Sunday, October 12, 2008

Datuk Shah II :controversy

Now this Datuk Shah thingy had become a controversy and exposing the stupidity and idiotic nature of certain groups of leaders in Melaka.

We read in todays news, a statement by CM Ali Rustam: Shah Rukh Khan(SRK) was given the Datukship for his 'effort' in promoting Melaka with his film few years ago which was shot at A Farmosa in Alor Gajah.

Now if that is the reason, what about the other actors and actresses in that particular film? Don't they deserve the datukship too? And the director and producers?

And if you guys remember, Entrapment, starring the legendary Sean Connery and the talented and beautiful catherin Zeta Jones,were shot in Melaka too and that film did well in the box office throuhout the whole world.

This conferment of Datuk to SRK is plain double standard practised by the Melaka state government.

Here are two more conversation that was leaked but not printed by the MSM.

One: a phone conversation between 2 Khans in Mumbai yesterday.

Salman Khan(SK): Helloooo...Shah Rukh. How are you?

SRK: I'm fine. Who is this?

SK: Salman here.

SRK: Salmam? Which Salman? Salmam from Malaysia or Indonesia?

SK: Deiy!! Salman Khan here.Your greatest rival man.

SRK: Ohh...Salman Khan. You my greatest rival? the Malay saying: jauh panggang dari api.

SK: Whats that? Sounds like some menu. Anyway I want to congratulate you with the datuk thing you got from Melaka.

SRK: Oh,thank you.Actually I don't understand all this Datuk thing . And I don't know why I got it. And I don't think I deserve this.

SL: Actually Shah, I think I deserve it more than you do.

SRK: Why?

SL: Look here... few years ago I was the one on stage kissing the cheek of one soon-to-be First Lady of Malaysia.Not you. It was me. So actually I am the one who should get the Datuk title.

SRK: Whats the big deal of kissing some VVIP's wife cheeks? I can kiss more outstanding personalities anywhere. And by kissing here did you contribute anything to Melaka or Malaysia?

SL: Its like this la Shah. When people knew I kiss that lady, I'm sure many foreigners esp from India will want to visit Malaysia with the intention of kissing some Ministers' wives. But now I'm hoping to get a Tan sriship if the VVIP become the next PM of Malaysia. me a Tan Sri and you just a Datuk. Hahaha....I beat you to that.

SRK: Deiy Salman. Don't talk big okay. You see, the [erson who gave me the Datuk is contesting for Deputy President of his party soon. If he wins, he will become the next Deputy PM and he can give me a Tan Sri too. No need for me to kiss some elderly lady who thinks whe is still a teenager.

SL: But you dn't know if he will win or not.right?

SRK: Nothing to worry. Tomorrow I will start shooting a film about his contribution in Melaka and Malaysia.I hpe to rope everything within 2 weeks and will release it in Malaysia by 1st November. This film will make him a clear winner.I know Malysian UMNO will love this guy coz I'm playing him.

Two: New York press conference with Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Press: Mr Connery and Miss Jones. We want your reaction about the Melaka state govt conferring Datukship to the Bollywood hearthrob Shah Rukh Khan.

SC: What about it?

CZJ: Yeah what about it?

Press: The Melaka Chief Minister, Datuk Ali Rustam said, STK was given the title Datuk is for his contribution in promoting Melaka to the world especially India.

SC: How did he do it?

Press: Well the film he made in Melaka was a hit in India so the Melaka CM said it made many Indians visit Melaka.

CZJ: What is a Datuk actually?And are you sure the Indians went there for a tour? I heard they went to Melaka to work in the Nasi Kandar restaurants there.

Press: Its a title given by the govt to certain individuals. But when I look up the English-Malay dictionary it actually meant Grandfather.

SC: Oh, so this Khan made a film in Melaka and he got the Granfather title? I wouldn't want that title even if they beg me. Anyway, Miss Jones, we to made a film in Melaka right?

CZJ: was the Entrapment. I remember Melaka with its filthy river.

Press: So you guys don't feel bad not getting the datuk?

SC: Why should I? I was offered the lordship with the title Sir by Great Britain, and I decline it.

CZJ: Yeah, why should we? And who is this Ali the CM ? I nly know their Primiere the one many Malysian called Sleepy Flip-flop.Whatever that means.

SC: Okay guys,that will be all.

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