Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Keagungan Tuhan.

Insaflah wahai manusia
Jika diri mu bernoda
Dunia hanya naugan
Tuk makhluk ciptaan Tuhan

Masih terngiar-ngiar di telinga kelunakan penyanyi D'lloyd, Syamsuar Hashim(Sam) ketika mendendangkan lagu Keagungan Tuhan.
Waktu itu pada pertengahan 70-an.

Lagu ini antara lagu berunsur dakwah yang aku minati selain Selimut Puteh.

Di sini aku kongsikan bersama clip Keagungan Tuhan yang di nyanyikan oleh penyanyi lain tapi masih tetap menarik.


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

i prefer their other hit song, which i cant remember the title. perhaps you could help me here?

aku respek penyanyi2 indon zaman2 dulu sebab bersungguh sungguh mempertengahkan lagu2 yang berunsur dakwah, bukan setakat ikut trend je. selain dari D'llyod, raja dangdut terkenal Rhoma irama satu nama yang wajib sebut.

sekarang ni ada band Ungu. melodi yang sedap can work as a tool in getting the good words across. rasanya setiap ahli kumpulan dia dapat 1 pahala bila lagu diorang masuk ke telinga 1 pendengar, bayangkan berjuta yang dengar. insyaAllah.

de_kerinchi said...

salam saudara dr. tokasid,

alamak ni lagu nostalgia...memang saya minat...kena dengan jiwa melayu...

Kata Tak Nak said...

Aku tertarik dengan kata2 de kerinci
"kena dengan jiwa Melayu" tepat sekali.

Salah satu lagu kegemaran aku dolu2 masa di Kelantan.

tokasid said...


D'lloyd was really the in-thing during those years. They have lots of hits. Among others Oh Di Mana.

Rhoma Irama was famous too. I liked the song which was basically a direct translation of Qulhuwallahu ahad.(ubfortunately despite hunting in record shops all over and the net I can't find that song anymore.

Yes,Ungu(the guys from a pasentren in Jogjakarta) is one to watch.I remember you telling me and Shah during our get together.

Dakwah, apart from the usual kuliah and ceramah and usrah can be done via songs and music.
Yusuf Islam,Sami Yusuf,Ungu ,Wak Rhoma had proven it. Kopratsa and Ramli Sarip and M.Nasir did a few songs in that vein.The various nasyid groups too and the have a wide followers.

tokasid said...

Saudara de_kerinchi:

many might not notice. D'lloyd and Mercy actually is in the Pop Melayu Genre in Indonesia.Favourite group and Koes Plus is more towards Pop Indonesia.

Present group Radja is a Pop Melayu group.

tokasid said...


If you like try to look for Koes Brothers and Koes Plus in the net or imeem. Their songs are really good.And their senikata is really dakwah. They were sezaman with D'lloyd,Mercy and Favourite group.

tokasid said...


Kena dgn jiwa Melayu.Yes. Coz D'lloyd is Pop Melayu group.

In the 70s,sapa yg tak tau lagu D'lloyd macam zaman la ni anak-anak muda tak tau lagu Mak Aji Siti Norhaliza lah kot.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

thanks doc. although admittedly first time me to hear its name, Koes Brothers. will check them out.

since i'm not much into the latest indo-pop craze, Ungu is the most i'd dig. its really amazing to learn their frontman was a champion Qari in a musabaqah.

bergen said...

Sam defined D'llyod, the way Steve Perry defined Journey, Peter Cetera/Chicago, Salim/Iklim, Alex/Guns n Roses, and the rest of the singers whose voice linked them to the band. Sam stayed with D'lloyd to the end.

It's a good song. Well written and delivered in a simple, crisp manner only Sam could have done it. Wish Salim could have stayed clean for him to give us the pleasure of his voice.

Thank you for the clip, doc. You have a nice holiday now. Not going to Taiping, are you? I will be in Taiping next two weeks.

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

MasyAllah! Thank you, Doc :) Dah memang lama benar tak dengar. If I'm not mistaken, this was in 1975-76. Does not matter if its not D'lloyd, so long as the song and lyrics are the same. And the introduction sajak, masyAllah again! Thanks Doc :)

ps. pinjam ye :) Oops! Takleh pinjam...ambil.

tokasid said...

Koeswas introduced by a friend who studied in Jakarta in the 70s.

Hopefully Ungu's popularity doesn't go over their heads. If you must know,Jamal was also a qari in Perak.

tokasid said...


Sam is D'lloyd and D'lloyd is Sam.Period.

It was unfortunate that Saleem went into the pits several times.Same goes to Jamal.

Not gonna go back yaiping this CNY.Can't tolerate the traffic crawl esp the Rawang-Bidor stretch with one lane functioning. Maybe late February before the school hols.
You gonna be in Taiping for a a couple of weeks? Be ready for the daily evening pour. Don't forget the cendols. And if you dig for kerabu, yiu can get fresh paku rawan at Kamunting Pasar Minggu( Saturday afternoon after 5pm or the Sunday morning.Its ner the Kamunting medan selera-wet market)The Taiping Lake garden would be a nice place if it doesn't rain. Do have a nice stay.

tokasid said...


I found that clip and D'lloyd's clip few months ago and kept at my Yu Tube playlist.Todays saja cek the list and noticed.

Hah3..ambil saja bro.My next clip might be Iwan Fals.

Mior Azhar said...

Salam Doc,
Are they still around? They are without doubt THE band for me. As far as I can remember, I enjoy their songs more than BDB and Discovery then... until Alleycats came into the picture.
Thanks, Doc.
(err I still could not find the venue of Toto's concert - maybe I'll drive around during the holidays.)

ms hart said...

Salam Tokasid,

Am here for the 1st time. Dok tengok nama Tokasid kat those blogs yang famous-famous..ha ha ...then ternampak somewhere, doctor kat Melaka? eh, tempat kita tu. Sekali dah baca-baca, dah tenung-tenung, laaa.....i know you lah, doc! I mean we, my hubby and i, DO know you! Our better half ni asal kampung sama. I pulak junior Mrs TA kat sekolah. We all dok admire rumah you, doctor!!! Lawonya...and dok cerita pasal anak you...pandainya....Oh, in fact, you were the one who came to check my arwah father in law on the nite of 1st Raya a few years back, kat rumah kampung hubby (and kampung Mrs TA). We still can't thank you enough! Anyway, glad to have found orang 'sekampung' in this wonderful blogland! Salam to Mrs TA!

tokasid said...

Pak Mior:

D'lloyd per se is not active anymore and if I'm not mistaken Van Bartje dah meninggal. They do have D'lloyd Junior few years back but am not sure if they are active anymore.
Sam is still singing tapi tak tahu ada album baru ke tak.Kalau ada pun album tu tak sampai sini lah.

As for Malaysia and Singapore bands, my fav were BDB,Kembara and Sweet Charity.Alleycats was in my list until the album which contain Kerana Kau.Lepas tu dah tak follow.

As for TOTO's venue nanti I tgk kat blog Bro MS

tokasid said...

Ms hart:

Thank you for visiting. Famous? Heh3...tak lah sangat. Tapi the previous 2 GE memang lah famous sebab kena follow dengan SB and di kutuk oleh penjilat-penjilat pemerintah.

Ah...I remember your hubby. That night was like 8-9 years ago kot. I remember. Semua yang balik Raya to UP was there.And I remember your hubby introduced you to me and told you and Mrs TA were from the same school.

I rarely visited UP now.My in-laws are staying with me for the past several years kat Bkt Katil.Its easier for all of us.But during Hari Raya or kenduri kendara I do go to UP.Sirratulrahmi kena maintain jugak dgn UP.

I'm gonna put you on my blogroll, boleh?

My salam to your hubby.

ms hart said...


Ah..doctors have good memory!! ha ha..My humble abode on your blogroll? It's an honour! Tq. 'Boss' I pun dah suruh I link your Ikan Pekasam, so that dia senang nak baca! Hmm...typical 'boss' eh? Semua nak siap-siap depan mata!!! Manja!!! ha ha ha