Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Satay dan Pari bakar

Satay...one of my favourite delicacies.And my mem's too.
I like satay daging and perut. Mem likes satay ayam.
There are not many good satay outlets in Jebatville. The only one worth( at least for me and Mem) is Mansor's located in Jalan Tun Perak in Historical City of Jebatville.
After becoming the permanent citizen of Jebatville 17 years ago I was in agony when my palate wants to taste satay.Most of the satay stalls offered either kuah satay'cair' or they are stingy that their satays became satay
About 12 years ago I discovered Mansor and his wife with their satay.He rented a space(tapak) in front of Shukor's Restoran (which is beside Klinik Mawar). Before he came here he had traded his satay elsewhere. He moved to Shukor's because the night crowd was better( actually the clinic's crowd).And most of the patrons will 'Tapau' after enjoying several cucok of satay.

Mansor's satay is sweet and tender be it chicken or beef. His gravy is thick with lots of groundnut in it. I could always drink the gravy or cicah with ketupat nasi or with bread if there are no more satay left.

Satay...while in Primary school I always dream of eating satay everytime going to town. There was a big food court between the Taiping Market and Baazar Melayu in the 6-'s and early 80's. These food court offered variety of delicacies from nasi campur, Mee Combat( thats Mee goreng mamak),mee rebus,mee bandung and lots more. But for me the special items are Satay and Sotong Kangkung. But Bapa is not one who goes out to town at night.What more with 5 kids (during that time)tagging along. He will buy what is needed in pekan koboi Kemunting on his way back from the camp.
So thre was no way for us to have satay in Taiping.
Our only consolation was when Pakcik satay( I don't know his real name) came cycling to our lorong, squeezing his bicycle horn " Phot!Phot!Phot!"
I will run out of the house and wait for him to arrive at our house.He will be somewhere nearby barbecuing his satay and chatting with whoever is buying. And it seemed like a decade for him to finish talking and burning the satay. Most probably I had swallowed several liters of my own saliva before he came with a big smile and asking" Bopa cucuk hang nak nih?"(how many sticks do you want?).
I will tell him 10 cucok. 2 for each of us. If Bapak or Mak had already come home I will asked for maybe 20-30 cucuk. Is not 10 cucuk will be enough with the 50 sen that I kept for 2 weeks of my daily school allowance.
And I will ask for 'kuah lebih' from Pakcik satay which he obliged. He would say" Pi masuk ambik mangkok di dapoq hang".
And the satay bought with my own pocket money was always sedap.
(Sometimes when I only have 5 sen or 10 sen I would go to the house he stopped and bought 1 or 2 cucuk just for myself)
When I was in Std 6, a cousin took me along to Taiping in the evening with his friends after getting their pay. We went to eat satay at the Food court near the Baazar Melayu. He ordered satay daging,satay ayam,satay kambing and satay perut.I was smiling ear to ear when the mamak put the satay plate on our table. My cousin asked if I want mee combat before the satay. No way Jose! That would make me full and only few cucuk of satay. I want to eat satay and satay only that night. I ate about 20 cucuk of satay especially satay daging and satay perut with thick gravy. And ice kacang after that.
That memory of satay feast still lingers in me.
Now I'm wondering where can I get Satay perut in Jebatville...
2nd item: Pari Bakar( Tuka/tuke/baby Pari)
Ni satu lagi yang aku boleh jadi lemah. Tuka/anak pari bakar.Give it to me anytime and I will stop doing anything just to lavish the Tuka Bakar.
Tuka/Tuke/anak Pari Bakar

Kandungan posting mungkin ada kena mengena atau tidak dengan makhluk yang hidup atau yang telah tiada.Kalau sapa-sapa terasa nak buat macamana kan. Sapa makan cabai melaka dia pedaih laa


Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Dear TA,
I remember Mr A Wahid satay in Pontianak Gua Musang...even Pontianak likes satay ,you are not alone.

ngalompakagogo said...

My dear TA, instead of kuah kacang, why dont u try satay with cencalok... hmmm..

tokasid said...

CG: yes I remember Wahid Satay. He was always quarelling with a mamak selling mee rebus if not mistaken. The pontianak in Pontianak Gua Musang makes me giggle but MY as pontianak is something else sir.

Agogo: Cincalok and Satay are not compatible gastronomically.And I think that combination will enhance tooth decay sir. But Iakan bakar can be cicah with cencalok with lots of lime squeezed in. even daging bakar too.