Friday, April 6, 2007


Banners of BN and DAP on same pole

Its been almost 4 days since nomination day. The campaigns from both both sides are picking up momentum especially in the evening and at night.

In the morning most self employed residents goes into their rubber estates to tap. By 10 am the weather becomes very hot and humidity is high at 80%. The sky is very bright and most people will stay indoor. So it is not a good time for open air group campaign( except at kopitiams) or going out door -to-door.

Today after Friday solat,I drove to Machap Umboo a predominantly Chinese population( it is a new village) with few Malays,Indians and Orang Asli. There are the usual election stuff with flags and banners and posters. After 3 days most of these paraphenalia had decided to lie on the ground. And nobody from BN or DAP are bothered to put them up again.It must be the hot weather .

Along the Alor Gajah -Machap Baru trunk road these election stuff dominates everything.But upon entering Kg Permai Machap Umboo there were fewer flags . There is a programme to be attended by a Minister and the election activities was only near the (not yet completed) dewan Orang Ramai. Few tents with fewer people with loud lagu Asli blarring from the speakers.Just like a Malay wedding.And those in the tents are Malay officials from the govt agencies in Melaka and Alor Gajah. The locals were at home and in the kopitiams.

Kg Permai Machap Umboo
There was a small Lion dance troupe beating the drums away at 2.30 pm in the hot sun! I pity the 2 lions. They must be drenched in the lion costumes. I honesty hope BN paid them well. Hopefully no Pemuda BN in Machap Umboo wants their 'commission'.
Expensive cars kept on coming and most are in Baju Melayu with songkok tinggi.And with name tags too!I don't think they are registered voters here.
Lion Drummer
On my way to Machap Umboo I took the old Machap road via the dam.The sight was a beauty with lots of lotus. Suddenly there was a roadblock. Up ahead the JKR were busy upgrading the road.The smell of tar filled the air.
The road is being returf for 3 km.
From Machap Umboo I went to Macahp Baru. There were hundred of newly 'planted' street lights. The earth at the bottom of these poles are still fresh and red.Maybe 10 days old. And a few class F contractors were busy doing the drains along the road leading to Air Pasir.In fact, the Air Pasir mosque is being tiled now.Yes, now!They had rendered cement for so long and now without requesting for it, the govt decide to tile it up.

Lions waiting for the Minister

Maybe I need to go to the Malay dominant areas tomorrow.Need to see what Pemuda and Puteri is doing in Bukit Bulat,Menggong,Hutan Percha,Pengkalan,Air Pasir and what MIC is doing in Tebong and Kuala Sungga.
One thing I'm sure of.The 'tukang kempen' from outside Melaka is smiling ear to ear. The local residents are upset( a bit).

Kandungan posting mungkin ada kena mengena atau tidak dengan makhluk yang hidup atau yang telah tiada.Kalau sapa-sapa terasa nak buat macamana kan. Sapa makan cabai melaka dia pedaih laa


Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Tokasid
I like the way you report the run-up to the Machap by-election. You've captured somewhat the mood on the ground compared with the straight-forward reporting we read in the papers.
I hope to read more in the coming days.

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Deareasr Ta,
Good reporting,keep it up ,lepas ni hang boleh jadi reporter lak.
Lagu Alan Parson ni tangkap lintok habis....gegar perut dibuatnye.
Masa lagu dulu2 pade tahun 80'an saya masih dibangku sekolah menduduki peperiksaan SRP....sedih ingat sekolah

tokasid said...

Fauziah:InsyaALLAH will go t Machap again Monday and update the happening there.

CGOPD: hat song is also suitable utk orang sakit mata.I'm sorry if it reminded you of the SPR exam which you took 3 times.And still have nightares about it right?

Clark Gable of Pulau Duyong said...

Dear TA,
Mana ade periksa SPR la yang tiga kali tu SPM ,tapi buat hapa kau cakap kat org semua...jaga

Anyway ni pasang lagu dicso era lak ni mesti baru jumpa seluar bell bottom lama kut

mokk said...

Mamat...good reporting,...

Banyak lah puteri berkeliaran...nasib baik aku dah kahwin...kalau tidak aku nak pi jamu mata....ha ha ha

tokasid said...

CGOPD: SPM also 3 times ke? I thought only SPR 3 times. No wonder when U were in Asasi they told me you 'kanak-kanak tua'. I thought bcoz your parents registered you few years after you were born( like orang Asli after 5-6 years baru pergi daftar buat surat beranak).

Yes I just found the Bell bottom which you gave me( becoz dah koyak kat kangkang masa kau pegi disko dulu).You remember kan? Yang pattern kotak-kotak warna merah dan purple tuu....Jgn tak ngaku pulak kau punya.
Kalau tak suka lagu ni aku tukar balik ke lagu You're My Everything nak?Nanti kau tangkap leleh...

Mokk: TQ. Puteri ramai berkelilau kat sini. hang nak beropa orang? Aku hantar pos laju kat samarahan. Kah3