Friday, January 19, 2007

Its food time again..for your eyes only

Its been a while since my last entry on food. I hope Morni and Mr Bergen will like this one. The last 2 weeks there is nothing exciting gasronomically except, we had Landak(porcupine) for the first time in our lives at home.
The landak was given by a friend who caught the landak behind a school in Jebatville.( he gave us ayam hutan once) and his wife told us landak is nice as masak lemak cili padi or Kari(Gulai).
So we asked our maid to cook masak lemak cili padi.Initially there were apprehension. As I was at work, Atok and Hafiz tasted it during lunch and both said it tasted like chicken.
Me and Mem took at dinner.The landak meat was soft and the thick skin felt like jelly.
It doesn't taste like chicken at all. It tasted...LANDAK!
But its really delicious. Maybe the next landak will be Kari Landak.
Landak masak lemak cili padi...sedap for a first timer

Landak masak lemak cili padi
Last Sunday me and Mem went to the newly opened Giant in Jebatville. There were not many fishes aroud( due to the Flood) but the Lala caught my eyes. It had been sometime since we ate Lala. So half a kilo of Lala we bought and as usual its Lala masak Air with Onions. Its sooooo sweeeet.
Lala masak air with onions...simply delicious
Last night we had Mee Kari Fishball. Very lemak.
Mee kari fishball- homecooked

Kandungan posting mungkin ada kena mengena atau tidak dengan makhluk yang hidup atau yang telah tiada.Kalau sapa-sapa terasa nak buat macamana kan. Sapa makan cabai melaka dia pedaih laa


bergen said...

My name is in your entry? Wow, what an honor, sir. Thank you. Yes, I like this entry. It makes so hungry. LOL. Keep it up, Tokasid, you are now one of the official foodie blog writers. Evidently you also seem to know where to find good food in around the country, i.e Taiping, Melaka or Sabah. LOL

tokasid said...

Bergen: Sir I know nothing about food( except eating them). Once in a while I might help peel the onions.
Apart from that my knowledge regarding preparation of cooking is a big ZERO. But there are certain foods that I really liked and enjoyed. Most of it I had posted in this blog . Next to come is satay and Laksa Utara.
And I know there are some out there who 'rindu' these local foodstuff.

AuntyN said...

You had LANDAK? Tak pernah dengar yg landak tu boleh dimakan. Ingatkan poisonous atau haram or something.

I surely sound very very outdated.

tokasid said...

Kak AN: Landak is not poisonous and it is halal.
Landak ni makan small insects esp ants and tumbuh2an kecil.
Now thinking bila pula nak boleh dpt pelandok or kijang.
You are not outdated kak AN cuma tak dapat peluang to cook landak saja.