Thursday, February 12, 2009

Salam to all.

We will know when the by-elections of Parlimen Bukit Gantang dan DUN Bukit Selambau in a few days time.

But I'm telling that there is another Bukit which WILL have a by-election too.No,no MP is gonna die soon.InsyaALLAH this MP will live and might be a candidate after the by-election of this Bukit.

And no 'lompat katak' too this time.
So why the by-election? And what Bukit is this?

Its Parlimen Bukit Katil.Melaka.My home address.

The mood in Melaka UMNO as of now is Ali Rustam, their beloved CM is gonna win the Timbalan Presiden seat come June( not March as many will think).AndMelaka UMNO is already getting their election machinery into action.

Datuk Mad Sirat might have to let go his parliamentary seat for his 'sifu' Ali.And if Ali relinquish his DUN Bukit Baru seat,Mat Sirat might be the candidate to replace Ali.

We have had by elections in a Permatang and a Kuala.Soon we'll have elections in most probably 4 Bukits.

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muteaudio said...

Saya rasa takde MP or ADUN BN yg berani letak jawatan skrg ni. Depa mmg cari nahas kalau berani letak jawatan. Dalam ketidak tentuan skrg, parti yg menang majoriti besar pun blh kalah.