Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ajuk A joke in Ijok.

In Tepen(that Taiping pronounced by orang Tepen) for the weekend.
Stop over KL for reunion dinner( later about it.Maybe mokk will write something).CGOPD was there too.

After ngeteh till 3am drove alone to Taiping.Slept at Tg Malim rest area. Had vreakfast in Tapah RnR...lousy food this time. Mihun sup sejuk gedi and tawaq hebiaq.

Arrived at mak's place by 12pm. Saw the newspaper and suprise!Suprise!

Ijok was treated by none other than the legendary MGR.Yes!MGR. What do you mean which MGR? There's only ONE MGR what! What do you mean MGR had long been dead?Biaq betoi hang ni...Hey! I saw his picture in the news paper laa...Siap dengan spek hitam trademark dia tau!Oh really?That's not the real MGR? An impersonator? Wow!!

Don't the Ijok people realise they are being conned? An imposter MGR brought to them by Yem-Ai-Si. What about the candidate? No? Are you sure? Oh..okay the candidate is not an impersonator and not an imposter.At least that real.

Do you know what an impersonator does for a living? Ya lah...dia impersonate orang lain.Like Yusof Chong did on Samy Vellu and Keng Yeik. Ini bahasa Malaysia that is meniru or mengajuk( to copy laa...not kopi). He 'ajuk' the person to be ajukked.

So what the people of Ijok got is :AJUK A joke in IJOK.

Selamat buy-election.Majulah sukan untuk politik.

Kandungan posting mungkin ada kena mengena atau tidak dengan makhluk yang hidup atau yang telah tiada.Kalau sapa-sapa terasa nak buat macamana kan. Sapa makan cabai melaka dia pedaih laa


Kata Tak Nak said...

Sapa cakap Samy Velu tadak guna punya worang? Tengok itu MGR pun saya bole kasi idup.
Ceh, ceh, ceh, ini buy-election kicik punya hal la. Sini jalan kasi turap, sana rumah kasi repair, sikit duit taro dalam itu envelope, panggil itu tipu punya MGR mari nyanyi sudah bole menang apa.

Kalau kalah jugak ini kali betoi2 saya cakap, sumpah, I swear I tell you. saya sini duduk jugak. Saya tamau balik itu putrajaye.

elviza said...

Dearest TA,

I am trying to avoid doing work - so here I am at your blog.

Sinis sungguh posting ini - the MGR bit I meant.

And I heard so much about your famous reunion dinner on friday, how was it then?

Good week ahead of you my friend

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

You been tagged as one of the prominet "Thinking Blogger"
please visit my post for detail .A Ceremony shall be conducted with the presence of many distinguished guests ,ie. in honoring you.
Please deposit RM3000 into my account for the cost.

tokasid said...

Kata tak nak: Wuyoo...che'gu....saya chikit juga ada takut itu Samy Bilu ada bawa itu MGR laa...Saya ada takut kalu yitu Amno bawa itu P.Ramlee kasi mari kalu..ayoyoo...baaanyak shuka saya la che'gu. nanti itu Yem-Si-Yey kasi mari Brus Lee shaya lagi baaanyak shuka.

Ayoyoo...che'gu itu Sami Bilu cakap mao duduk Ijok juga ka? Ammmaa!!Tapi itu dulu ,Lunas juga dia ada cakap itu macam juga laa che'gu.Tapi dia tada duduk Lunas juga. Cheett!! Tipu punya worang juga ini Sami Bilu.

Elviza: yes the dinner was wonderful(not the food but meeting friends). The hilight of the evening was when CGOPD stutters!!

CGOPD: you are the 2nd person to tag me after Fauziah XM. I knew you purposely did this to me.You are still sore bcoz during the reunion dinner more ladies spoke to me. I told you not to stutter didn't I?

I'ii deposit the 3000 soon.In Rupiah ya Pak Gaberrr...

elviza said...

Salam TA,

Listen, CGOPD asked me to take up a case. Errr, hmmm, that is to sue you. How now?

This will raise the much overuse phrase in legal fraternity "conflict of interest"

tokasid said...

Miss elviza:...tell you what.Why not you sue him first for exposing the private letter without permission. After that( many years ahead) he can sue me through you.Or is it you can sue me through him. Or he can sue me and you.What about you and me suing him.! thats a lot of suing to do. But before that,lets swing!

elviza said...

Psssssttttt TA,

kita je lah saman dia.

Perasan betul CGOPD tu kan TA? Dia kata dia glemer (please read comment section of My wariness with TA in his blog).... memang lah dia glemer... tapi siap bagi tau tuh... isk isk isk!

you jangan bagitau sapa2 tau?

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Tokasid
Ijok a joke, it has become a circus of sorts, huh? Once a sleepy hollow, now Ijokians are being entertained on a daily basis until the by-election day.
What's new?

tokasid said...

Elviza:(whisper..)okay lets sue CGOPD.Make sure he doesn't know.But you know he had a computer geek as his interceptor, so he might know sooner or later.
He glamour? Ikan gelama ada la...sesuai dgn tinggal kat Pulau Duyong.

Fauziah XM: yes all these buy-election is not turning into a circus but a zoo.