Tuesday, May 20, 2008

To all politicians.


I am sure most of us have known about it by now.
Tun M quits UMNO.
Well ,that is his democratic right to do so.
Is he quiting politics?Don't think so.You see,there's a catch in his statement: He might rejoin after there is a leadership change in UMNO.

So the problem here is between him and Pak Lah. And thats an open secret.The whole world knows about it.And maybe some aliens in Nars or Jupiter or Uranus( haha...not my anus) also knew it.

So what does his latest action have to do with us? Everything!!
This political circus they are playing for us is not entertaining anymore.Not amusing anymore.
In fact its making many of us sick.

Haven't the rakyat made their decisions during the 12th GE on Match 8?
We have choosen the govt at the Federal and State levels.
Can't these politicians understand that simple decision? Why can't they just do their job for us.
Why can't they let the states govern and if there is any mismanagement then argue it in the Dewan negeri or parliament?

But no.They need to politicised everything their opponent do.And they have to vent up ill feelings amongst us.Why?

Because they are crazy. They are the court's jesters. The circus clowns.Most of them.Both from BN and PR.

What are we rakyats to all of you clowns? Are we your political pawns?
And most of you got the guts to say you are doing or saying this and that on our behalf.My foot.

Don't you all have a country to manage? States to run?
Run it well for ALL of us.ALL!! Not just for the Malays.Or Chinese.Or Indians.Or Sabahan.Or Sarawakian?For all Malaysian.

Enough of these politikings.
We are fed-up with your antics. There are many REAL issues affecting us. The rocketing of food prices is the upmost in our hearts.

No more sweet talking us for most of it are lies.Don't tell us to change our lifestyles when most of you will never try changing yours.Have anyone of you ever really go to do the marketing for your household?Do you know what RM50.00 can buy us now?You have no idea.

Tun,if you really want to bug Pak Lah's life,go ahead. Be active again in UMNO and why don't you challenged Pak Lah this December for the presidency?

And now that Shahril Samat gave some hints of a possible re-GE in July...that involves us,the rakyat. And for what? Just to show who is more powerful or influential.You guys doesn't give a damn about us do you?


KAMATO said...

I agreed with u....

sebol said...

Aku nampak ada 2 problem ahli politik.

1. Ahli politik yang tak boleh menerima keputusan rakyat.
seperti Paklah, orang-orang UMNO.

2. Ahli Politik yang suka tambah flavour kepada dunia politik.
Karpal Singh, Anwar

muteaudio said...

Salam doc,
Politicians are just mere mortals, they're no better than us. BUt it seems some of them are acting like thugs. They say they know what the rakyat needs, they r representing the rakyat. Democratic election has it flaws. The politicians r nominated by their respective parties, but the question is...were they nominated by the rakyat in the 1st place? In the election process we were only given the choice of 2 or probably 3 at some areas. So, r these 2 or 3 nominees r the best person to represent the rakyat in that area? I believe there r many more who are better. But then why these people r not nominated?

Some of these people r interested to represent the rakyat but unfortunaely these people r to smart for their own good. They're too smart that some quarters find them a threat to their political ambition. And these people with political ambitions r people with nothing. They can talk, charm mesmerize the rakyat with their verbal promises. But then again, these r just tong kosong. Just like tong kosong, empty promises! But then again, not all politicians r like these, but I believe most of them are.

mOEha Aziz said...

salam doc,

u have put it nicely... they need to just do what eva task they have been responsibled to..

we want to see results not all these silly political games of theirs.. who cares if karpal singh is OKU... he got to live on a pretty gud life.. Kak lily's condition is a real OKU problems that should be focused on..

we need to wake them up!

Kerp (Ph.D) said...


Maybe I should take the cue from you, again.

Coming from a pro-tun I may be bias but he has said it over and over again; current leadership is at its weakest. 5 years down the road and still rmk9 has yet to see any fruit. A PM with too many distractions spells trouble for the country. when will they ever learn? To be a good politician is to always stay on the ground. But no, tau nak tunjuk terror je depan camera in parliament.

And now there’s even a suggestion for a fresh GE. Tu semua bukan pakai duit rakyat jugak ke? Lancau la sharir.

But doc, some credits should be given when it is due. Will put up something I read yesterday within today. Thanks.

*spenda broken? Aku bertahun dah tak pakai seluar kecik…hehehe…lama daahhh…apparently cikgu pon sama…ehehehehehhe

Kata Tak Nak said...

This sandiware by Mahathir macam cerita basi la. Now sudah ada outcry kononnya mau dia stay on. I wouldn't be surprised if Najib sendiri yang akan mengepalai rombongan pujuk Tun.

Untuk apa? Untuk tunjuk yang UMNO masih perlu dia thus putting Pak Lah into a tight corner.

Why semua ni di buat lani? Nak tarik attention from the Commission punya reccomendations?

Apa kah trade-off untuk pujuk dia tarik balik perletakkan jawatan dia? Jangan charge dia?

Kalau semua ini menunjukkan ketidakstabilan politik maka kemungkinannya pelabur cemas dan tak mau labur di sini. Dia peduli ka kalau jadi macam ni?

Dia peduli apa. Dia kaya, anak-anak dia kaya.

Pak Lah peduli ka? Dia peduli apa, dia dan anak menantu dan adik beradik semua kaya.

Depa main sandiwara ni semua untuk depa saja, bukan untuk orang lain, bukan untuk rakyat marhaen.

Tak ada bezanya Mahathir yang zalim tu dengan Pak Lah yang kaki tidoq tu. The universe centres around them.

tokasid said...


TQ.Rasanya ramai jugak yg dah fed-up.

tokasid said...

ada satu lagi iaitu Ahli politik yang menyesal serah kuasa sekarang dah macam gila talak.

tokasid said...


TQ for the additional elaboration.
Will they ever really care about us?

tokasid said...


Ini satu lagi perihal yang sering di 'buta-matakan'...perihal golongan OKU.
Ramai dari mereka melihat OKU sebagai golongan yg dapat memberi political mileage pada mereka.Oleh itu mereka hadir sekejap utk merasmikan sesuatu program golongan OKU. saya tidak tahu, tapi pernahkah ada follo-up dari pemimpin begini selepas mereka selesai merasmikan sesuatu?Muha dan Mariani WL tentu lebih maklum.

tokasid said...


Its okay whatever opinion you want to write.I am just taking the latest development as a subject.

I just want to know when will our politicians start doing their job as required?

They can fight all they want but they can easily put several plates of rice on their table.
we they rakyat on the other hand need to think hard and be very prudent to buy a pack of 5 or 10 kg of rice.We have to think thrice before taking our kids to KFC or Pizza Hut or Nasi Kandaq or Tomyam seafood restaurant or Ikan Bakar in Umbai.

We need to think of the cost(petrol and tol) when we decide to go to KL.We need to review our Astro subscription packages and get the cheapest available.

They on the other hand are fighting to be the Taiko.

And they say that they are doing this for the ralyat!!

tokasid said...


Spot on.
Tun is a master tactcian(or he got good tacticians in his fold)in politics.He is like a chess grandmaster who sees several moves ahead.

I personally think Tun's quiting is for 2 reasons:
1-Put pressure on Pak Lah to let go the leadership to somone else(of Tun's choice most likely.again)
2-Divert media and public's attention away from the Lingham videoclip saga.

With the possible grassroot outcry against Pak Lah will the govt take any action(IF there is a case against Tun) with regards to Linghamgate?

And I still think they don't give a damn about us the rakyat.

Anonymous said...

salam doc,
hmmm...master or not, kita dah lali dengan semua tu kan?

drzeze said...

salam to TA,

dan seperti kata Ibrahim Pendek selepas membaling buah dadu dalam sebuah filem P.Ramlee "Jom kita lihat siapa yang menang!"

tokasid said...


Bukan lali lagi dah...naik meluat dah pun.Melugai meloya....

tokasid said...

Mama zeze:

Saya rasa la kan....yang kena ialah kita sebagai rakyat. Dinosaur sama gajah bertempur, semut merah yang terpenyek.

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

Sobonaynya, den dah beritahu kek orang yang GE akan dibuek mongojut dalam maso 36 bulan. Kalau botul lah Shahril Samat kato gitu, mako botuilah jangkaan Shahrir cakapajo tu ha! lol!

GE13! Ooolala!

Tapi...kemungkinan bosaulah rakyat kali akan mengamuk kalau depa cubo tipu lagi.

jaflam said...

Salam Doc,
Tak ada kerja lain nak menghabiskan duit rakyat. Pada rakyat suruh tingkatkan prestasi kerja, depa sibuk main politik, walhal PRU12 dah habis.

Sibuk berpolitik sampai mati pun lupa !!!!!!

J.T. said...

Sometimes I cannot decide if there is a circus in town and we are constantly being entertained after paying a fee(read:tax) OR we have frustrated animals in the zoo - caged, not enough to "eat" and always being scrutinized by others.

Regardless, some politicians should get their acts together and start doing something good for the country.