Wednesday, March 26, 2008


New MB Trengganu: Ahmad Said

Salam to all.

SirTopa e-mail another write up about the Trengganu saga.
This piece gives us some insight of Ahmad Said and why he dared go against Pok Loh Jing's favour for Derih.

Enjoy the reading.


By SirTopa

I come from Kijal and by that virtue ,the right to tell of this person by the name of AHMAD SAID is all mine .As for all of you ,take your sit as the fight shall start soon.Its going to be an interesting fight as in blue corner we have all the giants of UMNO vying for his blood and he is the underdog (Tumpang lalu BigDog!!),in this one sided match.

Nevertheless this is the best fighter Terengganu people has to offer with full blessing of our dear Tuanku Sultan Mizan. He carry all the aspiration of Terengganu people on his tiny shoulder.

We ,the Terengganu people ,though small in number,little in possession and unpolished in presentation would swim float or sink with him as this man is not a 'penderhaka' to our Sultan for sure.For this we take a great pride in him ,cheer him up and I for one would not go fishing today as I been given the honour of holding the pail for him to spit on from his bloody mouth should the match extended to 15 rounds.

Before you place your bet its best that you know that this small boxer Dato' Rais Yatim described ,
"shall fall like 'buah nangka buruk" is far from it.
Fall shall he not be.... the people of Terengganu shall glorify him as the man who stand again the tide for us.If Dutch people has a boy who saved the city by plugging his thumb in the hole,this hero in Ahmad Said shall be remembered as the man who plugged the hole of our treasury from the raiders fr the fourth floor whoever they might be.PakLah!! Can you hear this??

Ahmad Said by any form of measure wouldn't qualify as person of high civil and docile disposition nor does he presented himself as enlighten religious figure that would put people in awe in his presence.A medium height in presentation and of a feature that certainly wouldn't launch a thousand perahu in this part of fishing village in Terengganu.
On a first look he could have passed of as any average good looking fisherman in Kijal but this is a certainly a good outlook to fool his enemy.His uppercut is the worst ,be forewarned,as his many enemy would attest to, especially so when the swing start from lower gravity angle that would leave many of his opponent knock-out silly on the first round itself.

One thing I am very sure of,he never back off from any fight ,to him matter not your weight division is ,what matter is, he would like to put his opponent to sleep.That s why people are clamouring to see his fight.
He had stepped on many toes whilst carrying out his duty and to his enemy he is so called by Terengganuan as 'orang tak leh wak kira' loose translation as someone who does not go by the book or someone you cant count on whatever way it means.

His first came to prominence in the day when Dr Mahathir had Tan Sri Eric Chia as blue-eye-boy playing the role of lordship in his small kingdom of Perwaja in Kemaman.No one dare to go against EC as to do so would certainly bring the wrath of Khan in the form of Dr Mahathir himself.
Dr Mahathir spent the night in Perwaja refurbished cabin on his state visit of Terengganu rather than official state home .So much trust were given to EC that no other voice mattered to him.It would be unthinkable to anyone to step on Lord EC's toes then, as his mere whining would cascade into loud crusendo that would certainly cause much displeasure to Dr Mahathir.You wouldnt want to wake him up ,would you? And this EC was certainly a cry baby that would whine at a drop of a hat.He knew Dr Mahathir would order to change the maid should he find this particular baby had a simple rash for want the change of diaper so to speak.Such was EC domain and audicity.

Stepped on Lord EricChia's toe he certainly did!!He did it with a bulldozer for sheer completeness.

The reason being that,TEC had built houses without any approval from Majlis Perbandaran helmed by this tiny boxer of ours in red corner ie.Ahmad Said.Tan Sri built things so ridiculously dangerous and nobody dare to do anything about it.Drains were built on the electric cable tracts without any care to the danger it would pose to future occupants, all with the mantra that things need to been done urgently and Tan Sri cant stand the beurocracy ribbons that the Pembandaran posed to them.

On hindsight none of that was true,it was done in hurry much like a robbers running away from the scene of the real great hurry!! Tan Sri EC had certainly robbed the people of Terengganu,the last I heard even the Penyu hadn't stopped crying.

He ordered the house bulldozed as it deemed dangerous .Apparently the bulldozer sound was heard in far off room in KL during cabinet meeting in KL .Dr Mahathir asked ,"Who is this Ahmad Said of Kemaman?".Apparently DSAI fended him on that day ...this is the same small fighter that you see now standing on red corner with an oversize short.

He is a big fan of bulldozer this Ahmad Said.In Kijal we seldom see bulldozer as development was quite rare in this small corner of Ganu. The first bulldozer he saw as a child fifty odd years ago, must have left large impression on him .
He was famous for bulldozing a mosque(Masjid Kg Bujal) in Kijal, which was built without approval and he solved it by bulldozing it as the the best method he know how.Nevertheless it was not the first and the last.
The first bulldozing event that involve bulldozer and an unapproved building is the one done on the first week he helmed Majlis Perbandaran Kemaman.

The buildings is HIS own father small shop that was built without proper paper.From that day onwards Ahmad Said has been going around doing his merry buldozing way to what he thinked was improper and not according to the rule.Who are we, the people in Kemaman , to argue with him when you realise that even his father cant reason with him when he set his mind to it.

That why I believe this 'Orang Dok Leh Buak kira' was moulded by unfolding events to be the saviour of Terengganu as he would stop the rape and sodomy of Terengganu by people like Khairy and Patrick Lim.
As peoples like this two are 'orang dok reti basa' (the people who wouldnt stop the their bad deeds when we politely asking them to stop)need to be handled by this'Orang Dok Leh Wak Kira' in the form of our redcorner boxer ie.Ahmad Said.

If at all,Dato' Idris stand in the way from him reaching these two stooges ,rest assured that Dato'Idris shall be 'bungku'sed as any nasi dagang would be 'bungkus'ed as well.

By now ,I believe he had graduated from his bulldozing way into a guided missile in his singularity of purpose He is so primed tuned to this mainevent that if his whole political career has been used to prepare him for a boxing match,this must be the match that he has been waiting for,the mother of all the matches.

If I am a betting man ,I would place my bet on this Ahmad Said .Not that I am bias or anything ,but if single man dare to stand up against PakLah and thumbed his nose to tell him that "Dont you Dare Question My Sultan" ,he has my full support ,thats the least I can do as a loyal subject of the Sultan of Terengganu.

Prime Minister can come and go and they can carry along wealth accumulated during their office through the exit door...nobody can stop them as they have their self interest and inlaws to look after ...but the Sultan would stand by us through good or bad time .For now he entrusted this little boxer in the form of Ahmad Said to fight for us ...and we Rakyat Terengganu shall stand by him.

...And the bell( Tingg!!!!) for the first round had just been sounded,go AS go ,Go AS go !!! Thats the cheer of Terengganu people and please give your support to our underdog.


Few more writings about Ahmad Said by Trengganuians here and here.


bergen said...

I always believe that a leader should be bulldozer type.

cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

Just to add a wee bit - have not had the chance to read through all - the sacking of Ahmad Said bu umno is illegal! Kuda Ranggi has it in his blog a couple of days back. This will be most interesting to see how paklah approach Ahmad Said after this.

edelweiss said...


Tuanku Sultan Terengganu put his subjects' interest first than himself. Thatz the kinda pemerintah (sultan) that we malaysians want....

unfortunately pemerintah dibawah pimpinan kerajaan BN pulak...letak kepentingan diri dulu, kemudian barulah rakyat....

nak buat guane nih ?


tokasid said...


In a way you are right but at the same time they need to use discreetion in dealing with the public.
The problem is when dealing with those 'opposed' to them they'll insist following the rule of law or by the book.
When it comes to their interest(or group interest) they are allowed to close an eye( or even both eyes!)

tokasid said...


Personally PM is too late to play his cards well. He thought he got all the aces with him but he forgot the less important(or so he thinks)cards in the whole pack: the Rakyat.

How he handles Trengganu is an about turn to that of Perlis and any deaf or blind person will ask why?
And the actions of those penderhaka, so vigorously insisting Derih be the MB sure had raised many an eyebrow among the rakyat.

PM and Derih might think they can pacify al-Sultan.The only way to reduce kemurkaan baginda Sultan is for PM and Derih to accept Ahmad Said. And they better not try the vote of no-confidence stunt in the Dewan Negeri.They might be in hot gulai kawah( we don't take hot soup right?)

tokasid said...


Wat guane? Tolok kesemue masok Laut Cine Selatang je..begheh!

Kata Tak Nak said...

At present things are kinda vague. Is he officially sacked or he will only be sacked if he takes the oath. As he has already started work, he should have been sacked already right? So which is which? Is he an UMNO member or not? If he is not than thats another state with an MB not from BN, for the time being that is.

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

on another development, sheih reported that the 3 goons, idris, rosol and din adam has been stripped their datukship title off.

there you go. The Sultans are very much relevant for check and balance. the rakyat has no power, neither the opposition to whack them in the head. but Tuanku does.

Daulat Tuanku!

ttepeng said...

panjatpokokpetai.jerukmaman.and tapaiubi