Sunday, June 29, 2008


Salam to all.

Its a dejavu feeling I had this morning.This morning 2 friends sms-ed me with an absurd news.
That some Saiful Bukhari apparently made a police report after he was picked up by the police a few hours before that.

Why the police picked him up?For what reasons?We were not told.
Then he made the damning report AFTER he was picked up. He didn't go and make the report first. Alleging that DSAI sodomised him!
So its dejavu for me. Back to the Anwar-Mahathir saga 10 years ago.
So this Saiful Bukhari now falls into the Azizan category.And we know what happened to Azizan later on.

Is this for real? Or is it another political and personality killing for DSAI who apparently is gaining lots of political strenght now.With the stormy or cyclonis weather in BN camps especially in Sabah making DSAI gaining political mileage something serious must be done fast.

DSAI must be killed.Of course he can't be killed as in killing him dead.That will not be good fot the BN.It will attract world attention which might put the BN in a very bad light. There's enough of high profile killing at the moment.Let Altantuya be the last.

So how do you go about it? Kill him politically and his personality.What better weapon can be use if not from the old -school's headmaster's style.


Thats it.Plain and simple. Don't worry if its true or not.
That allegation will have an impact.It will make the world stop for a moment or two.

And it will surely make the Malaysian appetites of gossiping or borak-ing and adding some extra imaginary info ingredients to the said allegation.

We've been through this before.Now everyone in UMNO and BN will use this allegation to kill off DSAI like they tried 10 years ago. And DSAI's men will go into full gear to defend him again.We will see more direct confrontations on the streets.

Someone sms-ed me stating jokingly:

Najib terjun dengan Altantuya nya,biarkan.
Anwar dgn liwatnya,biarkan.
PakLah kekal dengan PMnya,biarkan??

What strikes me now: Can't we Malaysian do away with fitnah politics?
Can't the politicians use plain politics to go againts each other throats?
No,not just BN. The nemesis too.

And I wonder those Muslim Malaysian politicians, don't they ever think of Akhirat?
Apparently not.

Who cares about dosa or pahala anymore.Who cares about the Ultimate Justice anymore.
For them, kubur masing-masing.


Mior Azhar said...

I was in shocked! I'm at loss for words.... these people bring a new meaning to the word evil. And as you said boleh mengaku Melayu Islam lak tu...
Desperate giler depa nih... no words to really describe all these scums...
Dah lah tak berapa kreatif langsung... inilah UMNO... pembela bangsa Melayu.... konon....

drizzter said...

TDM Borek
PL Rintik

Nuff said

tokasid said...

PAk mior:

when I first read the sms I was saying to myself: Another sex accusation?Apa kejadah?Tak dak modal lain ke?

Are they trying to make ppl meluat Anwar or making ppl to hate them more?

tokasid said...

Abe dizzter:

Well put brother.Well put.

At keast they have a common thing don't they?

bisu said...

the federal court overturned anwar's conviction because of a technicality, not because they don't believe sodomy has occurred.

and don't u think its so convenient that anwar suddenly has death threats against him and has informations on IGP and AG's alleged misconduct? this only AFTER a sodomy report was filed against him?

u're right, takkan gomen nak gunakan the same method yang tak berjaya dulu? .....unless there's some basis to it?

tokasid said...


Me,u and many doesn't know the truth.
Many of us who believe or don't are assuming what is right or wrong with the allegations.

Following the previous trial on the sodomy it didn't proof that he did the sodomy act despite the prosecution team changing facts when cornered. And as it was the judiciary of those days where 'influenced' or 'controlled' by certain prominent figures( as exposed by the Lingham case).

Personally I think Anwar see this coming( maybe not with another sodomy accusation)what with him accusing Najib involved in the Mongolian lass death( which I don't think that is true)

I think all these accusations and counter accusations are politically motivated to maintain power and bring each other down.Maybe they have forgotten that they are Muslims.

As for the death threats and info on IGP and AG, maybe there are but most likely its theatrical reactions from him.

May ALLAH give us and them hidayah.

Anonymous said...

Askum Doc & Kawan2....

Yes, it could be true that Umno or BN created this new sodomy could be true also that it might be created by DSA himself or it might be true that it is the real thing that please be open on this issue..jangan because you heard, you read & your assumption on this issue kita pulak yang buat dosa dgn mengatakan yang macam2....Well banyak dah yang kita dengar dulu2 yang kita rasa betui but at the end turn out to be fitnah...jangan pula bila hakim sentence kata DSA salah, kita kata hakim itu ikut kata gomen..dan bila hakim kata DSA menang kita kata hakim tu baguih dan pro kita...mcm ni kalo susah lah.....dan kalau kita berperangai begini ingatlah kawan2 kita, anak2 kita pun akan berperangai begini juga......mungkin juga make sense sebab tanda2 nak kiamat pun dah dekat......
Sham, sorrylah saja nak peringat sama2 kita...dan yang tak elok tuu dari kita/i dan yang baik itu dari Allah....

Wassalam....omaq terengganu..TQ

bisu said...

dear tokasid,

my point was, people automatically assumed that this is just another ploy by BN and therefore dismiss the claim even before it is thoroughly investigated.

are we being fair to the victim here? even before the investigation is half way done, he is being 'character assasinated' already.

anwar has his team of supporters who can do his dirty deeds, but this guy is a nobody and can't make any media statement to defend himself, or his loved ones.

dah matang ke kita?

jaflam said...

Salam Doc,
Our politics is in the saddest state of affair. Everyday they are drowning the State with their antics.

The truth will surface but unfortunately the Rakyat has to suffer throughout the odyssey.

Anonymous said...

ini siri konspirasi yang sangat memalu dan menjijikkan rakyat,bak kata pol pot,mereka lebih hina dari tahi,sebab tahi masih boleh dibuat baja dan ada hasil...yang nyata kita semakin dibodohkan dengan isu2 basi yang kebudak-budakkan,they all expect melayu sensitif isu liwat,kalau isu lain melayu/islam tak kisah,but i hope melayu is getting better and better in term of thinking(meorpestajiwa)

tokasid said...

Wassalam Omaq:

Kita dah alami perkara ini lama dulu.Bila ada high profile figure samada politicians atau org2 terkenal( artis atau ahli perniagaan atau sesiapa yg famous) di tuduh itu dan ini kita dapati org kita secara automatik akan membuat andaian sendiri tertakluk kepada suka atau tidak mereka kepada orang itu.

Jika yg di tuduh tidak kita sukai kita akan bersetuju dgn tuduhan itu.Jika yg tertudah kita suka atau minat kita akan tidak percaya dan kita akan kata dia di aniayai atau di frame dan sebagainya.

dalam hal2 sebegini kita (hampir kesemua kita) ada sifat bias samada kita sedari atau tidak(termasuk aku) bila kita memberi response sepontan terhadap isu2 atau tuduhan. tapi apa bila kita tenang dan kita mahu berfikir tanpa emosi mungkin sikap kita terhadap isu itu akan berubah.

Bagi aku tuduhan meliwat adalah serious.Samada pada 1998 atau 2008.
Waktu itu aku tak tahu samada ianya benar atau tidak.Tapi apabila perbicaraan di jalankan aku nampak banyak sangat ketempangan perbicaraan tersebut. Dengan perubahan waktu dan tempat kejadian dan sikap hakim yang sentiasa tidak relevan sana sini aku jadi musykil terhadap the whole episode. lalu aku buat kesimpulan ini adalah mainan politik semata-mata untuk menjatuhkan dia. Mungkin dia ada isu yg menyebabkan dia di perlakukan begini.Mungkin dia telah memijak banyak kaki ketika naik mendadak di persada politik negara.

terhadap tuduhan 1998, sehingga kini aku tidak tahu samada ianya benar atau fitnah. menuduh liwat adalah tuduhan yg serius dalam Islam.Dan dalam hal ini tiada persaksian nyata melainkan kenyataan dari org2 yg meragukan karektor mereka.

Sekarang pun aku tidak tahu samada benar atau tidak tuduhan itu.Ada yg kata : takkan lah tiada kebenaran jika di tuduh 2 kali dgn tuduhan yg sama. bagi mereka mesti ada sedikit kebenarannya.

tapi itu adalah andaian yg tidak tepat. Sesiapa saya boleh di tuduh meliwat atau membunuh atau merompak atau berzina seribu kali tetapi tidak semestinya dia melakukan itu.

Bagi aku ini hanya mainan politik.
Politik yang melampau dari kedua-dua belah pihak.


tokasid said...


I agree with you for I too at times fall into tat category.I will not deny it.But all the time. I acknowledge what good that had been done by BN but I am critical on certain issues.

But I remembered well in 1998, many UMNO and BN members too assumed Anwar was guilty even before the trial.He was trialed by the MSM and found guilty of the act before he was brought to court. In places in Melaka many makciks and pakciks believed what was written by MSM and what was said on TV.

And repricipocally those who were against Mahathir jump on the opposite bandwagon saying this is all a framed up job.

As for the 'victim' we are not sure if he really is a victim here.In 1998 Azizan was said to be a victim and what a victim he turned out to be.

And can we tell our rakyat not to be sarcastic when things like this happen for they have seen this before and how it was handled and they can't help not believing it at all.

We will not know the truth. We will not the chance to know the truth.For truth in our Malaysian context is who can manipulate their machineries more to convince the rakyat.

Just like I said before, we Muslims ,at times, forgot that we are Muslim.

tokasid said...

Wassalam Dato' J:

You are right brother.It is becoming sickening more and more everyday and at the same time they are pulling the rakyat down with them.

As if politics is the ultimate 'holy grail' in this world.

tokasid said...

Salam meor yusuf pestajiwa:

1- Terima kasih kiriman CD tu. Teman suka both albums. Teman rasa elok kalau Yob bagi sama lagu Yob pada mainstream artiste yang tertentu.

2-Rakyat tidak dapat tidak akan berfikir ini satu konspirasi politik dan aku tak salahkan rakyat jika mereka berfikiran begitu kerana pengalaman yang mereka lalui dan lihat membuat mereka skeptikal.

Org Melayu kalau sanggup buang sikap taksub terhadap parti atau pemimpin akan boleh lebih terbuka.
Teman baru baca tulisan Mufti Perlis semalam dan dia ada sebut hal ini.Sikap taksub membutakan fikiran kritis kita kerana kita sudah menjadi bias.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


just my 2 sens.

this could be a ploy to divert some attention given to the other case that garners public interest. i dont care about whatever cases that may involve political bigwigs. what worries me is fuel-price issue that may die down becos of this.

Anonymous said...

Doc,salam Senin.Yg mengundang persoalan ,bagaimana si pengadu ini begitu mudah dilantik menjadi pegawai khas dipejabat pemimpin tertinggi PKR? Mudah sgt dilantik tanpa screen dahulu ke?Mungkin husnul zan kot tetapi mehnah yg dihadapi suatu ujian yg tak
terduga.Tentang ini saya appreciate PAS .Most of their member dan petugas Parti melalui proses tarbiah menerusi usrah dan tamrin.Macammana agak nya dlm PKR?
Rio Alang Sedayu.

bisu said...

"As for the 'victim' we are not sure if he really is a victim here.In 1998 Azizan was said to be a victim and what a victim he turned out to be"

precisely tokasid, we don't know do we? but why can't we give him the benefit of having his report investigated?

Azizan was not a victim, the court found him to be an accomplice. You see, u don't need to be forced to have anal sex before it became a crime. Itu hanya perlu dibuktikan dalam kes rogol (kalau mangsa berumur lebih dari 16 tahun). Dalam kes liwat, 'perbuatan liwat' itu yang menjadi kesalahan, tak kira ia dilakukan dengan persetujuan atau tidak. Therefore, kalau u consent to the act, even reluctantly (like azizan, a crime has been committed. Oleh kerana azizan yang bagi keterangan, keterangannya tu adalah keterangan rakan sejenayah (accomplice).

Dalam kes budak ni, kita tak tau lagi. Tapi dia dah jadi victim bila orang dah hukum dia tanpa tunggu siasatan selesai.

tokasid said...

Ahmad Kerpomovic:

Diverting attention is very common in our local politics,but this is some serious accusation.Just like when someone else was said to be involved in a murder.

Whether they are involve in murder or sodomy we don't really know and we might not get to know the true truth.But both accusations IF FALSE are acts of killing their political carriers.
If so, we see to what extend ppl go to get what they want.

And don't be suprise ,the survivor will say they do this with for us the rakyat. And many of us will buy it.

You are right my bro...we have more serious things to face everyday.

tokasid said...

Wassalam Rio:

Lewat sarapan tadi saya bergebang dengan teman.Persoalan yg sama kami perbincangkan. Mengapa begitu rapuh yang di sekeliling Anwar bila mencari seorang yang baru untuk masuk inner circle beliau? Adakah kerana alpa di sebabkan kemenangan yang tidak di jangka dan di sangka.

Apa pun bagi saya, bagi org yang akan menjadi sebahagian kegiatan hidup politikus, perlu di semak dan selidiki latar belakang mereka dgn terperinci.Perlu di lihat ada kesetiaan pada parti dan personaliti.

Tetapi apa yg berlaku adalah tapisan yang porous atau tiada tapisan langsung.Entah berapa ramai lagi mole yang ada di dalam PKR.

tokasid said...


Thanks for the extra comment.

Yes, I do not know if this guy( and Azizan too) was a sodomy victim. I do not know if there is sodomy act at all in thiese 2 cases.

If sodomy does occur,then these two guys are victims.But it doesn't happen then Anwar is the victim.

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

As I replied to you comment at my blog, these False Rocks do not even come near to fulfilling the criteria to be a witness. I spit on them, and I spit on their High Priests of Sarkas.

Kata Tak Nak said...

Nampaknya BISU lebih kesiankan budak ini daripada orang yang dituduh. BISU mungkin tak ingat lakonan sarkas yang dilakonkan semasa kes pertama. Pengendalian kes yang cukup bodoh, hakim yang menyekat segala keterangan dengan 'not relevantnya, semua ini menyebabkan ramai tidak percaya. Kalau dalam kes pertama ia dijalankan dengan piawai yang tinggi tidak ada sebab orang nak tak percaya kali ini.

There are always two sides to a coin, depends on which side you want to look at it.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Tokasid
Questions on the top of my head when I heard the news:
1/ If indeed a conspiracy, are those involved stupid enough to use this modus operandi again?
2/ If indeed there were threats on his life, which he had known for sometime, why didn't he file a police report or make this known to the public before Saiful's report?
3/ If they had known Saiful was a mole in PKR, why did Datin Seri Wan Azizah say he was employed without being vetted his background at her press conference after the news broke?
4/ Are the conspirators stupid enough to put a mole that everyone know is a spy?
Questions but no answers!

tokasid said...


In our Malaysian context, a witness is someone who can make sure to testify accordingly to his pay masters.

You are okay for wanting to spit on them.I know of a person who wanted to piss on their graves.

tokasid said...


I think you know which side of the coin Bisu is.

tokasid said...


I thought of that too.And I did make some assumptions.

The conspirator might think they can be better prepared with a similar case now.They might think they have learnt their lessons after the 1998 trials.

From what I heard(hearsay) apparently Anwar had got threats about 2 weeks ago but he refuse to take it seriously so no report was made. He is suppose to announce about his candidancy in a by-election this week and apparently to announce the few BN MPs 'jumping' to PKR.

About taking the guy as in inner circle worker I did discuss with several friends and we find that PKR ppl close to Anwar must have slept a lot.Why no vetting? To get someone working for a leader you must make sure he is a loyal party worker who have stood through thick and thin. Or maybe they are so happy that many wants to join their party esp with the unexpected election windfall in March that they will take in any Tom ,Dick and Harry.

I am sure in UMNO, if a leader wants a PA, he will make sure its someone that he can trust his life with not just any unknown non party member.

If it is a conspiracy,the guy could be a mole and a good mole he is thus far.

But of course, we still don't know the truth.

Things can be more interesting or menyakitkan hati rakyat after this.

One thing is for sure gonna happen: The rakyat will keep on facing a difficult life with the price increase of almost everything.

bisu said...

Kata tak nak,

saya kesiankan orang yang cuba mencari keadilan untuk dirinya tetapi telah dihakimi sebelum dapat ditentukan kebenaran lapurannya.

Memang saya tak kesiankan anwar,like i said before, he has all his supporters, legal eagles, spin doctors etc.. etc to do help him. saya tak perlu kesiankan dia.

He can make appoinments with ambassadors, and stay on until he outstayed his welcome. He can make allegations of death threats and demand guarantee of his safety from the government.

Sapa main sarkas ni?

MANTRA said...

Repeated dramas are so predictable!

Tak bolehke cari fresh ideas? When the drama is so predictable... anti climax je citer tu. Silap haribulan kena booo...

To me personally its so disgusting.. guess what.. whenever i come across a gay guy or come across the S-Word... i cant resist to relate to DSAI... oh no!!!

Kata Tak Nak said...

Kalau tak tau sapa main sarkas di first case, then I shouldn't be engaging you.

ja-anuar said...

Salam Doc,
I strongly believe kalaupun ini sebhgian perancangan BN/UMNO, they have a strong reason for choosing the same modal lagi.. sodomy.. could be depa punya strategy..u know, sesuatu pembohongan tu, bila diulang2 akan nampak seperti benar.. Whatever it is, samaada benar atau tidak, rasanya selagi belum disahkan apa2, Saiful ni lbh baik kita address sbg 'pengadu' rather than mangsa..

KAMATO said...

beberapa teori konspirasi perlu di rungkaikan supaya kebenaran hakiki dapat di tegakkan


salam Dr
kelmarin nonton berita, nampak musa hassan gabra sekali. wajahnya membayangkan seribu masalah.

tokasid said...

Bisu,Mantra,Chegu,Ja-Anuar,Afrar dan Kamato:

Apa yg berlaku sekarang bagi saya adalah memualkan dari kedua belah pihak.

Kita tahu dalam perkara ini ada 'mangsa'nya dan ini yang membuat berbagai spekulasi dan andaian. Yang lebih kepada establishment dan tidak menyukai Anwar akan mengatakan memang Anwar melakukan perbuatan keji. Yang anti-establishment akan mengatakan ini satu konspirasi politik.

bagi saya,tuduhan sebegini (liwat atau penzinaan) memerlukan saksi yang empat sebagaimana di kehendaki Islam.Sesiapa yg menuduh tetapi tidak dapat memberikan saksi boleh di kenakan hukuman Qazaf.
Begitulah beratnya jika membuat pertuduhan liwat atau zina di pandang oleh Islam agar fitnah sebegini tidak berleluasa.

memang dgn sisten kita sekarang kita tidak memerlukan 4 saksi dan kes perlu di buktikan.tetapi kita semua maklum, sistenm perundangan kita penuh cacat cela. yang menuduh dan di tuduh tidak dapat keadilan sepenuhnya apalagi jika mereka yg menuduh atau tertuduh merupakan orang2 yang amat di kenali.

Bagi saya, saya tidak tahu samada Anwar bersalah atau di aniayai. Jika dia tidak mendapat pengadilan di sana,InsyaALLAh dia akan mendapat pengadilan yang paling ADIL di sana nanti.

Jadi saya tidak mahu termasuk dalam golongan yang menuduh orang berzina atau meliwat tanpa bukti. Dosa yang saya ada sekarang pun sudah tidak tertanggung....

Anonymous said...

Salam Doc & Kawan2,
....sapa-sapa yang belum baca komen TDM pasai DSA ..tolong pi blog dia dan baca sekejap.....lepas tu fikiaq sendiri..dan i rasa ramai yang kena betui2 atas kepala dia sendiri..
Kalau masih tak mau percaya juga..tak tau lah aku, manusia2 yang macam nii masih ada kat dunia nii...
Wassalam Sham...omaq TQ

tokasid said...

Salam Omaq:

TQ for the info.Aku dah baca dah tulisan Dr Mahathir tu.

Dalam kes dulu dan kes sekarang aku(dan ramai) yg sebenarnya tidak pasti samada memang ada DSAI meliwat atau tidak.Ini adalah pertuduhan serius.

Dalam perbicaraan dulu kita semua tahu dan tengok bagaimana pihak pendakwa membuat pelbagai perubahan dalam pertuduhan mereka dgn mengubah tempat dan tarikh etc.

Menurut Dr M 10 hakim kata Anwar meliwat Azizan dan Sukma. Tapi kita yg ikuti transkrip perbicaraan tidak pernah di beritahu dgn jelas 'beyond reasonable doubt' yg liwat memang berlaku. Dr M juga telah refuse utk ke mahkamah utk beri keterangan dlm kes ini.

Dalam hal ini, aku tidak nampak bukti yg Dr M mempunyai alasan kukuh.Aku kata bukan kerana aku suka Anwar.Aku nampak dalam hal 1998,Anwar sebagai mangsa.

Dalam hal ini aku lebih yakin jika Anwar dan Saiful dan Dr M dan Azizan dan Sukma, masing-masing tampil untuk membuat sumpah laknat atau mubahalah.

Sebab aku tidak yakin pengadilan dan kehakiman negara kita bebas dari tekanan politik baik semasa zaman Dr M,sekarang atau jika Anwar sendiri jadi PM.


Anonymous said...

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