Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Salam to all.

I got an e-mail from a long lost friend today.From SirTopa.

He is a Trengganuian by birth. despite being away from Trengganu his umbulical cord is very much attached to the state,still. His love for Trengganu will never fade.

What is happening in Trengganu for the last 2 weeks had bled his heart. The act of Derhaka and Kurang ajar by certain groups of Trengganuians towards the Royalty esp the Sultan made SirTopa analysed the Trengganu situation on what led to this act of treason.

Here is SirTopa's scribe.



By SirTopa

Terengganu people are very poor people.It came as no surprise that Terengganu has the dubious distinction of being the state with second highest number of hardcore poor.
Its one thing to look and had a pity on these poor people ,better still if you emphatise with their suffering but the worst of the kind are the people who rob them and gleeing on their humble dwellings ( as an art piece) for a good measure.

Poor as these hard core poor were,they were born in the land of plenty where one thousand two hundred millions of ringgit (just another way of saying RM1.2 billion) were poured into the state economy every year.That would account to four thousand and eight hundred million ringgit for the past four years .The gold ,as the saying goes, paved the roads.These are called 'The Silk Roads of Terengganu' .Just like the road that link China and the West ,this road in Terengganu would bring riches to people that travelled it.Unlike the road of old though,the people that live along it (The HardCore Poor ) were just innocent bystanders who just saw all the riches and its trapping passed infront of their eyes.The proverb in Malay 'Macam Tikus Tengok Besi' is really apt to describe the people of Terengganu on seing the elites and their boats sailing the river of Terengganu during the Monsoon Cup.

This new road of Silk start from Putrajaya and ended at Pulau Duyong and it is a one way traffic.The wealth was in unidirection flow every year and the gigantum effort has been placed to ensure that the money flow the way it suppose to be ie. into the pocket of the few.The flow would be first innitiated by the fourth floor boys with identified reciever at the other end.Basically Khairy has created a dubious scheme to skim these millions by placing people like Patrick Lim as reciever at the other end of the road.Dato' Idris without him realising it or not ,has become part of this scheme by endorsing millions of ringgit to be used and abused by Khairy and the gang and they laughed all the way to the bank.

Dato' Idris and his 'kuncu' or family members may have benefitted but the amount is miniscule as compare to what the main player like Khairy and Patrick Lim pocketed. These kuncus are just fighting over crumbs that were thrown to them !!! All this cheating and overcharging the state were done in full glare of all UMNO members and none dare to raise a voice lest being seen as an anti establishment or doubting the sincerity of Khairy in accumulating the wealth to strenghten the party...."strengthen the party my foot !!" if you care to asked me nicely.

Dato' Idris had been bypassed and trampled many times by Khairy,Patrick Lim and alikes and yet he dare to call himself Menteri Besar.He dare not raise his head to Khairy as it would put 'stone in the shoe' and disturb the slumber of our ever somnolent Prime Minister.This humbleness and servitude to Pak Lah has brought him many badges of honor to him to be paraded to all UMNO people so that his word suddenly echoed the very dream of Pak Lah,ie. to 'memajukan ' negeri Terengganu.

Dato' Idris must be stupid(or does he acted stupid as the whole scheme benefitted him too!!) not to realise that the real dream of PakLah has got nothing to do with 'memajukan 'Terengganu much less ,helping her poor people but rather the his 'poor and unemployable' son in-law living in his official resident , 'menghadapi badai dan gelombang hidup'(this part written with over whelming nauseous feeling).

Dato Idris has been primed with morbid belief of self grandiousity andself importance prior to his appointment as MB of Terengganu. At his disposal were Wang Ehsan (the other name for the oil royalty money) which the Federal refused to give to PAS governed state of Terengganu. With eight hundred million per year (RM3.2 billion for four years) , Dato'Idris certainly had the largest warchest in the country ,which he used to regain the state of Terengganu.

The liitle he had gained and control had caused such bigheadedness in Dato'Idris.He had idolised himself to the level that Terengganu cant go on without him captaining the ship.It had suddenly becoming something beneath him to honor and respect the King in his conduct.His mistake was when he started to believe that The Sultan can be lulled with all the luxurious trappings and the Sultan would forget about the suffering of His rakyat.
Little did he realise that this the same Sultan, who saw PAS and Terengganu people victimised by UMNO by witholding the money that were due to them,You hold on to the money tight when you were not chosen and now you splash the money like there is no tomorrow so the saying goes.

This not so innocent looking Dato Idris , has been entrusted with EIGHT BILLION RINGGIT on behalf of the people of Terengganu for the past eight years to alleviate their suffering and helping the poor amongst them.To that by any standard west,east ,tenggara, barat laut or what-name-has-you, is a total FAILURE with capital F!!!!
The silk road he created and look after should be closed for good.His time is up ..... be off with your riches and your friends , we got serious business of helping the poor to do .We dont have much time left,as the oil would dry up in six years and we no longer can afford to splash RM200 million ringgit everyyear just to keep your friend happy and bubbly.

"Dato Idris,on your way OUT please close the door and tell your good friends (Khairy and Patrick if you need reminding)that, they are not wellcome here anymore.... by the way if you happen to meet Pak Lah please tell him that we,the rakyat of Terengganu, love our Sultan dearly and not in a million years we shall committ treason ,not for him or anybody. His Silk Road has been closed and sealed and shall stay that way for a very longggg time !!!



Note: SirTopa welcomes any comment on this article.But he might reply a bit late(depending on when he visits this blog and e-mails his replies.


cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

Cuma nak tambah atau perbetulkan sikit last part:

"Deris, on your way out TO THE GALLOWS, please shut the door ON YOUR OWN FACE, thank you."

Sebagaimana Maria Antoinette dan Raja Perancis dihukum kerana tidak memperdulikan rakyat, sebegitu juga Deris, Paklah, Najib, malahan kesemua pimpinan ameno dari cawangan hingga ke atas patut dihukum. Malah, jika kita boleh jatuhkan hukuman sula keatas mereka, itu patut kita lakukan!

Maaf Doc.

Kata Tak Nak said...

They must get Terengganu because they have lots of secrets to hide and because the money is simply too good.

bergen said...

This is a good thing for the citizens of Darul Iman. Maybe they will finally see the truth behind Monsoon Cup, or those high-profile beach front properties built for the rich and famous like Michelle Yeoh.

Maybe they will finally realise where has the petroleum money gone to? Who got it. Who spent it. And how come none of it has never gotten anywhere near to places like Sungai Buaya or Sungai Udang in Dungun where everything still looks the same as it does in the 70s.

Maybe now the citizens will finally see for themselves that greed has made these people to behave the way they did. It's an eye opener to a lot of people. It won't be easy for any of them to undo this now that they've exposed themselves this way.

It's a good thing.

Kata Tak Nak said...

I agree with Bergen. It is a good thing this happen. I call it divine intervention. Untuk bukak mata orang sikit. Itu baru sikit saja dia bagi.

elviza said...

Salam TA, Elviza mintak lalu yer...

Dear SirTopa (ye lah tuh... kat kampung geng dia panggil dia Setopa jah),

Ingak ker gi ke laut... ader dumoh demo hari nih.

As I told you, Pak Lah insists on having Idris Jusoh as the MB so that he can continue being the puppet master. But, I must say PL is one puppet master who is bidding his time to be shown an exit door.

Okay lah, saya nok gi akak khepok hok jemor tadi, napok nok hujang tuh.

Thanks TA.

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Tokasid
I am constantly reminded of the Rukunegara especially the second tenet, Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan negara (Loyalty to the King and the country).
Where has that loyalty gone to?

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

Cant imagine if Terengganu were to fall on the oppo hands again, all the beans will be spilling and not only derih, but kery and pat will be in real deep shit too. itu dari pengamatan aku la. as it is now, who ever hell this Patrock is, his xname has been so synonymous with the east coast state. aku nak pakai intonasi DrM sikit; sapa dia patrick ni?

yes, thats the main question thats been bugging everyone's mind. suddenly you get a multimillionaire bugger that acts like he has the all-access pass to every corner of terengganu.

orang2 kampung ceruk2 negeri tersebut tau ke this fella wujud and has made crazy sum of money out of their own soil? para nelayan, para petani, warga emas, penjual kepok lekor etc...

tokasid said...


The tambahan is okay jugak with the present political scenario.

The sudden sindrom bisu by the mainstream media about the derhaka act is deafening.

tokasid said...


What other reasons do the have? The way perlis and Trengganu is handled is totaly different right?
So it just mean that Nasi Dagang and Kepoklekor is better than the Laksa KolaPerleh.

tokasid said...


Many trengganuians knew what happened to the petroleum money.
But being Malays( and malaise)most just couldn't voice it out.
Many are happy as long as there is a plate of rice and few ikang to feed their wife and children.( same goes in other states too)

But with the tsunami in the recent GE, the rakyat and the royalties now have the guts to come forward and put a stop at all these nonsenses by the ruling elitists.

With the treason act showed by the PM,DPM and Trengganu BN YBs, the rakyat esp in Trengganu have seen their true colour.

InsyaALLAH with the rakyats eyes and minds wide open our country can be reform for the better.

tokasid said...


Yes,Qado dan Qadar ALLAH mengatasi perancangan manusia.

tokasid said...


SirTopa hasn't send in any reply yet.
Mung tunggu deh!

tokasid said...


Apparently Rukan Negara only applies to us rakyat.
BN reps have their own rukun. Rukun Sapu semua.

tokasid said...


If Trengganu goes to the oppo again( and if PAs Trengganu learnt their lessons well), it will be a better gomen. Not sure if they will expose anything but one thing I am very sure of is they will stop the daylight robberies of the rakyats fund that had been going on for the last few yaers.

edelweiss said...


Chek pun nak tumpang lalu jugak...lepaih tuh nak jampuk sepatah dua...

Apa yang bergen kata tuh ...chek sokong. Benar belake... (eh bunyi t'gganu pulak..kekek)

La nih...baru lah org melayu, cina, india dan lain-2 bangsa ...lebih mudah kita gunakan 'RAKYAT MALAYSIA' sedaq yang pemimpin kita yang dok kat ataih sana...(errr mintak maap lah nooo...kasaq bunyinya) kurang ajaq!!

macam mana depa nak rakyat suka depa??? depa sendiri pun kurang ajaq kat raja (sultan) ....sedangkan apa yang raja buat tuh bukan untuk kepentingan sindiri...Sultan dah bosan tengok rakyat menderita...duit belanar milik rakyat tapi depa yang kat Putrajaya tuh rembat...hasilnya???? rakyat tetap susah, miskin papa...depa yang kat Putrajaya...kaya raya termasuk menantu.

Apa yang berlaku nih Allah s.w.t tunjuk baru sikit...jadi, dengan putunjuk yang Allah s.w.t bagi nih...kita sebagai rakyat mestilah bersyukur dan berusaha dan berdoa.....

whai rakyat tgganu, mu ramai-ramai bersatulah...jangan dok buei harta mu pada orang luar yang sikit pung dok amboh pikir kepentingan mu.


* Chek tau mau derhaka laaaa...mintak simpang