taat setia lah kot.

Mydin memang jual kepada mangkok hayun benda2 ini. Mangkok-mangkok hayun pulak beli banyak2 sebab nak impress orang-orang kampong. Dan mangkok2 hayun pun bukannya guna duit sendiri tapi duit BN atau keris.
Mana ada orang keris nak keluar duit utk benda2 macam ni.Nak upah duit ada lah.

Yang selalu keluarkan duit sendiri ialah orang2 bulan,roket dan mata biru.

Unknown said...

Its up to us whomever we want to boycott. Those who feel like boycotting will boycott, those who don't, won't. I know people like you don't give a damn if it is a local enterprise that is hurt. You just don't like the idea of the BN being hurt. Grow up la.

Anonymous said...

I do not think it is about business for Mydin, as I don't think anybody in their right mind will be buying these paraphernalia at Mydin. And as pointed out by mior azhar all these things will be given free during the campaigns.I think it is more to do with Mydin trying to impress the government so that they could get something in return.(Mind you it does work most of the time).

This culture of trying to impress the ruling government is nothing new, Mydin is not the first nor will it be the last. I expect to see more of this as the election day gets near.

I for one have never shopped in Mydin, and I will continue not shopping at Mydin. Bear in mind that it is our money and our vote. It is up to us to decide where we want to put our money and where to put the X on our vote.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I forgot to add that I do think boycotting is actually effective. Why? because when I was studying in London, there was a boycott campaign against a leading supermarket Sainsbury because they were selling South African oranges (this was the time when South Africa was still a racist government and Nelson Mndela was still in jail).

After a few months of the campaign Sainsbury actually took out an advertisement in newspapers saying that they no longer sell South African products.

Anonymous said...

hi Tokasid,

Dont have a blog nor a site. Neither am I an agent.

Just think that Malaysians like you give Malaysia a bad name.
Quick to 'boikot' and hurt local enterprises.

Think first before you start working out screwed up campaigns. And create an issue where there is none.

Honestly, tired of people like you. Making an agenda of make me sick

Grow up la...

Bergen said...

It only shows that everything about this government is for sale. And if you look at it from another angle, Myding doesn't consider BN government an entity to be taken seriously. As far as Mydin is concerned, BN is just another supplier of merchandise that you can make a profit of. LOL. Maybe those people in the BN didn't see this way. They must have thought by selling the merchandise at Mydin, they can get to the people. But no one in their right mind, not even a staunch supporter of BN would dream of buying the merchandise that he/she can get for free. LOL. And that's another angle, that someone in BN is making money selling something meant to be given away free. Gosh, this is so funny.

I think it's not fair for those who comment here by hiding 'anonymous'. I believe one should stand up like a man and say what you've gotta say. After all, Doc won't go hunt you down if you reveal yourself. I think it's rude.

You've got a good entry here, doc. I don't get angry because I always find humor in something as mundane as this.

No, I don't go to Mydin. The guy who started it, the father, was a good guy. He was a generous guy and very kind to the poor. His son, with overseas degrees and all, took it to another level and now looks like it has transformed into a comedy bandwagon for the clowns who gotta sell everything. I think these clowns won't think twice of selling their mothers or fathers.

tokasid said...


Seems like Anon might be of those ghosts sponsored by the 4th floor.
Who knows.

tokasid said...


Thanks for visiting and leaving your mark here.

You got a point here. Most probably Mydin wanted to impress BN.

I was at that spot for half an hour and saw several teenage girls picking up the caps and T-shirts and started to giggle among themselves ,put those stuff back and left still giggling. No one bought any f those stuff for that half an hour.

Yes,the culture of membodek is part of the bussiness game in Malaysia.

I think Malaysia is not used to the boycotting culture.
But I ammaking my dissatisfaction with Mydin known.

On the bodek matter, you should read the article by Mufti Perlis in Mingguan Malaysia 10th Feb 2008.

tokasid said...


Malaysian like me giving Malaysia a bad name? Hmmm...
1-So the Chua Soi Lek incident is giving us a gd name.
2-Lingam gate incident is giving Malaysia a good name.
3-Altantuya case is giving Malaysia a god name.
4-Muhammad Taib's million ringgit case in Australia is giving Malaysia a good name.
5-Scomi-nuclear deal is giving Malaysia a good name.
6- The AP episode is giving Malaysia a god name.

So, you think this is a non-issue? Maybe not to you but to me it is .

So I did make you sick.Good for you.Go on and puke if you must.That is your right.

Mydin did make me sick too and I made it clear in my letter to them yesterday.

I have grown up and I have realised whats not right from my point of view. Maybe you are the one that should grow up.

tokasid said...


"It only shows that everything about this government is for sale."

Now that is a very interesting perpective you put forward. Upon reflection, the many things that had happened, you are right to say that.
With the right price contracts can be bought.Heck, even the judiciary is questionable.

Yeah, this anon-thing is from people who are coward. I mean even if he uses his/her real name or nickname does he think I'm gonna waste my time to hunt for him/her and say Hi! nice to meet you!

Its just like someone calls you on the phone and without introducing themselves, starts to tell you that you are bad or you make me sick or you gave the country a bad name.

From my past experience, when it conmes to politically motivated issues, these anons are from perkumpulan keris tak bersarung semalaya.

I look up some articles about Mydin.Yes the founder who started the bussiness in Penang before moving to KB was a decent and good man. What came after him sold their souls to the d_v_l.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

not that i have anything against any political party but that was the cheapest publicity coming from them BN fellas. Mydin has kicked a shit and could really backfire on their act of asslicking.

doc, politics aside, mydin was always sucked compared to tesco, giant, carrefour etc. i dont see whats the big deal about this freakin store that everyone must throng their premises.

boycott? i dont need to simply because i dont have any intention of switching from my fav tesco. screw mydin anyway.

Anonymous said...

haha...sounds like you are getting pissed.

Well, still think you are an idiot.

Selling souls? I wonder what kind of soul you have...

At least they generate positive revenue and give it

They have thousands of employee and family that depends on

That's the best part of the internet...I have a right to remain anonymous...You opened the can of deal with it..hahaha

Sarong..kris...what cock bullshit is you are throwing accusations...bitter pill to swallow isn't it.

It is easy to throw dirt on others but not easy when it is thrown at you.

I'm sure it feels great...ya right?!!!

haha...puke I will, puke on you definately...hahaha..

Bergen said...

Doc, I got the feeling those who hide behind the 'anonymous' skirt have got some kinda connection with the BN merchandise sold at Mydin. I know those merchandise are print over runs from the last general election, and since they've paid for, some people thought of selling it in order to re-sell something that has been sold twice or triple over.

Don't worry about it, doc. I know sissies who are more manly than these low-life vermins.

Unknown said...

Go get a life.

Unknown said...

Dear Brother,
Salam alaik. I really have one phrase to say: Mydin is as opportunist as BN!

Mydin sure knows how to fan and 'lambung' BN up high...BN sure loves to have Mydin doing the 'bodeking', marginalising the feelings of its customers! Sheesssh! What kind of business entrepreneurship is that?

tokasid said...


Most probably you are right about the print over run stuff. Maybe Nydin wants to make some quick buck before BN decides to give it for free.

I'm not worried about anon. His comment doesn't bug my life. And if he thought be pissed me off,well let him. I am only pissed off for Mydin's insensitivity.

For all you know anon is part of the keris internet gurkhas paid to flood comments in blogosphere.

I'll just leave him be. I have made my point. Anyone can agree or disagree with it.

I rarely get anonymous commentators not even during the Machap and Ijok by-elections.
But this anon came yesterday after I fax a letter to Mydin Melaka's manager, one En Ali.
Maybe,just maybe this anon is actually from Mydin.

Anonymous said...

walaupun saya tinggal di kota besar, tapi seumur hidup saya yang di kelilingi pasaraya mydin utara, timur, barat dan selatan rumah saya, hanya sekali je (beberapa tahun lepas, lama sangat dah) saya ke mydin. memang murah, tapi no quality .. dah tu...lepas beli, siap cek resit, leceh...dijaga rapi macamla kita nak curi barang2 dia, gi shopping kat kedai besar dan mahal pun tak macam tu..sejak tu serik selamanya saya walaupun orang kata murah..
biras saya beli pampers orang tua utk mak mentua saya kat mydin, baru tarik nak adjust masa pakaikan..dah koyak..membazir siap jual poster BN..lagilah saya tak gi..orang bodek2 ni hati tak bersih..

tokasid said...


I think what he is doing is his life.
What he thinks of me is not important. He is enjoying himself like some low life pak chu cheng.
And he thought I'm upset with his comments,well let him think that way.

I got hundreds of sms yesterday from friends all over Malaysia and most shared the same sentiment with me. Some are from the Keris party who thought what Mydin did is actually a disservice to BN and UMNO.Of course their opinion was not shared by Mydin's management.

tokasid said...


Wa'alaikumussalam sis.
As a bussiness entity they are oppourtunist which is appropriate.
But they should at the same time be sensitive to the feelings of their customers. They have chains of store nationwide and not just some gerai at pasar malam or during ceramah.

I know when there are ceramah, there are few guys who sells T-shirts or ketayap putih with PAS or PKR logo. But these stalls are exclusive to their supporters. You don't get to see UMNO folks go to these ceramah or stalls.

Same thing when BN or UMNO organises events, you don't see PAS or PKR or DAP ppl going there.

But Mydin is a premise which is open to the public with various political affliations.That is why Mydin should be more sensitive.

Lets say, if Mydin were to sell these stuff with PAS or DAP or PKR logos do you honestly think UMNO or BN will not make noise? I am sure they will storm into Mydin's office( I just fax a letter) with media following them and it will be primetime national news!

And Mydin's management will be called-up to menghadap the datok Bandar or the Chief Minister himself and will be asked to explain for their actions.And Mydin will be asked to give a public apology to the whole nation.

Membodek is a sure thing Mydin is doing now.that small piece of land by the small river is a good bet.

muteaudio said...

Salam tok,
Saya tunggu diorang bagi free masa kempen nanti. Saya nak pindah rumah hujung bulan ni. Blh guna buat lap kaki, lap tingkap N kain buruk. Kalau ada belen, kat belakang baju blh lekat (iron) tagline "Satu lagi projek krjn BN" with an arrow pointing to another pict (lekat) of our very own sleeping beauty. What say u doc? Worth an effort?

Anonymous said...

boikot! hampeh mydin. if want to do business, sell bersih shirts, dap shirts, pas shirts, pkr shirts.

no rules regarding selling these stuffs? especially before the election?

tokasid said...


Wow! Brutal tu hang nak buat. Tapi bila pikiaq-pikiaq kalau org bagi kita ambek lah.Kalau tak ambek nanti kata kita sombong pulak. Bila dah ambek ikut suka kita lah nak guna buat apa kan.

Kalu aku dapat aku boleh buat lapek kucing-kucing aku tidoq(laa...kucin aku macam PM tidoq lah pulak) dan bungkuih buah nangka yang tengah dok berputik di belakang rumah tu.

"Sebuah lagi projek kerajaan BN" with an arrow to the sleepy head of state? Canggih sungguh kepala hotak hang.LOL!

tokasid said...


Mydin to sell all parties stuff? I don't think thats gonna happen.

Someone told me, parties can sell it to their own members and not to the public but I'm not sure if there are laws with regards to this.

Still couldn't get my hand on the Akta Piliharaya to see what it had to say about this.

Mat Salo said...

Bro': Looks like this post has generated lots of comments; very interesting to say the least. If you read today's arus perdana I think MYdin has said it best: Let market forces decide. From the gist of their response I think as a business they consider it a valid proposition to plunder BN's logos and insignias. But as long as there is a demand there's not much we can do about it. Personally I enjoy a well designed merchandise from the "oppo" camp. That's why my car still sports Keadilan defunct stickers. I think it's cool. I hope DAP and PAS can up the ante soon.. heh :) Stay cool and stay true...

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Tokasid
Mydin like any other opportunists that are out to make money from the general election.
But I believe it should also be fair, in that it also offers merchandise of other political parties.

Anonymous said...

What is so insensitive about that? The are just selling club's merchandise what! I mean, if you are not a fan of Everton, just don't bother, but you don't have to complain if you get eyesore out of watching blue all over Mydin or whatever place. After all it's just the scale, not pakalolo or nude body or filthy words on the flag/cap/shirt. PAS members offered to sell me many ceramah VCDs, never felt offended, just said (no) thanks and walked away.

tokasid said...

Bro MS:

So you arrived safely to Balikpapan , Alhamdulillah.

I can understand Mydin is trying to make a fast buck on the election campaign.

If its purely a business matter then the should put some of those 'oppo' stuff too and let the market force decide.
But as we have already known,Mydin will not do that. If they did,the very next minute BN guys will swarm Mydin and demand an apology and pulling back all the 'oppo' merchandise.

The best for Mydin to do was never in the first place try to sell the BN(or opposition) merchandise.Just carry on with what Mydin had been selling all these years.

tokasid said...

You are right.All Mydin can do is be more sensitive when it come to election time and be apolitical on their bussiness front.

tokasid said...


No this is different from BPL.
Politic esp in the Malay heartland is much bigger than BPL.
BPL is big in certain part of our country esp in the Klang Valley.
But in Melaka or other parts of the Malay heartland politics is big and BPL is not.

And what Mydin did is different from those pak lebai peddling their VCD at ceramah sites.
At ceramah sites, those attending most of them are opposition members or the 'fence' people wh is curious of what the opposition wants to offer. You rarely get to see BN members or supporters going to PAS/PKR/DAP ceramah.

Mydin is not a political arm of BN. If they are then why not declare it that: :Ini adalah sebuah supermarket Barisan Nasional".

Then they can sell whatever BN's merchandise. And is anyone(who supports the 'oppo') wants to go in, they know what they will find in it.

At present,Mydin is not a political arm of BN, the least they can do is to be sensitive.

mokk said...

Salam Mamat..

..Kat sini kain biru tua tua kat kampung buat seluar dalam..jadikan ianya BOXER...ada yang jadikan nya kain basahan mandi kat sungai....ha ha

Ada ke org nak beli? benda macam selalu dia org bagi free...
Kat sini kalau tak ada duit..nasi bungkus dan air mineral susah nak kumpul orang dalam majlis parti....

Anonymous said...

salam to TA,
tu dia noooo...depa dah mula kempen sebelum parlimen dibubarkan...tapi sapa yang beli tu memang blurrr la tu kalau masa pilihanraya kan bleh dapat free termasuk kain batik or kain pelikat...mama nak buat koleksi payung je...hehe kena sediakan payung sebelum hujan

Pak Zawi said...

Mydin is trying to undercut everyone else by selling BN's election paraphernalia at the lowest price. That way UMNO dont have to look far to look for the cheapest.
Semua pembekal lama dah susah cari makan atau mereka akan beli kat Mydin dan jual pada BN at an inflated price.
In Kota Bharu they will definitely sell PAS election paraphernalia. I haven't checked though.

ZABS said...

Salam Doc.,
Saya hanya sekali masuk Mydin ni dan tak suka apa pun yang diorang jual.
Sekarang tambah lagi reason not to go there.
Zawi kata mungkin mereka akan jual barangan Pas di KB. I doubt it.... Let see what Zawi come out with.
Teruskan Boikot.

tokasid said...


Mana-mana pun sekarang ni BN akan tabur duit esp ni dah bubar Parlimen.

Semalam mem aku bagi tau ada staff dia baru balik dari Kuala Krai. Org2 BN beri kepada ibu atau bapa tunggal RM100/= bagi setiap anak yg bersekolah. Dan juga bagi pilihan samada nak meja studi atau electric fan.

tokasid said...

Mama dezeze:


Tu la yg lebih hangin.Parlimen tak bubar depa dah nak bodek.

Tunggu la Parlimen bubar(la dah) lepas tu Mydin bagi la segala makneka tu ke bilik gerakan BN. Lagu tu aku pun tak marah.
Yg Marah ni pasai pi jual openly.

tokasid said...

Pak Zawi: Dgn persainagn hypermarkets yg ada Mydin memang terpaksa undercut to get the edge. Macam pak zabs kata ,kualiti barang2 Mydin is questionable.

Maybe Mydin akan jual merchandise PAS di KB,tapi itu pun saya tak setuju sebab akan ada org UMNO dan BN yg marah.

Kalau nak jual, jual lah barangan semua parti.Baru adil dan org ramai masing2 pari mungkin boleh terima perkara ini. Tak kisah lah org nak beli atau tidak.

tetapi adalah lebih baik kalau Mydin jangan jual barangan2 yang berlogo parti politik.Sapa pun tak marah.

kalau pak zawi berkesempatan, check lah kat Mydin KB.

tokasid said...

Pak zabs:

Pengalaman pertama dgn Mydin ialah di KT semasa isteri bertugas di sana dulu( masa tu pindah pada hari penamaan calun dan saya sempat balik sehari sebelum mengundi di Melaka), memang barangannya tak berapa berkualiti. Tetapi barangan harian seperti serbuk pencuci memang lebih murah.

Hilmi said...

Bought a Nokia charger at Mydin in one of the trays that contains bargain goods. It costs me about RM3.95. Plugged it into the wall socket & after charging the HP, the charger wouldn't come out from the socket. It got stuck there for good. Had to call the electrician to take the charger out and that cost me RM30!!! Still tolerable. But now this BN paraphernalia. I'll stick to the sensitive vendors.

Anonymous said...

Saya memang tak pernah pergi MYDIN walaupun ada depan rumah... rasa macam crowded giler... lagi satu terasa ada macam-macam bau kat situ, maklumlah bila barang dah murah, segrombolan orang dari pelbagai golongan termasuk pendatang nak beli belah kat situ... silap-silap pitam kat situ jugak!

Anonymous said...

Salaams Tokasid,

It seems that Mydin has responded last Tuesday on them selling BN paraphernalia, and that “We are not supporting any party,” , they claim.

The Election Commission secretary Datuk Kamaruzaman Mohd Noor has also come out and said that is is not wrong to sell these items.

Now, we should ask Mydin to sell opposition party's paraphernalia since they claim they do not support any party.

Read the story in NST here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry the NST link did not come out right in the previous comment. Anyway NST link on Mydin is here

Anonymous said...

mentality yang kurang menarik di pandang mata!!!
sedar la...tak baik nak memfitnah and merosakkan makan makan minum org..
sedar la,tanpa kerajaan saper yang bagi makan kat korang sumer ha???!!!
saper yang bg pendidikan kat anak2 korang semua????
tak sedar2 lagi ker korang hidup kat malaysia ni ada hak masing2...faham!!!BN ke, PAS ker...sama jer..

tokasid said...

Anon 26 february 2008:

1-Memfitnah dan merosakkan makan minum orang?
Apa yg dipaparkan berkenaan Mydin adalah benar bukan fitnah.Memang Mydin berbuat demikian malah Mydin sendiri mengakui hakikat nya. Lain kali baca betul2 dan pergi check sendiri sebelum nak kata saya memfitnah Mydin.

2-Boikot di haramkan oleh Islam? Tunjukkan dalil anda.Berhati-hati. Jangan pandai-pandai nak mengharamkan yg tidak atau menghalalkan yang haram.

3-Ini bukan soal kerajaan bagi makan atau pendidikan. memberi pendidikan adalah tanggungjawab kerajaan tak kira parti apa yg memerintah. tetapi kerajaan mesti adil dan saksama, tiada perlakuan rasuah(apa lagi berleluasa) tiada pembolotan harta negara( Khalifah Umar abd Aziz tidak menggunakan harta kerajaannya utk kegunaan peribadi), tiada cacamarba dalam sistem perundangan dan tiada pilih kasih oleh pihak polis.

Jangan anda terlalu taksub dgn pemerintah hingga buta dan tuli dari melihat kebobrokkan yg di lakukan.Maksiat berleluasa dan di biarkan. Anak2 Melayu dilekakan dgn hiburan tanpa henti.

Tanggungjawab setiap Muslimin cuba berubah keadaan sedaya yg boleh.

Anonymous said...

insaf la wahai manusia2 yang berhati busuk....i tau manusia2 yang nk boikot mydin ni saje je nak menyebarkan propaganda2 jahat dan x pernah bersyukur bahawa Malaysia sudah merdeka..korang sedar ke?????!!!!!! sape yang memerintah negara kt selama 57 tahun selepas merdeka ni????!!!! i dont know how to call u???? BINATANG or what????....melampau....small thing mcm ni x yah la wat blog...x malu betullllll....sedar la bagi yang dah hidup lama 2..fikir la untuk masa depan anak2...korang xde keturunan ker????i bukan la nak kutuk mana2 parti tp agak2 la klu sampai nak boikot periuk nasi orang..klu nk boikot sekali pun, jangan la ajak2 orang..sendiri2 sudah la...sedar lahhhhh....macam2 kemudahan yang kerajaan dah bagi..anak2 korang x belajar ke????...lepas ni x payah la pandai2 nak suruh anak korang sekolah kat sekolah kerajaan, mintak pinjaman dari kerajaan or watever yang berkaitan dengan kerajaan...okeh...mintak la kt parti yang selama ni bagi korang makan dan buat pasar raya sendiri dan jangan bagi penyokong BN g situ.......!!!!!!!!! YOU SUCH A STUPID ORAG TUA...!!!sori 2 say that...x sengaja nk berkasar ngan orang tua...

Anonymous said...

kerana aper anda berkata sedemikian??
hah dah tau tanggungjawab kerajaankan..kenapa masih tak bersyukur dengan apa yang kerajaan bg..ok fine!so u suka la buat huru hara mcm ni kan, sehingga sanggup membuka blog ini utk membawa org2 utk tidak dtg ke mydin? FOR WHAT???DENGKI KEJAYAAN MYDIN KER?
ermmm....tak da hukum hakam islam melarang boikot ker? ooo...baru hari i saya tau bahawa islam membenarkan boikot sesama manusia.. the ALMIGHTY know what u do!!

tokasid said...


Apa yg di sediakan segala infrastruktur oleh kerajaan adalah tanggungjawab sosial kepada rakyat tak kira siapa. Sebagai pembayar cukai saya berhak ke atas apa yg kerajaan sediakan. lainlah kalau saya lari dari membayar cukai. Setakat 23 tahun ini Alhamdulillah tidak ponteng bayar cukai.

Huru-hara? Adakah dgn tidak pergi ke Mydin akan menyebabkan negara huru-hara?

Anda masih belum mengemukan dalil Islam mengharamkan pemboikotan.

Anonymous said...

ye tak salah kalo tak dtg mydin ANON! tapi yang salahnya mengapi2kan jgn datang tu adalah SALAH ANON!!..tak reti undang2 ker? masih nak pertahankan mengatakan BOIKOT TAK SALAH YE??ok kalo awak kata boikot tak salah takpe...masing2 ada muka pengadilan di akhirat! tak sangka ader manusia yang bersikap terperesuk mcm korg ni...sengal!dengki!!!
tak salah kan mrk nak sokong saper, sedangkan dalam news pun mengatakan tak salah..
korg nak boikot?boikot latak kisah...tak kena dosa pun aku..
n mungkin org tua lebih bijak berfikir sampai terlebih2 fikir pulak..huhu

Anonymous said...

sedar rupanya yang u ni org islam...i2 la org islam yg sekadar pergi sembahyang tapi hati busuk...dari blog2 u yg saya baca..u ni ada la berlagak sikit..hmm banyak kot...x pnh bersyukur dengan apa yang dinikmati sekarang..keamanan yang dikecapi sekarang...hmmm ssh klu org tua pun x tau nk menghayatinya..x pun u ni sebenarnya dulu nak jadi wakil rakyat, x pun bercita2 nak jadi PM tapi xderr sape nak calon atau undi...tul x???!!! sekarang anak u skolah kt mana ek?..stdy kt umah je kerr??..x pun sedang bergiat aktif jugak dalam parti PAS..come on la..dont be stupid like that..

Anonymous said...

takan nak boikot MYDIN? Tesco bukan Islam punya, Giant bukan Islam punya, Carefor bukan islam punya, Jusco bukan Islam punya.. Store bukan Islam punya, Billion bukan Islam punya.. jadik gedung2 besar semua bukan Islam punya.. tak perlu boikot cuma kita perlu suarakan pada pengurusan MYDIN yang melampau!! Ajar MYDIN bukan dengan boikot sahaja....

Anonymous said...

klu mydin K.bharu plak, jual bendera PAS, korng tk caya? tnye la dak2 Kota bharu/kelate, aku pg aritu, tekejeut cm korng tgk dorng jual BN nye la,,aku lupa lak nk amik foto as a bukti,.

Anonymous said...

ha tokasid!
mydin kat k.bahru tu macam maner pulak????
tak ke sama tu taat pada PAS jerr...
atau mydin saner tu pula org kuat PAS....huhuhuhuhu....
tahniah sbb ader yang membuktikan mydin ni takla teruk sgt...

tokasid said...

Anon 1 March 2008:

Samada kat Melaka atau KB atau mana saja cawangan Mydin, bagi aku tidak sepatutnya menjual parahernalia parti-parti politik samada BN,PAS atau PKR semata-mata. Bagi aku kalau Mydin nak jual, jual semua paraphernalia parti-parti yang dipilih-pilih di KB jual hak PAS dan di negeri2 lain hak BN.

Jual semua atau jangan langsung. Sebab di KB tentu ada ahli2 UMNO dan BN yang pasti sakit hati dan mata sama seperti di tempat lain ada ahli PAS atau PKR atau DAP(rasa2nye orang DAP tak gi Mydin kot)rasa sakithati dan mata.

Se-elok-eloknya Mydin atau mana2 gedung perniagaan jgn jual paraphernalia parti2 politik.

Barangan2 parti biar parti jual sendiri.

Anonymous said...

ahernya..tokasid berani mengatakan pendapat seperti itu..kan senang dari awal tokasid bersuara seperti itu..tak la org sakit ati baca blog ini....mydin??rasanya tak slah, mereka jual brgan seperti itu...ini bukan aper...tak semua yang melihat itu berfikiran terbuka dan tak semua yng tgk itu nampak pintar berfikir...
masing2 cuba untuk pertahankan hak diri sendiri tanpa fikirkan kesan terhadap diri org lain...
saya harap hal seperti ini tak akan berulang lagi kerana negara kita ada parlimen dan rang undang2 yang bakal menentukan masa depan negara kita MALAYSIA..biarlah rakyat itu bijak memilih keputusan....sekian..

tokasid said...


Jika anon baca posting ini dari awal termasuk komen2 dan jawapan saya pada komen2 saudara akan tahu dari awal lagi saya telah nyatakan bahawa MYDIN kalau nak jual biarlah dari semua parti atau jangan langsung kerana mereka harus sennsitif pada perasaan pelanggan2 mereka.

Dari awal lagi pendirian saya begitu.
Terima kasih kerana sudi membaca dan menyumbang pendapat anda.

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbt,

Ini pertama kali sy bce comment utk 1 posting blog dr awal hingga akhir. Pd saya, ANON yg garang tuh mungkin masih muda dan masih x berapa paham senario politik semasa. Sy mnulis atas pengalaman sy sendri yg juga bru bmula memerhatikan politik Malaysia nih (bru 21 thn, x sempat mgundi sbb 9 mac lalu bru bday)

Utk Mr. Tokasid, sy sgt impressed dgn cra pnerangan anda. Keep it up!

p/s: teringat Shabery yg stat mlalut lps sedar dia dh kalah dgn DSAI ;D

Cakap Biar Betul said...

Orang bodoh macam hang je buat camni...Mana ada dalam sebuah negara demokrasi sokong semua yang hang cakap dan tulis....Aku tetap bersama Mydin kerana itu kedai orang melayu/bumiputera....bodoh punya cadangan...tak de otak....bangang, bodoh, biul....punya idea....

Anak Perelih said...

Apasal Anon tu angin semacam je... dia ni keluarga towkey Myden ke or pekerja contoh mydin kut... emotional lebih sampai menunjukkan kebodohan sendiri tentang hakikat politik degara ini...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Sri Mayang Agro Marine said...

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