Monday, March 17, 2008

ROSSANA.....lets go to AFRICA

They came.They performed. A day late.
Planned for months to see them. But PRU12 came and all schedule went haywire.

My bro Pak MatSalo made great effort to see them. In Surabaya. but it was not to be Mat salo's night.After fighting his way through the fire escape, suffocating in thousands of body odours,the concert in Surabaya was postponed. TOTO did went to Surabaya. Its the band's equipments that didn't arrive with them.
Poor Mat salo. But he got some consolation though.He met TOTO's drummer. Mat Salo called him Simple Simon. Simon took Mat Salo's pic and promised to e-mail MS that pic.

Anyway, here are two of my favourite numbers by TOTO; Rossana and Africa.


cakapaje said...

Salam Doc,

Yeah! Nice headline there. Better still, nice video! Oooh! Thank you :)

Mat Salo said...

Hmmm... Pak MatSalo punya "great effort" hampeh bro! But you're right, ada hikmah. If they didn't cancel the show then I wouldn't get to "bump into" Simon at the Hyatt and shake hands with Mike and "Luke"...

To be honest bro, I doubt if he'll ever remember. But at least he was gracious enough to chat with me for a whole two hours! I simply kick myself for not having the presence of mind to excuse myself, cari becha go back to my hotel down the road to amik camera. Nor asking him for his autograph on the bar receipt... The worst thing is me being a cheapskate. Dulu ada xda 02 tapi kene rampok so Mrs. Salo tak kasi lg pakei hepe mahal2 Pak! Ada lak pakai camera rock superstar! Bodoh betui!

I was just on cloud nine! Mana nak ingat semua tu? Ha, slack beb, slack abih.

But the truth is, it was Simon who consoled me, "jangan gabbra bro, pakei camera fon aku nanti aku email lah!"

This is coming from a guy who in 1977 played on the 1st Whitesnake album, pastu The Who, pastu Michael Schenker Group, pastu Judas Priest, pastu Stanley Clarke, pastu Asia, pastu Joe Satriani etc, etc. And he put his hands on my shoulder and say "don't worry Masalo.." Should I believe that?

Maybe it's just a dream, bro. But a real good one...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

whooaaa...mas salo, you mean Simple Simon once played for Whitesnake and The Who, lead by the legendary Pete Townshend? i'm impressed la macha. he's a huge star alright.

Doc, since we're in musical mood, i've tagged you, BUT only if you're up for it. check it out, boss.

tokasid said...


TQ bro. Yesterdat bro MS sms masa aku hat highway otw back to Melaka telling me the concert was postponed to last night. Dah half way dah n tired nak patah balik ke Cyberjaya.

So balik tgk VCD concert TOTO saja lah.

tokasid said...

Pak MS:

I think bumping in and having a chat( for 2 hours!) is worth more than the concert. You got your ticket refunded. So its just the plane ticket and hotel room only that you have to pay.
And then shaking hands with Luke and Mike!

You have answered to Kerp's question about Simon.

If I were there I too would be on cloud nine.
Do write the cerpen about that night.

tokasid said...


MatSalo sure had a great time in Surabaya despite the cancelled concert. When he was with Simon at Hyatt, our dear bro MS sms-ed me telling he was chatting with Simon.
Aku tak le cemburu tapi ada le sikit jealous.The good kind of jealousy la.Bukan yang rasa nak pi korek bijik mata MS bagi terjembol keluaq.LOL!

I'll go and see what you have tagged.

Mior Azhar said...

Salam Doc,
They're here already? Halamak, how I come I missed it. I go to Cyberjaya everyday, tak dak posters and buntings satu habuk pun kat sini... had yang BN punya adala lagi..

Kata Tak Nak said...

Apa susah sangat p tengok TOTO, kan Magnum ada, Da Ma Cai ada, Social welfare lotery pun ada.

tokasid said...

Pak Mior:

Yep. They were here and performed. MS just sms-ed me telling me the review for Cyberjaya concert was indeed raving.

Well at a time when PRU is held, any other banners or buntings will not be layan-ed.

We miss a lifetime opportunity since the Cyberjaya concert was their last-kopek concert.They are not disbanding but will not perform live anymore.

tokasid said...


Toto,Da ma cai ENE they have weekly concerts in all towns an pekan in Malysia. And they sure did box-office everytime.

Their fan base is very wide, across race and religious boundaries. They even have specialist to help their punters. There are books about it.There are consultants which advertised in newpapers. And don't forget specialist going to old graveyards to seek appointments with datuks,datuk seri and tan sri( remember the local film Mekanik?).
I just browsed the latest Mastika somewhere btwn Lenggong and Grik they have this 'urut pokok merbau' thing to get to the datuk for numbers!

Fauziah Ismail said...

Salam Tokasid
It was either John Legend at Starburst Festival or Toto in Cyberjaya.
Many chose Toto over John Legend that Saturday and got burnt!
Classic case of yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendung keciciran!
Tickets get refunded of course but you missed the chance of a lifetime. Bukan senang nak tengok dia orang perform live kat sini.
I wished that event management companies planned the schedules well so that fans are not deprived of their performances. They may be big names in the entertainment world but they still need their fans to keep them going.
BTW, you wouldn't want to go to Africa, not some parts of it, of course!

tokasid said...


When Mat Salo sms-ed me from Surabaya few nights ago about the postponement of TOTO in Surabaya,I told bro MS that most likely the KL gig will be postponed too( for what happened in Surabaya might recurr in KL.In surabaya the boys were there but not their concert equipments)

And true enough,on Sunday MS sms-ed me from Kalimantan ,telling me the TOTO concert in Cyberjaya was postponed to Sunday.

I do not know if the organisers had anticipated this or not but if they did then there should be some kind of announcement due to the fans(who had bought the tickets)

I know many had to choose btwn Sunburst and TOTO for the date clash. Maybe organisers need to liase with each other so different concerts will not clash on the same date.