Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tough new alcohol laws to stop Sydney violence

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Tough new alcohol laws to stop Sydney violence

In an effort to stem a wave of alcohol-related violence on Sydney's streets, authorities will no longer issue 24-hour liquor licenses and 50 pubs and clubs will be forced to lock-out patrons and serve drinks plastic glasses.

Sydney has seen a spate of "glassings" in recent weeks, where drinkers, male and female, have been smashed in the face with a beer glass, and street brawls which have left police injured.

Authorities say a culture of binge drinking by young men and women is behind the rise in violence.

Australia's most populous state New South Wales, which includes Sydney the nation's biggest city, recorded 21,000 incidents of alcohol-related violence in the past year, with the rate of violent incidents rising seven percent annually.

In announcing the new alcohol laws in Thursday, NSW Premier Nathan Rees said "the people of NSW have had enough of it."

Rees said the new laws were not aimed at "ending the good times," but "stopping drunken behaviour that ends in violence."

"We're serious about tackling alcohol-related violence and will do whatever it takes to make our streets safer. There's nothing more gutless than sticking a glass in someone's face," Rees told reporters.

New liquor licences will only allow an upper limit of 18 hours trading. While 50 pubs and clubs in Sydney and around NSW will be forced to "lock-out" new patrons after 2am, use plastic cups after midnight, restrict drinks bought after midnight, and close alcohol service 30 minutes before closing time.

Sixteen pubs in Sydney's central business district and eastern suburbs are affected, including tourist havens like the Orient Hotel in the Rocks, Scruffy Murphy's on George Street and the Coogee Bay and Bondi hotels.

(Reporting by Michael Perry; Editing by David Fox)

Tokasid: When will KL do the same. Or maybe KL will give more liecenses for 24 hour pub as previously suggested by a minister who is now the Sec-Gen of UMNO( who else if not the 'foot-in-mouth' disesased Tengku Adnan Mansor) to attract more foreign tourists.

Or maybe someone might want say that Sydney is controlled by PAS?


bergen said...

Good entry, doc. Nampaknya orang belah sana dah nampak Islam. Yang belah sini nampaknya makin selaput mata dengan cataract habuan dunia.

Hasbullah Pit said...

Disebabkan ramai sgt org fobia dengan Islam, ianya boleh dilakukan atas nama "moral".

Kata Tak Nak said...

Seperti aku kata dalam sms aku kat hang la. Depa ni semua macam kelawaq yang ada kote kawaq, depa keluaq malam nak langgah menatang haram tu. Depa keluaq malam nak gagau pungkoq pompuan jadi kena la bukak sampai lewat untuk depa pi joli dengan duit kita yang depa curi tu.
Hang pun tak kesian ka kat depa? Biaq la depa bukak sampai pagi.

Mior Azhar said...

Orang putih kata ' hell will freeze over" kalau BN punya government folow suit Sydney punya action.

al-Balingi said...


Info yang cukup bagus ni. Will Islam Hadhari follow suit?? Mana mungkin. Kalu buat mcm Sydney tak 'masyuk' la.

Zabs said...

Salam TA,
Itulah yang SS DrMAZA katakan yang nyata dibiar yang tersembunyi dicari.

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

Maaf tak jawab sms...belum sempat top up :)

Anyway, Guinness-Anchor tahun lepas catat keuntungan lebih rm1b! Sarkas sure kenyang dapat habuan, muka depa nak tarik balik lesen arak?

vesewe said...
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cool man said...
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Boleh said...
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PENDEKAR said...

bagusnyer bagi lesen sampai mati tak payah tutup2, lepas tu jual secara terbuka....tingkatkan keganasan.....suami isteri bercerai berai....

itu kot yang diaorang nak ...

Zawi said...

Doc TA,
If Sydney chose to close their bars, the ausies can always come to Malaysia, an Islamic country where beer and liqour flows all the time.

alcoholism said...

Nice article and great post. The Sydney government has all the powers to protect its people from alcohol related violence.

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