Friday, February 15, 2008

PRU 12: Ugutan telah bermula (Melaka)

It was announced yesterday.The nomination and polling days.
We still do not know who will contest where.

But this doesn't stop the party workers from doing their 'job'.

Yesterday, 14th February 2008 a pharmacist told me a schocking news.
Another pharmacist( lets call her Madam P) called up my friend and told her this:

Tadi ada orang masuk kedai kakak. Dia bagitahu kakak: Dalam kedai ni tak boleh pasang apa-apa bendera atau logo parti pembangkang kecuali bendera Barisan Nasional sahaja.

Madam P was speechless. The fact that a stranger with a BN cap on his head just entered her Pharmacy and gave her a stern instruction made her cowed inside.

This is from a very reliable source and I knew Madam P personally. Initially I wanted to call her to make a police report. But I know she'd prefer to keep it quite and not make a fuss. I can understand that.

I only wish jerks like that man come to my clinic and tell that to me. It will make my day to lecture him and have in recorded in my handphone and make a police report and report to SPR and release the recording on the internet. Oh...BN guys,please come and see me.
Please lah...why BN guys avoided me since PRU 10? Its not fair when you guys visited my neighbouring shops but gave mine a miss.

Tak aci lah macam please BN guys, do come and campaign to me.


bergen said...

It's like a group of samseng kampong walking into a stall by a kuala, taking the pisang and the kuih for free, talking loudly to intimidate a frail looking makcik running the stall not to say no to a lamaran from tok pengulu to marry her daughter.

Never thought this would ever happen in real life. But it does, in Melaka of all the place in the world, the place where it all began.

We're in for an exciting election here, doc. People are gonna come to your clinic, hopefully as patients with broken nose, cracked ribcage, disloged arms and knees, and other injuries commonly associated with impromtou brawl. Someone with a broken nose is as good a patient you can get regardless whether he's from the blue team, or the green team.

In the meantime, stay sharp, doc. Those guys are not quite right in the head.

tokasid said...


Yeah ,they are acting like that. Or like in the Merdeka film movies with Hussain Abu Hassan as the head honcho. Or like Sarip Dol in P.Ramlee's Bujang Lapok series.

Most probably this guys had promised their Ketua cawangan or bahagian that my area is 100% for BN and there will not be any opposition flags in my taman. So before these unwanted opposition flags and banners and buntings come up,he better be pro-active.So he goes around these shops( which incidently 95% owned by Malays and operated by Malays and gave them some 'friendly advice'.

So far in Bukit Katil and Durian Tunggal they don't do the brawl but you never know whats gonna happen this year. But one thing for sure there's gonna be many with pharyngitis and epiglotitis and coughing and food poisoning.

But if the 'patah hidung lika kening' comes then I'll be an instant plastic surgeon.

Am trying to be sharp tho' my reflexes had somewhat slowed down .Still can do the silat pulut stuff a bit...hopefullt it won't become handyy

Zabs said...

Salam Doc. TA,
Sebenarnya mereka dah mula takut dengan bayang mereka sendiri. Mereka hanya berani pada yang tak melawan je.
Tapi tak pasang bendera, tak semestinya tak sokong. Walaupun peti undi transparent, undi kita tetap tak nampakkan? Atau mereka boleh nampak juga?

Kata Tak Nak said...

Apa aku nak suruh hang buat ni memang tak bagoih la, tapi dengan depa memang patut buat. Kalau depa mai klinik hang bagi julap banyak2. Suruh makan 4 kali sehari selama 10 hari, double dose. Biaq padan.

tokasid said...

Pak Zabs:

Agaknya begitu kot pak. Maklumlah ramai rakyat dah terasa perit dengan kenaikan harga barangan asas.

Saya masih ingat pada PRU 9 tahun 1996, pel Frntera saya yang warna hijau penuh dengan bendera dan poster calon bulan memudir dari Masjid Tanah hingga ke Tangkak sehingga membuat 2 orang EXCO Melaka meminta rakan kongsi saya supaya suruh saya slowdown sikit berkempen.

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

Apa pun depa buat Doc, Allah Maha Kaya dan insyAllah mereka akan mencari Doc untuk rawatan selepas tu. Kan terjadi kat Pasir Mas - Pemuda Armno terpaksa diusung kepada TGNA untuk mendapatkan rawatan.

tokasid said...


Kah3...lepaih tu aku kunci pintu bilik ayaq klinik.Tapi kalu depa berteraboq dalam klinik haru jugak aku nanti.LOL!

cakapaje said...

ps. Doc, I minta izin ambil 'pangkah PAS' ye.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Tokasid
I was surrounded once by the so-called hulubalangs when I asked too many questions during a ceramah that moved from outside to inside the house as it was past midnight.
I remembered it was my first election as a reporter. I had gone home to check out the campaigning there.
It didn't frightened me but it marred my impression of that particular party. They took upon themselves to be like samseng.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

I swear it would be a wonderful thing to blog about if them bee-anne blokes came over to your clinic.

mcm cikgu nazir cakap, memang tak elok la suggestion aku ni. but kalo diorang datang nak mintak ubat demam, you sedate them and do a breast implant. how about 38c?

hehehehehe... saje berseloroh. need to chill you guys down. Shah dah restless tu ha...

ZLAA said...

Selamat berkempen dan mengundi Doc.

waterlily said...

Salam Doc TA,
Tiket bas naik juga. Balik Perak dah RM12. Dulu RM9 aje. Ish..ish. Itu harga OKU. Harga bukan OKU lagi berganda-ganda. Saya sangat marah ni. Balik Kedah lagi berganda laaa.

Mior Azhar said...
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Mior Azhar said...

Salam Doc:
Macam gengster filem hindustan --- berani pada yang takut... bodoh ker apa? Like Pak Zabs correctly pointed out, these people are afraid... very afraid.

tokasid said...


Boleh saja. Amek dan sebarkan kat kawan2 pun tak pa. kalau depa betul2 pangkah PAS lagi baik.LOL!

tokasid said...


That experienced can be very unnerving. Party workers(any party for that matter) shouldn't act like samseng and intimidate others.

They must convince people with what they can offer not only about development but also towards improving human values and justice( without the double standard treatment).

tokasid said...


I am still waiting for them to make their rounds. And I am praying hard they will pay me a visit.

Breast implant...hmmm....maybe to Puteri kot. pemuda maybe I can re-circumcise kot? LOL!

tokasid said...


Terima kasih.Jadi zlaa mengundi pos atau tidak mengundi?Nice blog U have and that clip is good.

tokasid said...

Mariani WL:

Teket bas dah naik? memang dah agak pun. Apa kata sis jumpa orang BN dan kata saya perlu tiket utk balik mengundi. Mesti depa kelamkabut bagi punya. kalau nak tiket plane pun silap haribulan depa bagi. habaq kat depa : saya nak undi dato' 'bocoq' mulut celupaq.

Take care.

tokasid said...

Pak mior:

Betoi tu...macam gengster .
saya dalam proses mengumpul jenis-jenis ugutan yg akan mereka gunakan dan janji manis yg akan di taburkan di Melaka.