Thursday, February 21, 2008

Funduscopy Pilihanraya: Pergolakan di Melaka

(Updates:1- This morning while having breakfast, a UMNO friend told me that the 3 bilik gerakan in Telok Mas were re-opened. The price? RM one thousand per bilik gerakan. Muraj sangat prinsip di telok Mas.(mesti YB yang kena dropped lagi bengang sebab anak buah kena beli balik).
2- As for Durian Tunggal till now none of the 10 bilik gerakan re-open. And at a main junction near DT masjid, there is a banner which says: Selamat 1 orang KM korbankan 8000 orang.
If its still there I'll take the photo of that banner and post it here)

When the mainstream media exposed and claimed that there were problems in DAP especially in Penang and Perak certain BN leaders said that how can DAP wrest power and rule when its own(DAP) house is in disoder.

And the media overkill of the so called DAP problem does have its effect on the Barisan Alternatif's image and capability.

Is the BN really stable? Isn't there any internal bickering in BN or UMNO? If you read the mainstream news and you only watch the local TV you'd say that there is nothing wrong in BN. Everything is calm.

But I am sceptical about this matter. There is and underground war going on in Penang Gerakan with Dr Koh's decision to go national and become a federal minister.

And as I have mentioned in my last posting, there is very little activity in BN's bilik gerakan in Bukit Katil and Durian Tunggal,Melaka.

This morning I got my answer.

This morning a young man came to see me. He is an UMNO member. He looks tired and haggard.Apparently he and a group of UMNO members from DUN DT went to see Ali Rustam last night at 11.00pm.They waited till 3 am before Ali came back(from a Chap Goh Mei festival).
There was also another group from Jasin UMNO.

When Ali announced the list of candidates for melaka BN, a few names that was in the list given to Ali(by the respective bahagians) were not picked. In Duran Tunggal for example, 3 names were given(there were voted during the Bahagian meeting), one was the incumbent Datuk Hamden, another was Datok Kadir(ex YB for DT) and the 3rd one is a newcomer but well known(not necessary liked)in DT En Ismail ,the penghulu. Of these 3 names the penghulu is the favourite. But when Ali announced, all three were not picked but a person by the name of Wahab who was from Sri Pengkalan UMNO.

On top of that, a newcomer for DUN Rembia is from Wanita UMNO who also happen to be the chief for Sri Pengkalan UMNO branch. 2 candidate from 1 cawangan.

This disgrunted group was whisked off by Ali. Now these gropu are very upset the way Ali treated them. As of this morning they have closed down all 10 bilik gerakan UMNO in DUN Durian Tunggal. I passed by 2 bilik gerakan and it really were closed. Some were padlocked.

This guy said, they might open back if one of the names submitted is choosen or if they are paid RM10k for each bilik gerakan( they will open it but not necessary will be active).

With this development most probably there will be less BN flags or banners and bunting in DT. In pekan DT, PAS had few flags on but no BN flags yet.

Only PAS flag in Pekan DT
tokasid Nokia

In another similar development, Parlimen Bukit Katil will have a newcomer too. YB Prof Dr Ruddin had been dropped after 1 term. And he was the Parliamentary secretary of a ministry!
But we saw it coming t him since he won the last GE. After a year or so, his wife who was TNB's boss in Melaka was transfered to the Klang Valley after there was some 'problems' with some new factories. Ali had intervined to 'settle' the problem and Ali had criticised TNB Melaka. So the Datin got her transfer 24 hours notice.

Ironically, it was Ali who brought back Ruddin from UTM to form KUTKM which was recently upgraded into a university and renamed UTeM. During the last GE Ruddin stood as a candidate(even Ali wasn't happy about that for they had apolitical fall-out when it was said Ruddin became too ambitious in politics) and won. They were childhood friends for the came from the same kampong,kg Bukit Katil. from then onwards (and the wife's transfer) Ruddin political life dwindled. His local programmes was not well received by local UMNO( some said because of Ali's directions, wallahu'alam). Finally Ruddin met his fate yesterday. I am wondering what will he do now? He quit university life to be a politician but that too is shortlived.

And interesting part of this drama,Ali picked up his most loyal man Mat Sirat as the candidate. Mat Sirat was Ali's polsec for many years. He was appointed as the Mayor( before datuk Zaini) which caused a lot of hoo-haa in Melaka. It was during his tenure as the mayor that DAP alleged the MBMB wasted of public funds. And there were lots of noise on how could Mat Sirat 'bought' a piece of expensive plot in Melaka Perdana and built a huge bungalow.

Bilik gerakan BN di tutup
tokasid Nokia

I am hearing more news in Melaka but I have to verify before writing it up.
Now we know all is not well with BN in Melaka.

And another one
tokasid Nokia

Kandungan posting mungkin ada kena mengena atau tidak dengan makhluk yang hidup atau yang telah tiada.Kalau sapa-sapa terasa nak buat macamana kan. Sapa makan cabai melaka dia pedaih laa


Kata Tak Nak said...

Kalau dah dasar jerung, apa lagi, asyik nak pelahap saja la. These people are waiting for money. The new candidates have to get money to open up the bilik gerakan. In comes Ah Chong with the money. These stupid Malays then owe Ah Chong a huge debt of gratitude payable only by giving them contracts and Malay reserve lands.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Tokasid
It's pretty normal all these rumblings on the ground but from my own experience past and present, I find there are more rumblings now both in the ruling party and Opposition.
It makes all the more interesting but I'm hoping we can all sustain until polling day.
Some of my guys are ready to drop, having to work days at a stretch and longer hours since the dissolution of Parliament.
Penat. Sungguh.

bergen said...

When there's no more support from the ground...
When people the count on are not there to give 'em a hand...

Time to rig the votes.
Time to bring in undi pos.
Time to do the thing they've always done to win.

Let's hope the old trick will be blown wide open...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

this was a first-hand story told to you, doc. could it be the end for UMNo Melaka for at least another 4 years? even usop is gone.

tokasid said...


I've seen this type of reactions before here but not to the extend of closing 10 bilik gerakan simultineously. And after I wrote this last night TV news showed that in Telok Mas DUN( where I will cast my votes) disgrunted BN workers closed 3 main bilik gerakan manned by UMNO.And they removed the flags and buntings because the incumbent was dropped.

But, I am sure these bilik gerakans will be open again when the money starts to flow in.

As from where these money come from, maybe fellow blogger mokk have a juicier story to tell.

tokasid said...


I agree there are similar problems on both sides of the fence. But in the BN camp, their personal stake is very high is an incumbent is dropped.

And this time around(in Melaka) the BN workers do really close the builik gerakan. IN DUN DT all 10 bilik gerakan from UMNO were closed and in Telok Mas the 3 UMNO bilik gerakan too. In Brisu 2 were closed. IN Jasin few MCA members staged a picket.

What I noticed, Ali is not in full control as he likes to think. Being a CM for so many years and a Naib Presidentship too, these type of actions esp by UMNO members is not what Ali like to face in the eve of nomination day.

I pity your guys, but thats what they get every 4-5 years. They should see how housemen work especially in the labour rooms then.Penat.Sungguh.

tokasid said...


What is happening might be a temporary setback to them but when the juice starts to flow in the bilik gerakan will be swarmed like a beehive.As the 'elaun pasang poster', elaun panjat tiang and what ever other allowances exchange hands these disgrunted workers will forget the fate of their incumbents or aspiring calons. They will root their 'support' to the newcomers(and soon-to-be YB) like they have known him/her all their lives.And the unselected hpefuls will lick their wounds alone at home or maybe to Jakarta.

The rigging and undi pos will always be there to assist them,without fail.Thats their trump card.

tokasid said...


No,this will not be the end of UMNO in Melaka or antwhere else. These are only temporary setbacks.Just a hiccup.When the fulus masuk poket...semua kerja boleh lancar semula.

Usop is to 'kahaw' and seen as a liability to BN this time around. They replaced him with Datuk Capt Ahmad, Ghaffar baba's SIL who was an EXCO for several terms now.

Zabs said...

Salam Doc.,
Bukan di Melaka je kot macam tu. Di banyak negeri, seperti Perlis, Kedah dan Johor pun gitu. Kalau ramai calon baru di pilih, yang dah tersingkir tu pun masih ramai penyokong.
Bila fulus dah terhenti, kerja pun turut sama berhenti.
Tetapi seperti kita sedia maklum,bila fulus datang menjengok semula, bukan sepuluh, 20 bilik gerakan pun boleh dibuka, tak gitu Doc.?

drzeze said...

salam to TA,
Thanks for your info regarding Ku.Tak yah jadi special branch noo..dah boleh siasat dia dok tang mana noo.

tokasid said...

Pak Zabs:

Tepat sekali.
pagi tadi ketika bersarap dgn kawan2, kawan dari UMNo beritahu bilik gerakan di Telok Mas telah di buka selepas di beri seribu( lupa nak tanya seribu seorang atau seribu utk satu bilik gerakan).

Murahnya pendirian mereka.

tokasid said...

Mama drzeze:

kah3...tu lah akibat banyak sangat tengok CSI dan Law & Order gamaknya.

KakAinon@Besut said...

Asmk TA
Seronok dapat baca 1st hand updates/postings on the election stories from TA. Look forward to lots (and lots) more of the juicy postings during this PR period. Heesh, your PR 2004 experience is also scary. TA tak jadi bertanding ke lepas tu?

Wish I could pass some real stories from my kampong, Besut. Unfortunately, since I pun baru gak balik kampong (barely 2 years), my movement @ Kg Raja is quite limiteds. Wish I can just “lepak” at some of the Kedai Kopi (a good source of updates, I reckon), but wont be so nice.

Anyway, yesterday (Thurs), ada official opening of a Pusat Kesenian by Idris Jusoh in Kg Raja. Rais Yatim was supposed to come down, but finally only his reps turned up. As expected, it was a BN campaign session. Idris had a gala time bashing at PAS manifesto. Each bashing (point) was followed by drum rolls (compliments from the Dikir-Barat performers). Macam budak2. Though TGG was the 1st state to announce its candidates, I’m sure there are lots of unhappy fellas when comes to this “dropping” business. Chatting with my neighbour (he sounds like a BN supporter, so rasa2nya ada betul lah cerita ni), he said a new BN candidate (kalau ta’ salah nama dia Fahmi??), initially meant for Parliament Besut, but had to be dropped at the last hour to make way for the incumbent Datuk Dr Abdullah Mohd Zain who still wants to contest. Seems he/supporters retaliated by pulling down BN flags at small town Alor Lintah (which is under Jerteh constituency and that is Idris’s area). I guess as a damage control, he was slotted for DUN Kota Putra (ie Kg Raja). So, ada orang lain pulak yang tak happy kan? Agaknya bendera2 BN yg banyak “jatuh” kat Dungun hari tu dibuat oleh orang BN sendiri? If so, a real bonus lah for the Oppositions!

tokasid said...

Kak Ainon:

I think by now damage control is being done ASAP. I think they didn't expect these actions at a large scale and so many bahagians and cawangans.

BN trengganu on the surface looks calm but for the past 1 1/2 years almost everybody knew there is a gelombang(biru lagi ke?) within UMNO there. We've heard that several bahagian esp Marang were having problems between the YB DUN and YB Parliament.
Some of the senior leaders dropped were said to be a threat to Idris( thats most likely why they were kicked out to put it politely.The fact is their political carriers were killed).

Aha...that is why this Kota Putera candidate was named a day later. All is not well. This bickering in Trengganu can and might cause BN voters going to vote for PAS again like 1999,insyaALLAH.

ms hart said...

Tokasid, oh well...we knew it aaaaallllll along!!!

blackpurple @ jowopinter said...

Salam doc.

Itulah cara mereka..... Di Shah Alam, berhampiran tempat tinggal saya ini puak-puak mereka yang satu lagi mempertikaikan pencalonan Datuk Ajis Sudin itu...Sebab ambil orang luar. Macam-macam... Datuk ZAKARia Derus tak tercalon tapi diganti anak menantu, serupaLAH kalau macam itu. :D

Saya teringin sangat tengok UMNO 'bungkus' di Melaka, juga di negeri-negeri lain juga.

tokasid said...

ms hart:

hah3...tau tak pa.
Tapi kat ujong pasir tu pekat kelat sungguh..

tokasid said...

Wak pinter:

dari sahabat2 di Kelantan dan Trengganu pun cerita yang sama.malah di Kelantan ada 2-3 calon yang claim tak tahu menahu mereka akan jadi calon tup=tup nama naik.dah tu di kawasan kuat PAS pulak tu...mana dia tak kelam kabut.

Melaka di terpaksa kami akui amat sukar kerana karat dari zaman hang Tuah tak terlekang walau bermacam cara halal yang di gunakan.

mereka umpama katak di bawah gelas.nampak dunia berubah dan nampak apa yang membusuk dalam BN tetapi tak kuasa dan tak berani buat perubahan.

melaka dan jahor lebih kurang saja Wak.

Mat Salo said...

Baru sempat nak komen bro.. banyak masa'alah pengeboran diatas kapal :(

Great, first-hand first person reportage Doc! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Salam Doc,

Mu keno gi tengok kat Ganu dan Kodah jugo! Perkaro yang samo dilapurkang kat sano tu...oghang ameno ni, samo cam oghang utang! - ayeh

Mior Azhar said...

I just got back from kampung in Perak. Same thing there as well. Its always the case with UMNO lar... prior to nominations day always their house in shambles... sebab calun pilihan hati tak naik nama... makanya berbas2 ler sampai kat depan rumah MB --- sebagai tanda protes. But never fear... these people are cheap. Trust me, in two days time they will forget and forgive and will be in the forefront campaining for the BN candidates walaupun calun yang ada adalah bukan pilihan hati dari UMNO (team lain), atau seorang Cina dari MCA, atau seorang India dari MIC atau hatta seekor katak sekalipun. Janji wakil dacing.The power of RM.

tokasid said...

Pak MS:

InsyaALLAH will do the reports esp for you yang nun jauh di sana.

tokasid said...


You are right.
Tapi untuk duit apa pun boleh berlaku.
Hari ni semua bilik gerakan BN telah di buka semula setelah mendapat 'habuan' masing2.Tinggallah calon2 yg di reject terkonteng-konteng keseorangan megenang nasib yang 'malang'.

tokasid said...

Pak Mior:

Aku bile mikior negeri Perak ni memang rasa terkilan.
PRU 11 bagi Bkt Gantang( tempat mak dan adik2 mgundi)Tahun ni bagi Grik pulak(kg mak mentua).

Idak le teman paham ngape tajul morah hati bebenor. Patutnye org Gerik ngajor sikit bior pembangkang menang kali ni...baru le Tajul tahu jgn buat main-main org perok ni.
tapi macam kite semua maklum...mane le org Gerik berani nak ngundi pembangkang.Idak gitu yob!

Anonymous said...

Pukimak Ali Rustam!
Pukimak Ruddin!

Anonymous said...

Padan muka Ruddin pukimak!
Allah yang maha besar telah memberi pengajaran yang sewajarnya kepada Ruddin!

Anonymous said...

just stopping by to say hey